Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Giveaway Winners Will be Announced Next Week

UPDATE~Commenting for giveaway is now closed. (2/11/14)
Thank you all for particpating.
Winners will be announced soon.

Thank you all for your witty comments on the last post!  
Thoroughly enjoyed each one of them.
Your names will go into the hat for the giveaway.
As will the names of anyone else who comments before then.

Thank you also ladies, for alerting me to the issue of my invisible/and/or/old blog post
 showing up on your blogrolls.
Clicking on that link dated a year ago does take you to the current post.
(cue Twilight Zone music) 
Still trying to figure that out.  Sigh.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced 
the week of 
February 10, 2014

as well as the unveiling of the mystery vacation souvenir...

Keep warm, stay well.

until next week....

Au Revoir


  1. Oh dear, an other creepy one. What is that? an albino croc? Or a zombie gator?

  2. omg, i missed your last post with my pod thingie!!!!!! with the ruby tears are you kidding! that whole post left me feeling like i'd eaten a big fancy cake with lots of decorations in frosted swirles. so much gorgeousness.
    but can i say that little mop saw charm? omg. broke my heart it was so perfect. i need to get back to uruguay find me stuff like that.

  3. Hell's teeth - ditto Fanci - where have I been????Sounds like a scrummy one, so time to feed my eyes now!
    xoxoxo :O/


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