Friday, May 9, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal. Come on, join the fun...

Hello all!  Welcome to those of you who are new to my blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I tend to work with subdued color schemes.  Lest some of you thought I couldn't rise to the challenge of working with all of this bright happy burst of color......HA!  Never fear!   How could I not be inspired with this wonderful soup?

It was great fun working with these beautiful, happy and colorful beads from my bead soup partner

As per the rules of Bead Soup, the only part of the soup that has to be incorporated into your finished pieces is the clasp and focal.  This is what Laney sent me.  A lovely Yellow Rose of Texas focal and two clasps to choose from.  You know it!  I opted to use the very cool handmade lampwork clasp.

And now for the big reveal....drum roll please...................

Love how this turned out!
The marriage of cool glass, textured metals and soft textiles.
You can see the beautiful glass clasp hugging the top of the yellow rose .
The rules didn't say we have to use the clasp as a clasp.

That's necklace #1
with all those goodies, I couldn't make just one!
here's necklace #2.....

Those glass berries look good enough to eat!
Laney's work is so intricate and beautiful.
It was such a treat designing and working with these pieces.
oh but there's more....

The green acrylic pieces and the green lampwork beads were in my soup.
I reshaped the acrylic a bit and added more stuff....
last but not least....

I paired Laney's gorgeous acorn caps with Petra's equally gorgeous leaves and viola!
I know, I know...the point was to challenge me to work with colors or materials
 I don't usually work with.
These look exactly like what I usually work with.

What fun to take elements of Laney's colorful soup and blend it with my style
and make jewelry that I can't wait to wear.
Bet you're wondering what I did with these guys......

I must say, these adorable beads really did challenge me!
Sadly, I didn't have time to complete the project I have planned for them.
These guys will become note holders for my desk.
They'll have wire sprouting out of their heads.
Useful wires.
You know, those curly wire things you slip pieces of paper in.
Because they make me smile and what could be better than that
 when you're looking at your to-do list?
So that's what I made with my bead soup.
So far.
I'm still working out designs for the other beautiful beads Laney sent.
It's been so nice getting to know you and working with you on this project.
BIG THANKS also to Lori Anderson
for organizing the Beadsoup Blog Party and making it so easy for the participants.
She does all the hard work, while we get to play with new goodies.
Please go check out what Laney did with the sepia tone bead soup that I sent her.

You can visit her here
I can't wait to see what she's done.
and to see all of the finished Beadsoup projects,
visit Lori's blog for the complete list of links.
You can find that here
This was a great experience and I'm so glad that I finally joined in on the fun.
Now I'm off to see what amazements the other participants have posted....
Have a great week everyone!



  1. Yeah, rule breaking so love that. The first necklace is stunning, loving the ornate dangle and the berry necklace is so delicate and light and airy. The earrings have such style and panache and I'm so thrilled you've joined beadsoup. Please to see you've found a job for those adorable little chaps to do.

  2. First of all, let me say that I have definite manikin envy. Makes me want to pull the nasty covering off of mine and redo her.

    I just love both necklaces. The first one would bring a bright touch to a sweater or tunic whereas the delicacy and details in the second makes it worth a second and third glance.

  3. Sure you can do it! I have been following your blog, and it is refreshing to see something different but as elegant as before. The berry necklace is my favourite.

  4. Hi! I was Laney's partner last year and I've been looking forward to seeing what you made with her beads.
    Wow! Your first necklace is a real statement, and I have to say I love the blackberries necklace :-)
    All the best, Lizzie.

  5. I'm amazed at your talents to create astonishing pieces with beads you didn't chose yourself, the challenge is highly fulfilled (not sure my English is correct there?) Bravo!

  6. Oh man, that blackberry necklace ~ fabulous! I am also lusting after the earrings.... :)

  7. I had to laugh when you said "I tend to work with subdued color schemes", I know this feeling! But boy, did you rise to the occasion! The first necklace is a stunner, the mix of antiqued metal pieces contrast beautifully with the pops of bright color in the yellow glass and red tassel. And the following pieces are just as wonderful, you are a talented designer with a great eye for pulling together beads and components on opposite ends of the spectrum and I admire you greatly. :)

  8. Such a great soup, so great designs! I love every piece you created, the first necklace and last pair of earrings being my favourites!

  9. berry necklace and rose earrings are superb!

  10. What fun pieces you made! Love the berry necklace and you hit it out of the park with the first necklace. Love seeing your work.

  11. What a lovely soup you've to play with! Love, what you did with the berries in the necklace! And the accorn earrings are absolutely charming! Well cooked, Janet! :0)

  12. Everything you made was so cool:I love how you arranged the components for your big necklace but also adore the tiny berries ones, and I am in love with your green acrylic earrings, so well matched.

  13. Lovely designs. Great use of your soup. That berry necklace is my hands-down favorite.

  14. Wow you nailed it! Great job working outside of your normal palette! I especially love the berries necklace and the acorn earrings! Beautiful! xo Genea

  15. Love your beautiful pieces! I am now your newest follower so that I can see more of your amazing work.

  16. Everything you did with the soup is great! The first thing that caught my eye looking at the soup were the green acrylic pieces. I'm glad I got to see how you used them. Wonderful!

  17. Morning bead soup buddy :) Wow!! Love the berry necklace and the acrylic earrings, that took me some looking to see if I did send you those as you made them so wonderful and different. You are a very talented lady. I am still wading my way through my bead soup from you and have many more hours of playing in front of me. My blog post is my internet connection was just not playing well on Friday and I was out all day yesterday, but my post is now up and ready to view, hope you like what I have done with your soup so far. Thanks so much for being such a fantastic bead soup buddy, I am sure I have a long email to send you this week!! Laney x

  18. Wow... That is the most beautiful focal I have seen! So inventive to use the clasp in that way!! And the other pieces are fantastic too. Hats off to you for your creativity!!

  19. What a fun, happy soup! I love the clasp - I haven't ever seen one quite like it before. Great use of it in your necklace.

  20. oh my! The blackberry piece is such a STATEMENT!!! I love them all but THAT one resonates.

  21. You have definitely stood up to the challenge and made some outstanding pieces with a lot of imagination involved! I love how you
    incorporated the filigree finding (or is it?) in the acrylic piece :)

  22. Oh crikey Janet, you just hit that one out of the park. The blackberries on the branches were my favorite. One of my favorite pieces I've seen all day. Lovely.

  23. Wow! The berry necklace and acorn earrings are to die for! Love your designs and style!!

  24. Such cool designs. I just want to to touch the tassel, I love the mix of mediums and the use of the amazing beads you were given.

  25. Awesome designs!! I love how you used the clasp and the textile elements!!

  26. Lovely soup, lovely pieces! I love especially the berry necklace and the acorn earrings.

  27. I really like how you used the elements in non-traditional ways. The jewelry is attractive and distinctive.

  28. Fabulous :) and I think those cute guys belong where you can see them, so note holders works perfectly ;)
    Love those green earrings with the rose centers.. they just jump at me for some reason ;)

  29. You really did an amazing job injecting your style into the soup you received. I love the stack you made for the first necklace, but that blackberry necklace made my eyes boggle out a little (like in the cartoons). It's sublime!!

  30. I so love the idea of using your lampies for note holders. I also love the tassel, the ring was absolutely perfect there! Great minds....the blackberry necklace is so close to what I saw in my head when I saw your soup :) wonderfully wonderfully done!

  31. Oh wow!
    I love all of them!
    The first one has so much awesome detail , you can just keep looking at it and find something else you did with it. Like layers of goodness!
    Love it,

  32. Gorgeous designs, Janet... you certainly embraced your inner "colour goddess" :)

  33. Wow. Wow. I adore the berry necklace, that's unbelievable. It takes my breath away.

  34. Such a great job working out of your comfort zone! I love the berry necklace and leaf earrings. They are my favs! Great job!

  35. Hi Janet. Your necklace is great. I like the green and read earrings . They have an Asian feel to me. Your berries necklace is simple but effective. Good job using your soup.

  36. Love the way you stacked the beads to make that pendant. And, the green earrings are great. The berries are scrumptuous looking. Great job.

  37. Yummy indeed! I enjoyed ogling everything you made. There is so much detail in the first necklace and the way you put together the green and red earrings, I kept going back to them. I love the berry necklace! What an absolutely perfect way to use those beads. Anyone adorned with that piece is sure to get lots of compliments and questions. Gorgeous all around.

  38. Your blackberry necklace is DIVINE! I'm *obsessed* with it! =) SO SO Gorgeous!

    Linda A.

  39. Awesome stuff - the berry necklace is genius!

  40. So so beautiful, I love how you stacked the first necklace and the combination you used and oh that blackberry necklace is so beautiful!

  41. After reading all these comments, I can not tell if anyone LOVED that blackberry necklace. (smile) But I know that I love it. Just combine everything everyone else wrote and add me to the list. You are fabulous, dear fiend.

  42. Oh, what a lot of goodies, like that berry necklace. And you combine colors and textures in ways I would never think of, which I appreciated alot

  43. What fun it has been, being a participant in the 8th BSBP I've so enjoyed visiting the blogs of the other participants and seeing what wonderful things they've created with their bead soup. Big thanks to all of you who stopped by to see what I've done with the beautiful soup I received from my soup partner and for your very thoughtful and generous comments. It's the creative camaraderie that made being a part of this so enjoyable. THANK YOU!

  44. Wow, you got a variety of soup components! Love it. And you made some really great pieces...but my fav are the green earrings! I tip my Chef hat off to you!

  45. Your pieces are all so intriguing. And, ditto...That blackberry necklace is so cool! I love the way you mounted those berries on a branch. Your earrings have so many layers and levels to them. They look like they would be so much fun to wear. Nice job!

  46. Gorgeous work! That glass berry necklace stood out for me. Love your artist approach to all of your designs. Really Soup-er! Yep I'm still hopping! Don't want to miss a thing!

  47. Really like the stuff u made n how u hung them on the "tree" :) I'm actually organising a mass bead soup where all the crafters get the same set of beads :) i think it ll be really cool too see what 10s or even 100s of people make with the same beads! planning to send out the beads 2 aug with designs revealed end aug. Would be cool if u d like to take part (details on :)


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