Thursday, May 24, 2012

Parade of Faces

Not to be confused with the oh so popular Parade of Homes.  Well, to be precise, it is a parade of home.  My home to be exact.  And why am I taking you on a parade of my home?  Cuz I didn't think I would have any time to make new jewelry to share with you, so I had to show you something, right?  But lo and behold, I am in the eye of the storm.  A few unexpected quiet delays and I had a bit of jewelry making time  after all.  But since I already took these pictures, you're just going to have to humor me.  Or not.  You can scroll right on through to the new jewelry pictures if you want to.  But why would you want to when you can see exactly how face-filled my abode is.  And after all, I did not take pics of my rear end tables.  Or leg lamp.  Or finger hooks.  Or......

Ok, so I know I like hands.  I know I like faces.  What I didn't realize and how did I not know that my home is literally, a parade of faces.  So here we go.......  

When you walk in the front door, you'll be greeted by this...

So you kind of know what you're in for already, eh?

let's walk around the house with a camera and
see what we see......

David in nothing but his peek-a-boo tie.

Our very functional mortar and pestle.
He's so happy because of all the goodies he's ground up with the back of his head.
Wouldn't that make you happy?

kitchen monitor.
I still burn stuff, tho

the little man is only slightly intimidated by the giant face.

Quite illuminating.
Yes, it's a lamp!
What else would it be?
A useless statue?  As if!
and it's a pair, but I wouldn't
want you to get bored,
looking at similar faces. 
Or faces that are too similar.
Even tho the other one is female.

A gift from a dear friend.
Isn't it beautiful?
Actually he gave me two.
Again, the similar face
You're welcome.

James our Butler.
Very sloooow with the morning coffee delivery.

A lady always wears a hat, right?
How about a cold hearted hunk of plaster?
What is she supposed to wear if not a hat?

cutie pie or creepy guy?

I only have eyes for you.
And I only have an eye for you!
by the very talented Shirley Kramer.

If faces creep you out, don't come visit me.

Man, these things are popping out all over!

we call this condition "monotone lichen syndrome"
rather than fungi face. 
No known cure.
Well, I suppose I could repaint the thing.

There's a few splashes of color here and there.
Mostly in my "clean" workroom.

Breaking up the monotony for you.

a rusty crusty hand

Another face kitchen.
This one is very tiny.

Um, hey wicked queen, can I please
use one of those paintbrushes?
not like those are real paintbrushes anyway.
Those are my oxidizing brushes in case
you wanted to know.
Are you fascinated yet?

another earring picture taking prop
otherwise known as a

a wonderful gift from a really wonderful friend
for a really wonderful event.

a container is always more useful with a face jutting out of the front of it.
you might think those are really really big ears there on the side, but you would be wrong.
they are elbows.

Profile of a head in a jar, sort of. with a pet peacock not in a jar.
it's the second face from that dear friend.

As promised.....more of
in the willows beautiful work.
Love what she does with
 paint and stuff.
Too cool, huh?
I wish the picture captured
all the nuances of her shading.



a plant stand. 
there's people everywhere-
on everything!
doing well,
pretty much nothing.

another prop for my picture taking, as they all are, actually.

looks like a balloon head on a string trying to float away, doesn't it?

and this is how we get to the back yard.......

Where there are guessed it!
the head mania isn't confined to the house. 
oh no, it's breakin out to the great big, wild outdoors. 

"granny" a week ago.......
and granny now.........

What a difference a week makes, eh?

Remember that bud from last time?
The one that looked like those cool pods from stillpointworks?
well, here it is a week later with a few gazillion of it's closest friends.

and here are the jewels I actually got to make!
pretend there's a picture of fireworks exploding in celebration here.

Amber Rose-or as I should have called them "Edgy Romance"-
carved bone roses, vintage twisty pearls with a gorgeous lustre,
raw baltic amber,  multi-hued agate beads
and papered filigree (technique courtesy of

Owl of the Crescent moon-
roller printed aluminum which you've seen here before,
 well you've actually seen it being roller printed here before,
with some pewter from pipnmolly's amazing mail love,
apatite, and raspberry quartz which is a very pretty faceted glass with a fancy name.

Dance of the Blue Gypsy- reserved,
 upcycled vintage tin adorned with lots of sparkly pretties, both vintage and new.

The Handmaiden's Treasure-
 recycled vintage tin and mixed metals with opalite. 
 I love the heavy pattern and texture of the metals against the smooth translucency of the opalite.

as of yet un-named earrings with
"Opera House"
lampwork beads by Debbie Sanders,
recycled vintage tin,
 filigree, rhinestone chain and rondels,
and glass beads. 

Party at the Beach-
Lookit those yummy red criffles
from numinosity beads paired with
 paper and glass beads and sterling earwires.
 I actually test drove this pair for about an hour to make sure they hung right
and I'm very tempted to keep them.
So if they don't get listed, you'll know what happened to em.

Behind door #1-
an option for a customer's special order

and behind door #2- another option for her.

The Illuminated Shadow-
Opalite, watch hands and vintage crimped hoops.
 Seems I've been in an opalite mood.
Must be summer. 

That's about it.
A little jewelry.
A lot of faces.
A flower or two.
The usual.
Except for this....
nothing usual about this........

I couldn't resist-
One last face for you....
a fish with a transparent head.
Now that's way weirder than any of the other faces, right?
And it's real. 
 Though it does look like a photoshopped seal face on there,
with two kiwis for a brain.

Have a great week everyone!

Chao  (Serbian/Bulgarian)


  1. Great passing parade of heads, but wait, me thinks you have been perhaps grave robbing (of a different kind), or indulging in the purloining of selected pieces of local monuments and garden statuary
    And if that's all the jewelery you had time to make, well I will give you a whole week and will even do all the housework n cooking just so you don't get interrupted!

    1. Shhhhhhhhh, don't tell. Thank you, Greer! What a wonderfully kind offer. Especially since I hate to cook. When do you arrive? :)

  2. ok, the length of the post almost made me forget how flippin' creepy that 1st david's expression was.
    and then awww- earrings. I'm loving the 'behind door #1 option".
    and then ewww! transparent fish eyeballs!

  3. so this was a bit of a roller coaster ride for you, eh? You got that uneasy twinge in your stomach like when the roller coaster slowly climbs the incline when you saw David? Then it was all fun with you screaming and your hands in the air as you race down the other side when you saw the earrings? Then that twinge again when you saw the transparent fish head? Is that what you're saying? bwahahahahahahaa

  4. So many different faces and expressions.. aww I like Granny in the garden. Hands can be so expressive.. thank you for sharing your collection. All the earrings you posted are beautiful! Your Amber Rose pair is divine, and I love the rustic leaves as well. xo!

    1. Thanks so much, Kim! Yeah, "granny" has a great face. You're so right! I always think that someone's hands tell their life story.

  5. Let's face it.... you are amazing! Stupendous face tour and then on into earring territory. Must say I love what you've done with the criffles. I hope you do keep them for yourself. mind if I pin them on my Pinterest board?
    Between you and Fanci I'm having blogger guilt pangs over sparsity of posting lately.... but at least I've been making and listing.
    Just waiting for the clouds to roll away so I can start snapping some good tour shots of the Studio Norte.

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      aww you sweetheart. Thank you! Of course you can pin them and anything else you'd like, but sure nice of you to ask.
      The beauty of your making and listing so much is that you'll have lots to blog about when you get the time. Besides the fact that your beads are beautiful. Yes, I'm loving those red crifles-alot! You notice, not listed yet.
      oooo Studio Norte tour. yay! :)

  6. What an amazing collection of heads!! uhm...severed heads... as a french, can't help thinking about the guillotine, haha!
    Love your purple clematis! and these earrings! Dance of the blue gypsy... headmaiden treasures, opera house... I love them all!

    1. Hi Lucie,
      Oh, severed heads-I hadn't thought of that! Yikes! Then there's the severed hands too..... :/
      thank you, I'm so glad that you liked the flowers and earrings after seeing all the other things in this post that made you think of guillotine related events. eeek!

  7. That's going to be quite a job for the moving men!!! How wonderful to be surrounded by all those amazing artifacts - and these are only the faces!! Your house must be like a museum. I love your pestle and mortar - hell of a way to get rid of some aggression!!!
    The new earrings are all gorgeous, and I especially like the Owl of Crescent Moon, and my heart skipped a beat over The Illuminated Shadow!!
    Dusting must be a pretty major event in your house, I'm guessing!!!
    Great post as ever, and lovely to get a feel of your house. I SOOOO hope the next one is even better.

    1. Thank you for your always kind words, Petra. Yes, it's an interactive museum allright! hahahaha. and thank goodness for those swiffer dusters! Best thing since sliced bread. Except for ready made caramels, that is. :)

  8. Thank for the tour of your fabulous must know by now that all of your fans live for treasured glimpses into your world. My favorite face/head was the mortar and pestle, with granny a second runner up (especially in bloomage). The rusty crusty hand was way too cool and out of this world......where do you find these works of art? Loving the creamer as a prop.....I am so into props......what can I use this for......hhhmmmmmmm? Then we got a glimpse of the outdoors...sigh.
    The chia heads are to die for!

    Then came the "no time to create jewelry"......seriously Janet? After coming home from work, I have pieces all over the house in various stages. I am planning a week of vacay soon just to make time to complete everything. I'm talking pedal to the metal here for my shoppe and a festival in November. I live vicariously through all of you who are able to design and sell and not have to venture out into corporate America.

    Anyways....thank you for sharing Janet.

    Bond Girl

    1. aww thank you Bond Girl. Sweet words. I know! props props everywhere. My house is kind of a storage facility for unusual props, eh? or is it that I use anything and everything for props? hmmmmmm

      I know there's a million sources for cool stuff in Florida cuz I used to find a bunch of stuff there. Do you go to Webster? I never did but my friends used to come home with fab things. I was always a Rennigers fan. And Mount Dora. And antique row in Orlando. There's a fab little resale shop on Lee road in College Park. hmmm lemme see.

      Oooo what festival are you doing? Winter Park Art festival by chance? Heathrow? Do tell!

      Ah yes, did my stint in corporate America too. Hope your vacay is fab and that you get all of your unfinshed w.i.p. completed and that you'll do a show and tell.

  9. So many faces! Love them all. :) Reminds me of some neighbors' kids in a former life. They said they were going on vacation to see "the faces." (Mt. Rushmore) hehe :)

    So much gorgeous jewelry work. I love those opalite pretty.

    1. Now you can boast that you've been to Mt. Facemore. Of course you'll have to be all mysterious about it so they'll be impressed. hahaha. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. much appreciated.


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