Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jewels, Jools, Jules

Hello all,

Hope the last week has been good to you.

Seems spring has been a busy busy time for most of us!

Petra from Jewel Identity has rebranded her store.  Please go take a look at her great new banner, loaded with lots and lots of her beautiful ceramic work.  This is her new store name which fits her work perfectly...Scorched Earth.  Love it! 

Marina from fanciful devices is back from her trip with her astounding Uruhaul and is already cranking out tons of cool new  jewelry.

Tracy from pipnmolly has been blogging about her amazing step by step bakelite carving process.  If you want to see an amazing artist at work, you won't want to miss this!  Truly incredible!

Kim from numinosity beads will take you on a fascinating tour of her Alaskan Garaj Mahal if you stop by.  Did you all know that Mr. Coryosity sells gems, collectibles and curosities?  What?!  Who is Mr. Coryosity?  hmmm, go check out her blog and you can find out!  And see just how many different mediums Kim works in.  Wow!

For the latest adventures of Stanley and Cinnamon, you'll enjoy a visit with Melinda over at Bees on pie.  She's been playing with her new kiln in her new greenhouse.  And making fabulous new book necklaces.  Also she's been testing new products from Jacquard.  So fun to see what's she's coming up with. Cool stuff.

Let me apologize in advance to those whose wonderful posts that I'm spacing out on.  Remember the Far Side cartoon where the kid raised his hand and asked his teacher to be excused from class, because his brain was full?  hahaha- well, you get the picture.

I do have a few pics of new jewelry to show you.  Not as many pictures as I usually load you up on.  So this might be the first normal length post I've done as of yet. 
I've made a whole new batch of my Turkoman Goes Modern series of earrings.  Some have been listed and sold, some not yet sold, some not yet listed.

Turkoman Goes Modern
Medieval Shields

Turkoman Goes Modern
in Soho
actually, there's no Turkoman in these.
but there is turquoise and filigree to pretty them up.

Blue Skies Above the
Ebbing Red Tide

those little round stampings
are vintage Turkoman.

Turkoman Mixes it Up

Roller printed and flame painted copper

Turkoman Goes Modern
in the Bahamas

love the cool pastel colors against the grungy black.

Turkoman Goes Modern
Drifting Along
Venetian Canal

Turkoman Goes Modern
Desert Sunset

Turkoman Goes Modern
Lightning Strikes
Clear Blue Sky

I'm wondering if these need grunged up more.
What do you guys think?
Then they could be called
 Lightning Strikes the Stormy Grey Sky.

Vacation in Paradise

where I would like to be right now.

Uptown Turkoman

That's a whole lot of Turkoman going on, eh?

I actually do know how to make jewelry without using vintage Turkoman stampings. 
 Wanna see?......

Trail of the
Mermaids Tears

and another view

these intentionally mismatched assemblage earrings are anchored by vintage rhinestone wreaths, festooned by a cascade of shimmering opalite beads,
silver-foiled lampwork beads, mother of pearl beads, silver beads and cones
adorned with a tangle of blackened wire which made me think of a mermaids tears entangled by seaweed,
 swirling endlessly in the oceans current.

A really bad picture, hmmm.  Will have to retake these. 
 this one might give you a better idea

ooo that's a bit better, still not great.

Deep Forest at Night.

I wanted the feeling of foliage and layers of organic materials with
the absence of color, much as you would find on a moonlit night
in the deep forest.

What?  You thought you were going to get to get to look at jewelry and nothing but jewelry?

check this out....


Guys, these were picked on MAY 30th!!!!!

We've never had raspberries ready this early. 
 Granted, there's not a whole ton of them ready, but it won't be long. 

and yes, they were good. 

Queen of the Amazons

slabs of amazonite with pyrite, copper and onyx beads.

Bronzite slabs, smoky quartz and sterling silver

Flame painted hair adornment

Love those colors!  It's hard to see how deep and rich they are with the glare.

and here's another hair doodad

and again....

flame painted as well.  quite a different effect.

right about now you're all wondering where you are, eh? 
lots of pictures of jewelry,
 not so many of houses or gardens
or faces or hands. 
 What's going on here?
hahahahaha.  it's coming......

You know how I'm always talking about my favorite store?
The reuse store where people donate things.
Yup that one.  Want to see where I buy my funky things.
Like these....

and this

hours and hours of fun, I tell you!

This is where I find my unusual props
and cool background maps and papers for photographing  jewelry
and sometimes even usuable things for jewelry or
presents for Stanley and Cinnamon.
You never know what you'll find on the

seriously, that's what it's called.
and it is.

in case you don't find something there,
you might find something here

or here

or here
in buckets of stuff

or how about a new mascot or two for your studio?

inspiring words and materials at every turn.
like T.J. Maxx, it's never the same store twice

here's the wonderfully helpful and always cheerful ladies
 who make it a pleasure to shop at
 The Idea Store

Ning and Gail

When you hear coffeefreak or me talking about our fav store, that's the place!

 that does it for this week.



have a great week everyone!

Donadagohvi (Cherokee)


  1. Beautiful new work, as usual... and you have raspberries already? Mine are just barely starting! And that store looks like so much fun! No wonder Stanley and Cinnamon get such cool stuff from their Auntie Janet!

    1. it is a fun store. no matter how hard I try not to find things for Stanley and Cinnamon on the Wall of Intrigue, it's useless. "Resistance is futile". :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks so much, Cynthia, for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. appreciate it! :)

  3. wow- thanks for the plug. now im knee-deep in pipinmolly's blog b/c of this- never even visited her before. so much good stuff.
    I love these earrings! for some reason im entranced by the hatchmarks in the soho ones. just awesome. oh and i love the bubbly texture in the hair doodad.

    1. yup pipn's blog is a must-see, eh? she does some amazing things with a burr, a flexshaft and a torch. Thank you for the nice words, fanci!

  4. Love the tukoman's, especially the ones with the palm trees. I real need to drill some holes in my lugs, I'm really missing out on wearing earrings. Yeah love raspberries.

    1. aw thanks. :) ack! you mean you can't wear any of those beautiful earrings you make? that's a shame. get drilling, Marcia!

  5. Wow - you HAVE been busy - wonderful earrings!

    1. welcome Sweet Freedom! nice to have you here. thanks, your nice comment is greatly appreciated. :)

  6. Oh, ya. This post is way short! You are so very generous. Love the new work. Special fondness for the Deep Forest at Night earrings. You have been crankin' out the goods !! ...hope you find another good wall of intrigue in Texas.

    1. hey it was short-er, right? thanks for the lovely comment pipn. ooh I'm sure hoping there's a fabulous wall just waiting for me down there too. you know if there is, that you'll all hear about it.

  7. Love all the variations of the turkomen!....raspberries??? I'd love to have raspberries in my garden, but it's too small...
    The deep forest at Night are amazing! Brilliant with the matte black beads and the shimmering of the mop and copper

    1. somehow your response ended up way down there as a's the one that says I would like to share the berries with you, etc. hahahaha. I have no idea how that happened.

  8. All your earrings are beautiful... I love, love, Mermaid's tears and Deep forest at Night, plus the painterly effects you get on the Turkomans with your patinas, and grunging techniques are so varied and wonderful. You are a master of flame and torch! :) Those raspberries look yummy. :) xo!

    1. thank you sweet Flotsam. the mermaids tears pictures didn't capture how pretty they are at all so I'm glad you could see through the subpar pictures. yay! I love your term, "grunging techniques" that's a great description!

  9. Turkoman! Turkorama! They're all so cool and different. And I love raspberries.

    AND...that little shopper with the basket in your favorite shop is so cute looking for his/her treasures.

    1. hahahaha Turkorama! appreciate the nice compliment, Lela. :) That's half the fun at that store, watching how excited kids get. Big and small. It really is a treasure hunt.

  10. It's Turkomania! I love the shield shape and yes, my opinion is to grunge up the blue ones!! Raspberries, ya bum, mine didn't come back this year........perhaps a little start of one for your buddy coffeefreek????? hehe

    1. thanks coffee (you know you really aren't the least bit freaky, don't you?). I will get a grunging on those blue ones. I think I'll also scribe in a few lightning bolts.

      You are most welcome to have a start. These are the best raspberry bushes we've ever had. The first crop is always huge and wonderful. The second crop, yes, two crops!!!! are not quite as bountiful, but every bit as yummy. These were from a start that some wonderful friends gave us when we lived at our last house. In fact their son planted this one tiny little stick that we brought with us, here at this house. And in no time...viola! So I'm happy to pass them on. You'll love em.

  11. How I wish I could share the harvest with you. These are the biggest, juiciest raspberries. Thank you, Lucie. so glad you like my latest earbobs. :)

    1. LUCIE, this is your response! things that make you go hmmmmmm :/

  12. Thank you for the kind mention about my poor neglected blogette. How you manage to keep on top of yours with a house move on the go is nothing short of a bleeding miracle! I couldn't manage it before i was moving house, so it's got even less chance now!!
    As for the wealth of Turkomania, crying mermaids and hair bobbins as well- oh wail - I think I'll just go and give myself a good flail with some twigs, as suitable chastisement for my sloth-like inability to keep up!!
    Oh wow - you have such great shops over there.That looks like a whole load of fun!
    Scrummy yum - early raspberries - how wonderful. I spied some wild strawberries over at my new house, so i'm looking forward to getting my chops round those!
    Great posting as always, awesome Janet xoxoxoxoxo :O)

    1. awwww Petra, please don't go flailing yourself with a twig. ouch! get yourself something yummy and dream about being all settled into your glorious new abode, which will happen before you know it! looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing all about it when you get a spare minute to share it. :)


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