Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cuff Me!

Don't taze me, bro!  Cuff me!

Hello all,

Hope that you have all had a great week.  As my jewelry making time dwindles into an ever decreasing sliver,  I am enjoying the bits of time spent working even more than usual.  I was able to get a couple of things finished up including this cuff.....

I roller printed antique lace onto the copper cuff months ago, waiting for inspiration to strike.
Strike it did!
I wired on an overlay of crocheted yarn,
and affixed an oxidized filigree piece.
The focal is a gorgeous vintage piece, which, I think is a
perfect elegant accent to the rustic fiber and metal.

Here's how it closes......

A brass leaf has been altered to function as a clasp adorned with
two floral headpins.
I enameled one side of a penny with
Venetian blue enamel,
the other side with transparent enamel so that you can see that it's a penny
and added a rhinestone wreath atop of the blue.

How about another shot of my soon to be no more back yard....

A pair of doves nested this year in our yard.  I've attempted many times
to capture the babies at the birdbath outside of our kitchen window.
They seem to know when I go to grab the camera,
because the second I return with camera in hand,
they're off in a flash!
I managed to catch this no longer a baby-
not quite an adult-
enjoying a cool drink.
You can see that I took the pictures through the slats of the window blinds.
Even so, they seemed to know
I was there with the camera. 

Love the zoom feature!
I unsuccessfully tried to capture the doves
 when they were much younger, timidly taking their first baths.
They were flapping wildly doing their best not to fall into the bath,
as their siblings nervously cheered them on from the edge of the birdbath.
I hope you'll get to see that delightful show for yourselves sometime.

and now, back to all things jewelry....
I made these with some of my goodies from the
Bead and Button show.

I tube set a sky blue topaz onto one of the hammer textured shields
and added that same color to the other shield via rhinestone chain.
These hang under an arc of freshwater pearls
with rainbow moonstone briolettes and tiny faceted pyrite beads.

Do you notice something
that's not quite working on the tube set earring?
Look closer......

I don't know what I was thinking.
In my head it was supposed to look like the rays
of the sun bursting out from around the tube setting.
looks like a bunch of scratches.
I'm going to have to do something about that.

Thinking, thinking....
Maybe stamp a little design...
ideas anyone?

But there is a bit of good news on the earrings front....
the torso-less head looks quite lovely as an ear model, don't you think?

Here she is wearing the newly oxidized
Roman glass, druzy and labradorite earrings I showed you awhile back.
I think with the oxidation, they're ready to list........

These had been listed, but I decided to oxidize em,
redo the pictures and relist them.


Roman glass and labradorite.

here's the same antler tine bracelet from last time.
with a new clasp,
and on a hand (courtesy of my amazing realife ear model, Melissa)
so it's easier to see how it looks when worn.

Much better, eh?

Antler tine, turquoise, horn bead, bird band,
fossil mammoth bone bead and a locket.

Yes, that's a much better shot than last time.

So I caught a cold and have been feeling pretty miserable for about 4 days now.
You all know what makes me feel better, right?
That's right-ice cream!

But look what my daughter put on her wellness blog

  Since she so thoughtfully informed me as to the best kind of cool creamy treat to eat,
 I feel compelled to go find
healthy ice cream.

But since I'm home sick,and don't want to go out
and infect the community with this
nasty summer cold,
I'll just have to suffer through and eat
the wrong kind of ice cream that I have on hand.
Someone has to.

If any of you follow me on
you may have noticed massive pinning this weekend.
yes, that's me resting up,
trying to beat this cold into submission,
by repeatedly hitting "Pin it"! 

You're so right ladies,
ice cream and pinning.

Look what awesomeness I ordered from

Aren't these incredible?
These are for those of you who were creeped out by my manne's hands.
( I didn't think the manne hands were creepy at all, btw,
and was quite surprised that some of you did)
These are absolutely exquisite.
Not an iota of creepiness.
You're welcome.

These will become pendants in assemblage necklaces.
Can't wait!

Here's more from small bronzes

Love this work!

Wouldn't these be wonderful joined together, circling your neck?

You get lots of random cool things to look at
when I don't have alot of new jewels to share with you.
Now quit applauding,
 you might hurt my feelings.

Here's one of my fav local places to hunt for little treasures.....

Isn't that a fabulous name?
And goodies abound inside.....

If that picture in the upper left corner was smaller,
it would be perfect for photograghing jewelry on.

Check out the patina on this amazing safe.....

yum, patina love

wonderful old stove. You know if you were trying to find ones of these,
you wouldn't be able to, right?
Yet, here is this one just waiting to go home with someone.

Isn't this a fab face?

antiques, vintage, modern, retro, funky-
they've got it all!

The one that got away....
a 4 foot tall bright turquoise statue that would have been
a great necklace display.

When you visit you might be helped by gorgeous Braidy Megeff
or her equally lovely mother, Johnna.

No website but the store is on facebook.
I tried to give you a link, but no go. 
You know, cuz of the tech-challenged thing I have going on.
Coffeefreak, this is your neck of the woods! 
Grab some friends and go-definately worth checking out.

Sparrow, THANK YOU for the wonderful link to your photography tute
in your comment on the last post.
Looking forward to putting those great tips into practice when I get all of my props unpacked.
I don't need to tell you, because it's painfully obvious, that I've kept out just the bare minimum.
Folks, if you want to see how to take better pictures of your jewelry, check it out.  Yes, you have to go back and get the link for yourself because, well you know. 
You don't come here for tech saviness, right?
Why exactly do you come here? hmmmm?
Oh yeah, so you can learn how to say goodbye in 14,000 different languages.
I knew you had a good reason.

That's all for this week.
Hope you all enjoy yourselves till next time.

ba bye (creole)


  1. I knew you couldn't do an entire blog post without some disconnected body part or other popping in ;)If it's not heads or hands.. it's eyes :D hehe I think if you ever DID manage one...I'd be sad :(

    As for your 'scratchy-sunburst' dilemma, what about painting/inking a sunburst over the scratches? You could try a resist over the rest of the shield and then patina the starburst on ...

  2. hahahaha so right you are, Skye! And thank you for saying it would make you sad. I'll try to never let that happen.
    good idea- thank you! I hoped the Liver-of-Sulphur would settle into the scratches but it sure didn't. Ink might just do the trick. much appreciated. :)

  3. All things fabulous from the wonderful Anvil of Janet. Your creative mind is always at work even when ill.
    YOu are an big ole ball of energy....keep on keeping on Missy J.

    1. And that comment completely cracks me up, beatn. If you only knew how not a ball of energy I am. But LOVE your very positive spin on things. Thank you for your sweet words! :)

  4. Would the sunburst lines darken if they were cut deeper? But the ink idea sounds good and less dangerous.
    Loving the antler bracelet. Can't wait to see what you do with those bronze hands. The squatting bronze with the pinched arm is awesome.
    ...and I have been sucked into your pinterest vortex. Thank you very much.

    1. why yes, I believe they would. Thank you!
      hahahaha, sorry about the vortez sucking you intoooooo it'sssssssss brighhhhttttt coloooorsssssss annnnnnddddddd........ I know, a simple you're welcome would suffice. But hey, there's some amazing elephant stuff on there just for you to enjoy. Does that make it better?

  5. Not only do you have a wonderful formula going with some of your signature lines but you seem to burst forth with wholly new ideas on a regular basis leaving me in awe and covetous of your abilities. .... tapping my inner anvil... yes... that's what I must do.
    Awesome cuff creation especially when I think of the stress you're under with trying to show and sell the house and feeling punky on top of that.
    Cooly cool bracelet too. Always loving your style and now you have me singing "Amazing Safe". Sweet eye candy whilst I'm experiencing a bit of a lull up yonder here. Thank you my inspirational friend. I needed this today.

    1. Thank you, Kim. Kind words indeed.
      I know! You've got it exactly right! That safe has such a fabulous crusty finish. It is amazing.
      Hope you're enjoying your lull after your whirlwind criffles-matchstix-studnik fest! :)

  6. Love the cuff! And really like the clasp...with the penny w/wreath. Very cool idea. Speaking of cool - how was that ice cream? :)

    1. awww thanks, Lela. ummmmmm it was delicious! And with the added graham cracker crumbs, well, need I say more?

  7. Beautiful earrings, they are all luminous and I am enamored with your cuffs and bracelets. Um so did anyone else catch on that Castoreum on the ice cream diagram is made from the anal glands of beavers, and is used as a natural flavoring?!!!! Another reason why I try and find vegan organic options. Thank goodness for your daughter and her blog, I am going to go comment and tell her myself.

    1. yes! ack ack ack! I was completely grossed out! Not enough to give up ice cream, mind you. Thinking I'll switch to sorbet.
      I agree. I'm really impressed with everything I'm learning from her blog. How nice of you to let her know.
      You think her interest in this might have started with a book I read to her when she was in 4th grade called "There's Bugs In The Peanut Butter"? Just so she would understand about making wise food choices and food safety. hahahaha. And yes, there are bugs allowed in the peanut butter. But only a few. ack. maybe I'll give up eating.

  8. how did i miss TWO posts? werent you supposed to give me a heads-up when you blog? people never give me heads-up!!! I friggin love the little shields you made for those earrings! and from last post my fave was bohemian rapsody!!!

    1. yes, yes, sorry. I sure was. Hangs head in shame. :/
      Promises to do better next time. hahahaha

  9. That cuff clasp is amazing!!!So clever. The antler bracelet is just too sexy for words. This is what you come up with when you're ill and up to your ears in a house sale! Extraordinary.
    Those piano playing bronze hands are exquisite. I think i'd have trouble parting with those.
    Oh man, yet another cool shop! Not fair, not fair!
    I hope the ice cream made you all better, sweetie.
    xoxoxoxo :O)

    1. hahahahaha, well it didn't hurt. Those hands are definately going to be hard to let go of. They have so much character. Hmmm might have to keep one, eh?

      You know, I had never thought of antlers as being sexy before......oh you meant the hunk that went and got the antler. ahhhhhh I see. :)

  10. Awesome work as always mom, I hope you find a good creative outlet for all that energy while making the transition to Texas. And many many thanks for mention. XOXO

  11. Love the crochet on top of the copper cuff... ant the shield earrings are great, is the texture stamped or done with the rolling mill? the ink sounds a good idea too... sorry to read that you're ill and those little cute bronze hands are awesome!

    1. Do you remember the two hammers I bought at the Bead and Button show that I blogged about? I used the one with the swirly pattern on the shield earrings. I'm so glad I got it cuz I love it! Bought it from Metalliferous if that helps you at all.
      The lace pattern on the cuff was roller printed.
      Thanks for the well wishes. It took me so long to comment that I'm almost completely better now.

  12. Dude, ice cream is ice cream, it's not supposed to be healthy! Same with chocolate, potato chips, hot dogs, pizza...it's JUNK food, and that's GOOD! A little bit of junk is good for the soul. Though I might say if you have a cold you need to put down the dairy and step up to garlic, chili, ginger, honey and lemon. All at once if you can take it. And chicken soup- homemade! Tinned stuff has no goodness in it, and that's what you need right now.

    And you're welcome on the blog post! I was gunna do one on props, but that seems to have gone by the wayside. Maybe one day...

    1. I think I actually had all of those ingredients except for the honey. A friend brought me some Chicken noodle soup from my fav Thai restaurant, and I think it did the trick. Usually does.
      I kind of subscribe to the "it's what you eat 80% of the time that matters" school of thought. I couldn't agree with you more.

      Seriously, Sparrow. That was an amazing blog post. How very thoughtful of you to share it with us. Thank you!
      Do you have one already done in your archives on how to achieve "The Sparrow Glow" that I've heard so much about? Listen to me. As if that one wasn't enough! It was so good, I want more! :)

  13. Adoring all the textures going on ,love how they're all layered up. I was watching a woman on TV doing stained glass windows and when she was soldering she rubbed on tallow- type of natural was, and this allowed the solder to flow smoothly and keep a smooth appearance. I shall try this out and let you know!

    1. Really?! Instead of the flux? That's a new one. Please do let me know. That has intriguing possibilities, doesn't it? Thanks in advance!

  14. Just wanted to thank you all for your wonderfully insightful, funny, thoughtful, helpful and inspiring comments! Much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

  15. Oh, I love hands - those bronze ones are fabulous. The antler bracelet is completely awesome - really earthy and powerful.

  16. Maybe you feel like I do about hands. I always think you can tell alot about someone by their hands. They tell an interesting story about the life they've lived.
    Thank you for your really nice compliment on the sexy antler. :)


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