Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm Melting! Melting!

The famous quote continues..."What a world, what a world"  If the wicked witch of the West saw what has happened these last few weeks, she might have thought melting quickly not such a bad outcome. 
My sympathies to all of those in Colorado and the other western states who have been affected by the devastating fires.  And to those dealing with the blistering temperatures in the midwest and east, trying to cope with no power while dealing with damage from the storms.  Oh and flooding in the south.  Good grief!  Yes, it's been HOT here! But we're locally dealing with heat and heat only.  I'm hoping for fast relief for all those who are suffering through this and thankful that we've been less affected.


You all know how much I love your comments and you know I've been busy when I don't respond individually to your wonderfully entertaining comments.    Though, I do want to thank you for your very supportive comments about my ice cream dilemma.  What was I thinking?!  Ice cream OR Pinterest?  hahahaha.  brain freeze?  Semi-senior moment?  Who knows.  But thank you for pointing out that Pinterest is actually much more enjoyable while eating ice cream.  Yeah, thanks ladies.  I've gained 72 pounds!  Kidding.  But I swear my left thigh gained at least 5.

A warm welcome to Raida, creator of the beautiful Havana Beads headpins featured in my last post.

And to The Flying Tortoise. Thank you for sharing those helpful tips. Appreciate it!

I'm loving having the blogroll on my sidebar.  So much easier to keep up with all of you.  Now I just need to update it, cuz I seem to be missing some of your blogs.  Maybe give me your link in a comment and I'll get you there where you belong.

I did manage to squeeze in a little working time.  Yup, still in assembling mode.  My hammers are calling me and I'm missing them.  Maybe I should just smash up some of my assembled pieces.  What do you think?  Any of these hammer worthy?

The Bohemian Wanderer

Garnets, Peridot, Czech glass, vintage buttons, beads and beadcaps, upcycled tin
and a sense of wanderlust. 
 These look like they need to go somewhere!
and not just because the prop tree is attacking them!

These already found a new home. 
They were named "Ice Cream in Paris" by their their new person.
See, the ice cream theme permeates my very existance.!

Turkoman Goes Modern in the Mysterious Lagoon

You might remember these.  They began as this

then I added the blue and green that you saw in the last post.
and sold

He Softly Cooed Until He Won Her Heart

yes, that's what I actually named them.
and no, I can't smash the name with a hammer.
Well, I could, but I won't.
Pretend you like it, ok?

The Literary Wanderer

White agate teardrops, black plated chain,
nibs from fanci, rhinestone rondels, frosted blue glass beads,
enameled headpins and upcycled tin

My signature hatchmarks and dimples, up close but not particularly personal.
When you put them on all of your tin jewelry, they do become your signature. 
It's a thing.  I'm not making this stuff up, guys.

Whispering Lanterns of Old Shanghai

enameled headpins, kyanite spears, roller printed and flame painted copper,
upcycled tin beadcaps

didya notice I didn't name these wandering _________? 
I know, usually I'm all dancing this and dancing that.
 Too tired to think about dancing tonight but possibly I'm prone to wandering? 

Turquoise Tin Shields


The Princess and the Frog

sold and named by the lovely lady who now owns them

Now we'll see how quickly I get these other babies listed. 
Won't be within the next few days, but that's no surprise to you, is it?  They never get listed that fast!
Well, almost never. 

That's all folks!
so this is what it feels like to do a short post, eh?
hmmm, I kinda like it.

Have a fun week everybody!
(even though this looks like someone threw a skein of yarn in a spinning wind tunnel, this is a real dog, with a hefty hairdresser bill, I would guess.)

Bye now


For you ladies that asked how to put your blogroll on your sidebar, here's how to do it:
Thanks deservedly go to numinosity Kim who explained it to me.

1. Go to Blogger dashboard and click
2. Then go to layout (on the left side column), click and it will bring you to the add a gadget page
3. Click on add a gadget and a menu of features will pop up.  Go to the blog list one and add that.
4. It will give you an option to add all of the blogs you follow all at once or one by one.
5. You can choose how you want them displayed, with title or text included, etc.

It's really easy to do and I LOVE it!  Thanks again, Kim!


  1. Your work is always inspiring - but those whispering lanterns are fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much, Stregata. your comments are much appreciated.

  2. Love all of them, but the turquoise tin shields are my fav today!

    Would love to be part of your blogroll!

    1. Hello Sweet! Be happy to add you to my blogroll. Apologize that I hadn't done that before. And thank you! :)

  3. lovely one and all! how'd ya get the blog roll onto the blog? it looks good and a great way to share with the readers! i looked for the link but couldn't find one. will you share? secretly e-mail me in the dead of night. lol cheers!

    1. ooohhh in the dead of night,eh? hahahaha. so I have to make it sound all mysterious and cloak and daggerish, huh? what fun!

  4. As expected, your creations are fantastic and inspiring. I always enjoy reading the names you've chosen for your pieces. Thanks for another delightful post (yes, I said delightful).

    1. well, thank you SO MUCH delightful Alice from the depths of tried to name my appreciative heart in poetic terms, but I got nothing! :/

  5. Nope, nothing hammer worthy there!! Bleeding gorgeous, all of them! Ha haaaa, I read the name before the pic of the dove beauties came up, and had images of a strange cooing man! Mind you, the mental picture of you with one extra large, ice-cream thigh is quite funny too!!
    Ha, my friend, Helen had a black version of that dog - looked soooo hug-worthy, but he'd have your arm off, soon as look at you!!
    I wouldn't mind knowing how you got that bloggy roll on there either. Might make me less of a crappy follower!!
    Well - it may have been short, chicky - but it was very sweet!!
    Stay coool.
    xoxoxoxoxoxo :O)

    1. yes, sweet Petra, most cooing men are very strange! and just so you that I've supplemented my other thigh with a very nice piece of key lime pie, all is right as rain again. it's a shame I have to continually eat sweets to keep my thighs in check, tho, isn't it?

      you know what ladies, I'll add an update about adding the blogroll.

  6. Those earrings are beyond beautiful, fully of treasuries and exquisite detailing. Snivelling as I stare at my naked, holeless lobes!

    1. thank you 13, you are beyond kind. we really must do something to remedy your holeless lobes situation. want to hear how my ears got pierced the first time? not that I'm recommending it necessarily. being the wildly rebellious child I used to be...note-used-to-be, I ditched school the last day of 6th grade. one of my brothers saw me and of course told mom, who then grounded me for the entire summer. really? I don't think so....I was forbidden to pierce my ears until I was 16 and had a few years to go to reach that ripe old age. Really at the time it felt justified. now we know research says the brain doesn't fully develop until after the teenage years. here's proof...I went into my room, put a clothespin on my ears to numb em and stuck a needle through! I would probably faint if I tried it now. so you see Marcia, there are perfectly ridiculous ways to get holes in your ears. maybe staring is the better choice.

  7. Yeah I hear you, I miss hammering stuff when I don't do it. It makes me feel weird when I make something that doesn't involve smashing something!

    You should get a Google Reader to keep up with all your blogs- it's how I do mine, makes it sooooo easy and tells you when blogs have a new post so you don't miss out!

    1. exactly! everything is better if a hammer is involved!

      ooohhh a Google Reader, eh? will hafta look into that. Thank you, Sparrow for the tip. :)

  8. Wowsa, My head is spinning like that bowsa's fur. This is some incredible work. Makes my most complicated designs look simplistic. ( yeah, folks have been commenting at the market on my new direction)
    I'm so excited and a"ctivated to witness your creations, I can't even figure out what some of those parts are, you've given them such new life.
    I just want to shout, hey everybody, look what my friend made!" .... and then they will buy them of course....
    So inspiring you are.
    in humble awe... with ice cream

    1. hahaha you can't figure out what some of those parts are because artists such as yourself would never put them on jewelry! but thank you much for the really nice comment, Kim. even comments are better with ice cream, how thoughtful! ;)

  9. EEP! Whispering Lanters of old Shanghai and He softly cooed until he won her heart... what wonderful pieces of art and poetic titles. Thoroughly enjoying everything that you made that ice cream pair that sold reminds me of beautiful old Russian folk art for some reason, The colors... those pretty florals... can't focus too much pretty things in my head. xo!

    1. aww Kim, you are such a romantic soul. hahaha are you sure the focusing problem is due to the pretties....or do you need a treat? possibly, must I say it...?

  10. Bleeding gorgeous is right. Home run and then some. The heat has not hindered your creativity one bit. I'll be surprised if any one of them doesn't sell right off. Ice cream in Paris.. you painted roses on.. are those bottle cap pieces?
    All awe inspiring... and are the clear master of cross hatch and dimple.

    1. thank you Pipn. now see, there you go giving credit where none is due. If you made them, you would have carved them from scratch and then painted them and then torched them and any number of other awesome techniques. Me? I upcycled some painted vintage earrings and added bits and pieces to em. see what I mean about assembling? :/

  11. noooo - no smashing anything here with a hammer! The colour and balance of all these pieces is great and your pics are really lovely - highlighting all the details ... thinking too of all those affected by the fires - we are no strangers here in Oz to bushfires - they are devastating. Keep your hammers for creating not smashing I say!

    1. welcome Sue! thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment! I'll reserve my hammers for creating not destroying. Yes, you've had your share of fires down under. Hopefully nothing like that happening at the moment.

  12. Dude. so that's your 'just assemblage' pieces? what about all the hammer divots and hammered wire (like in he softly cooed and behemian wanderer)? you shush you! you make more while eating ice cream than most do in a lifetime. these are all full of your same frenetic free creative energy and irreverent sense of fun. and i loved your turk before and afters- you really brought them to a whole level of awesomesauce.

    1. fanci, you are the best bogmom (inside joke) EVER! all that encouragement and positive reinforcement! you wouldn't have grounded me for the WHOLE summer, would you? naw, cuz that wouldn't have fostered my sense of creativity, right? hey, maybe if I eat even more ice cream.......the sugar buzz would make me more creative! seriously, thanks so much. :)

  13. love, love, love those wandering whispering lanterns! all of your tin ware is fabumundo but the lanterns are to die for........

    1. thank you thank you thank you, miss bond. ooohhh and a cool new word too! no you're fabumundo. no you are. no you are. (yes, I'm very very tired! hahahaha)

  14. I mentioned you in my blog. If you're bored, please pop over and give it a read ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. oh blogger blogger, let's see if we can get the correct reply in the correct spot this time, shall we?

      How very nice of you Skye. Much appreciated. I'll go check out your lovely creative chaos next thing! thank you!

  15. I really like how "he softly cooed" turned out...and that little dog is hilarious! :D

    1. thanks so much, Lela. he does look like he's having a rip-roaring good time, doesn't he?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. My JL3 treasures will be my traveling companions as I wander through Puerto Rico, pretending not to be visiting my inlaws, but rather on an excursion, traipsing the el Yunque Rain Forest and exploring the
    Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy. Thank you for creating the most beautiful treasures that make me feel so special;)xoxoxo

    1. aww you are special! El Yunque sounds to me like el junque. hmmm- hope you find treasures whether they be rain forest treasures, junque treasures or just treasured memories. have fun!


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