Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Cover Girl in Our Midst

Hello all,

Hoping it's been a fabulous week for all of you.  Thank you for taking the time to leave your always kind and oftentimes entertaining comments on the last post.  A warm welcome to Patty! 

As I mentioned last time, there is no new jewelry to share with you this time.  But I have something much better.  Check this out.....

Look who's on the cover of the Autumn issue....

Can't imagine a better or more deserving choice.
Pipn's work is completely unique
always diverse enough to be fascinating,
yet at a glance, easily identifiable as hers.


Now don't rush right out to your local bookstore
 you won't find this issue on the newstands quite yet,
but when you do,
this is what you'll feast your eyes on...


A technique article for making these awesome
Pipn earrings!
I scanned it all wonky because 
 I don't have permission to, 
nor do I want to 
reprint the article for you here on my blog.
Just giving you a glimpse.

Oh but there's more....
lookit who else is in this issue....


Congrats Beatnheart!
I really enjoyed your great article.
How to's for these earrings, a necklace
and a stack of her wrapped gypsy bangles.
You'll all want to see it.

So how did I get the early preview?
Cuz the fine people at Belle Armoire Jewelry thoughtfully sent me a contributor's copy.
Yup, I'm absolutely delighted
to be included with these talented ladies in the Autumn issue.
here's a peek at my articles


My Tribal Shields!


Do any of you remember this necklace from my
Here's the article explaining how to make it....


along with a variation.....


and a little something in the boutique section

Even though I've got nothing newly made to show you,
 there's these interesting pieces
to whet your appetite.
It looks like a great issue.
In addition to Pipnmolly and Beatnhearts's work, there's articles on
electroforming,  broom casting, felting, wire wrapping and other beautiful techniques.
Page after page of inspiration.
What more could we ask for?
Well yeah, for it to be available now.

have a great week everybody and thanks for stopping by.

Since I had so little to say this time, (a shock, I know),
let's imagine what this guy would say if he spoke our language......
and yes, I'm hoping you'll supply possibilities in your comments.

Ciao (Italian)


  1. Hooray! Congratulations to all three of you lovely ladies, and for pipn on making the cover. How wonderful to see your work alongside that of your friends. Your shield earrings have always been drool worthy. Sigh those rich autumn colors make me long for fall. xo!

  2. Wow! Champagne for you 3 girls! I've never laid hands on this magazine but for this issue I'm going to import one to France!!! I love your shield earrings, the variations are so interesting :D

  3. Thanks so much to you and all the fine ladies of Fancifuldevices posse who have lifted me up and brought me to a level I never thought was possible... And without you I would have never submitted the work in the first place. You ate my angels, my inspirations and my support ... Xxx cynthia

  4. Only an ipad would say ate my angels.... You are my angels and you know who you are.. Xxxxc

  5. Wow, what a gang! Makes me proud to be associated with you all! You eaten angels, you.
    Congratulations all around. Thanks for sharing this Janet, I'll be back in the flow again soon, halfway across the country homeward as we speak.
    Miss you!

  6. Wow, this is fantastic!! Congratulations to all of you, I can't wait to pick up this issue! Love!!!
    xoxo Juliette

  7. Fantastic, it's frustrating that we don't have this magazine readily available in the newsagents in the UK but I have found a reliable UK online shop who supplies it-, so I'll place my order when it's ready. And a big congratulations to you all.

  8. Wow, this is wonderful!! Especially well done to Pipn for being on the front! Gorgeous array of shields there. I think our lovely Bees has also got herself in the boutique section too. Rainbowsilks are also the only place over here that I can get Dorlands from, just in case you need any, Marcia!
    Well, this is definitely the shortest Anvil blog yet, but no less delightful!
    xoxoxoxoxo :O)

  9. You are the most gracious giving person. Seriously, I think the cover must have been a mistake or something because there are so many more beautiful and deserving pieces inside than those earrings. Big congrats to you and Beatnheart. Your articles are excellent!! Mine pales in comparison. So thrilled we are in the same issue.

  10. Wow, you all rock. How wonderful that you are all in the same issue. I cannot wait to get my hands on that magazine to study your creations!

    And, wow, I can't believe this post was so short................hehe.

    Little lizard girl says, in her best voice, "What, don't judge, that's all she's got today."

  11. Whoa! It's a Grand Slam! Home run, that is. :)

    Big congrats to all of you....that's AWESOME! I hope I can find a copy in my local bookstore.


  13. AA- the great thing about this post is that it reminded me to pause and look at the great stuff you do and can be seen in the sidebar - love the beaten and formed variety. Go well. B

  14. I'm itchin to get a copy. Eaten angels indeed!

  15. Ooh, such eye candy... Congratulations! Your pieces definitely deserve special attention.

  16. You are so right...this issue is jam packed with that a word? Mmmmm...well,you know what I mean..heehee..What a thrill for me to be included in this one with you dear Janet and all the other amazing artists!!You have NO IDEA how much your work inspires me.xo Cat

  17. Wow - congratulations to all of you talented people. Can't wait to get this issue (I have it sent but it always takes forever to reach me)

  18. Absolutely fantastic and inspiring work from some of my favorite artists! I've had to swear off magazines but it looks like I'll be sneaking out to the store to find this one!
    Thanks for blogging about this,,,,

  19. I can't wait to get this issue, Congratulations to all! Those earring shields are stunning, you're so talented. I even got an extra surprise with this issue. PipnMolly used my lampwork head pins on one of her earrings, I'm so thrilled. Have a great weekend!

  20. I cannot wait to get this issue. Congrats to everyone! I love being inspired by all of your creative talent!

  21. Congrats to all three of you!! All of your designs are amazingly cool! I cannot wait to get my hands on this issue - but I'll have to wait until I return from vacation. I'm so happy to have something this incredible to look forward to upon my return!!


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