Saturday, September 1, 2012

On The Road Again

Hello all.

So where has Anvil been?  What has she been up to?  Not favoriting all of the beautiful things we've been making.  Not even any pinning?  What's up with that?!  Oddly quiet in Anvil land, eh?  Hmmm, more on that in a minute...

THANK YOU for your comments everyone.  You are certainly an entertaining bunch.  I thoroughly enjoy your thoughts and  insights. 
This is what I've learned from your comments on the last post.....Beatn's IPad ate her angels.  I IPad eats letters and sometimes whole words.  But not angels.  That I know of.  For those of you who have wondered at my inability to spell, that xplains it. 
Numinosity continues to grow no moss under her wandering feet and still manages to list 100 things a week! 
Thanks to 13 and Petra, for sourcing Belle Armoire Jewelry and Dorlands in the UK.  (Petra also manages to list mega amounts.  In spite of moving.  Sheesh.  You're making me look bad)
We've all delightfully realized that Pipn's amazing talent is equally matched by her genuine modesty and refreshing lack of ego.
Coffeefreak's humorous little lizard girl is kind, and Coffeefreak herself always seems to have the clever quip at the ready 
Fanci, along with Pinky and the Brain is taking over the world.
Cat, so very sorry that I didn't mention you by name when mentioning your fantastic felt article.  Raida had an extra bonus of seeing her beautiful headpins featured in Pipn's article. 
The lovely comments from Flotsam, Lucie, Juliette, Gallery 13, Quisnam and Bond girl are very much appreciated. 
A warm welcome to Barry, Patty, Kira, Claire and Shel.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.   I think that some of you that I've just welcomed, have visited and commented previously.  Apologies, if so, my brain is on overload, explanation to follow.......
All of you are so supportive and encouraging to one another. It's a pleasure to work amongst you.

So what's been going on?.......

It's been one un-anticipated delay after another.
after another....
and another....
yes, and even more after those.

Today the second most interesting man in the world and I were supposed to leave Illinois behind and head down to our new destination of...........

Where apparently, feral hogs are taking over the state.

except for guys like these keeping them in check

(hey guys, don't know who you are and hope you don't mind a cameo appearance in my blog)
Hot Diggety Dog.

Surely there are other exciting things happening in Texas.
Will keep you posted as I discover them.

So how do I have time to post a blog in the middle of a move?
If you watch the news, you all might have heard of a little kink in the works....
a hurricane named Isaac.
Supposed to be treacherous weather on most of our journey there today,
 so we've decided to delay departure until tomorrow.
So here I sit with a free day and no million things calling for me to attend to them.
Cuz they're all done and I'm officially homeless.
hmmmm, sun's out and it looks pretty nice.  Did they get it wrong?
Or did we get it wrong and should have left today as planned?
 Hoping the threat of tornados and heavy rains en route is over tomorrow.
"The man" says we'll look like the
Beverly Hillbillies as we're rolling down the road.
Both cars packed to the brim.
I think he might just be right.

The adventure continues.....
my nuerotransmitters will continue to misfire for the time being
as I try to find a house in Texas and move into it.
Ok, so maybe it's not quite that dramatic of an undertaking.
For some people anyway, (Petra)
who seem to be able to find a house, buy it, move in, and be back up to speed in a week.
That's just not normal.
You hear me people  (Petra)?
It's supposed to take months and be torturous, I tell you!
I do have some tools and supplies packed up to help me
retain (regain) my sanity while in temporary housing.
What's that you say?
Too late?!
Well maybe.....
at least I'll be able to amuse myself, if not you.
Since I've been doing all things "house" and no things "jewelry"
I looked through my Pinterest page
and pulled out some of my fav jewelry displays
to share with you.
I aoplogize that I don't have the originators info with the picture to credit them.
Please visit my Pinterest page
(button above right on sidebar)
and scroll through my "likes",
"Creative Minds, Spaces And Displays"
And "More Creative Minds, Spaces And Displays" boards
to be able to click through to the originator of each photo.
I don't normally post other people's photos or works without checking with them
and/or giving them credit.
Please give me a hollar if you know the name behind the image,
  and if it's your image and you would like me to remove it, more than happy to oblige.
It is after all your image and rather than trying to appropriate it, my intent is to share the beauty of what you do through my blog.

here, feast your eyes....

Fancy smancy and I love it!

Don't toss that old lamp, turn it into an interesting display!

So sweet

Now to make myself one.

Furniture legs,
yes, I did just give away a whole box of these in my move.
Can't take everything, (though I did try).

Bicycle seat necklace displays!
Whoda thunk it?!

Great use of vertical space.
So many interesting layers and levels for your eye to travel.


This one I'm definately going to do.
I kept all of my clipboards.
Because I need another project, don't you think?

A bicycle wheel mounted on a piano stool thingy.
See the nuerotransmitter problem rearing it's ugly head?
I really do think moving gives people brain mush.
Except for Petra.

Love Love Love

Oohh Oohh call me call me.
Can't you see me waving my arm in the air here teach?
Brain mush.


A visual feast.

Brooch booty.
Yes you younguns, booty used to mean a haul of treasure as in
Pirate's Booty.

Great display.
Love the use of different sizes of mannequins in the vintage trunk.

An old door knocker turned into a perfect jewel holder though it was
referred to as a soap dish.
Nope, I see jewels.
Of course I always see jewels..... (mushy mush)

Clever idea.
 And why can't I remember whose work this is when I know whose work this is?!  ack!
I think I might put a classic statue head atop of it, well if I could figure out how to attach it,
which I can't.
  Never mind, the doll head is a stroke of brilliance!

More brilliance.  A bakers rack with trays.
Kudos to whoever thought of this.
I can't even imagine how much you could store in this,
all within sight and easy to access.
Oh interesting man, I would kind of like this...
anniversary possibly?
Forego the tools this year?  eh? eh?
I know, who asks for a bakers rack for an anniversary gift?
I do. Sigh.  Runny mush.

A hardware cloth dress to hang things from.
I'm seeing so many possibilities.

Simple elegance.

What a great and versatile show display.

Beautiful display.
This is so cool.  Displays made from books.
LOVE this!
A simpler book display version.

This would make transporting jewelry to shows so much easier and quicker to set up.
Gonna give this a try.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these gorgeous display ideas from these
talented yet, sadly, uncredited  people.

Hoping you all have a smarvelous week or two, as the case may be.

I would like to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy
with this mental image

but no,
I feel more like this when I'm in the process of moving,
no kidding.  hahahahaha
So I shall leave you with this visual
till next time......



  1. Replies
    1. Aww thanks. So far no sign of giant man eating hogs. :)

  2. Congratulations on your sale, and best of luck on your move and getting settled in your new home! Damn, I have a LOT to look at until you get back, those displays have given me TONS of ideas.

    xoxo Juliette

    1. I know! Now I want a space that I can leave set up like that for photos. Why yes, dear, i do need a prop room in our next house. Hahaha. As if that's gonna happen.

  3. Yay displays! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You betcha. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Nice to hear from you and btw, I love your avatar. You look like you know how to have some fun.

  4. great god almightly whaat is that thing on the bottom!
    and is that a me momma...

    people are just so dang clever...the displays are great.
    all eyes open for one of those baker racks...perfect..

    are those pigs actual size..? holy macka rolley...scary.
    all the best on moving and house hunting wow...ill. to texas
    big ole change fer bheart

    1. Yep, I reckon that is a diaper which is what made me think that thing might be real. Probably like Frankenstein, it just wants to be loved, eh? Likely to be a bakers rack shortage in the future, tho Mr. Interesting turned his nose up at it. Guess I won't be getting one for anniversary. :/

  5. Hope your move goes smoothly and you find the perfect studio errr house first go.

  6. Congrats for selling the house! Are these pigs mutant? Well, surely I don't want to encounter any, brrr! I hope you'll find the perfect house in Texas (no way near these pigs) and be able to do some jewelry soon again. Thank you for sharing these brilliant displays, I love the bakers racks, perfect to store awaiting projects too.... I've never seen any on french flea market though... I'll keep an eye open for one

    1. Oh Lucie, if you found a vintage French bakers rack that you could put next to a vintage marble topped bakers table......what a fantastic addition to your studio.
      Don't know if these are mutant pigs or not, tho they look the size of a rhino, don't they?

  7. Lots of luck on the move! I just moved in January and the packing was a nightmare but unpacking and getting things going again wasn't as bad. I think the worst is over! Are those Pigs real, very scary!!! Love the displays.

    1. Thank you Raida. That will be what I keep telling myself, the worst is over, the worst is over.......moving your glass studio must have been a chore. My sympathies.

  8. They say the woods here are full of feral hogs but damn everything is bigger in Texas, eh?
    After seeing that bakers rack on your pin page I went and bought one. Not too $$ for a counter height one on wheels. It's so nice.. and I have work/counter space again!!!
    Hope you find your home soon.

    1. Hmmmm you gonna share where you found your bakers rack? Cuz we all want to know. Restaurant supply? Sams or Costco? Stole it out of the back of the corner bakery? Hmmmm? And yes our feral hogs can beat up your feral hogs anyday. Everything IS bigger in Texas.

  9. Holy shit, those pigglies are the stuff of nightmares! Please don't get eaten, dear heart.
    So, you're kind of miffed that i didn't have a torturous move too, are ya?!! Charming!
    I sooo hope that finding and buying your new Texan dream home, will be a doddle compared to selling your Ill-annoying one!! So you finally had a day off the madness, and you choose to blog instead of sleep! As you have noticed, my extraordinary talents don't seem to extend to my blogging! Ha haaaaa - you beat me hands and feet down on that one every time!!
    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful display ideas - they're just fabulous, and give so much food for thought.
    I hope you and Pa Clampett have a safe, and hurricane/tornado free drive downwards, and can avoid the wild swine!!
    xoxoxoox :O)

    1. Holy what?! We've got young eyes reading this blog ladies.
      And yes, I am somewhat awed by the lack of torture with your move. Moving in the UK must be a kinder, gentler undertaking.
      Charmingly miffed? Maybe. Hahaha. Yup, we threw the rooster and chicken on the roof of the jalopy to act as swine repellant and away we went......

  10. Dude. what's up w/the pixels- did you drag those on to your post from thumbnails? but i loved this post, just wanted to see those displays even better. the bike seat ones really amazed. and yr so sweet the way you address all commenters. i wish i could... too lazy i guess.
    oh and im loving all these displays only to scroll down and get the living literal shit scared out of me by alien monkey. thanks bunches for that.

    1. Hahahahaha you're most welcome.
      Surprisingly these pictures are perfect and crisp here on my phone. Every detail perfectly clear. And since I have apparently already used up all of my cellular data on my ipad for the entire month, I will be attempting to do all things online from my phone. Now that's scary!

  11. Selling your house and moving to another state, you're braver than I. Thanks for those display ideas. The monkey and pigs will be in my nightmares. Take care.

  12. That thing at the bottom must be a demon. Incredibly scaryyyyyy.

    So are those horrible feral hogs.

    Wave when you go through OK. If you go through OK. ;)
    Safe travels! ♥

    1. Agreed, that is the scariest monkey I've ever seen. Anyway I think it's a monkey. Will make sure i give you a BIG Texas wave next time I'm up your way. :)

  13. Well my friend, best of luck to you and hubby in the move. Thanks for the fab pics of displays!! I've been looking for ideas and now I have gobs of them to peruse and adapt to what I want. Oh my what a bunch of bacon those hogs will yield. I love bacon....... Mmmmm BLT's yummy.

    That monkey made me laugh, so ugly only a mama could love it!!

    1. Hadn't thought of the bacon possibilities. Hmmmmm interesting. Now that's the reaction to the monkey that I was hoping for.
      Sorry we weren't able to get together before I left to give you a slip from the delicious raspberry patch.
      Hope you find lots of goodies at The Idea Store and at Three Toad Treasures. I'll be living vicariously through you, wishing I was there.

  14. Nice display of displays. So cool that you've been collecting them to share here.
    Best of luck on the final segment of this ordeal you've been enduring for way too long. I hope you get set up to create again as soon as possible.
    Your posts are anything but boaring! Mister is out trying to land a big moose as we speak.
    Love and missya.
    Congrats on the Belle Armoire arteekel, I feel all aglow knowing I've brushed up with all this fame recently. I told Beatnheart that you gals are costing me money. I used to just browse the mags, now I gotta have them... proof of my amazing bloggedy friends.

  15. Nope never boaring. Well except for yesterday but that's a whole nother story involving a broken rear end. Nevermind.....
    Hope your mister brings you home lots more moose teeth and exciting tales.
    I hear you about the magazines. But so worth it, right? Looks like you'll need to be buying the next few issues as well. Now if we can get covergirl 2012 Pipn to autograph them for us, eh?

  16. Eek monkey at the end scares me. Hooray, doing a dance over here that the selling of the house saga is over and wishing you all the best in Texas. Mmmm "G" says that Texas has some of the best food, the people will just set up picnic tables outside their home and sell off home cooking to random strangers and you can get the most amazing BBQ. Sigh... Ok getting sidetracked with food. Love the display series, I have repinning some of these from you LOL. Those feral hogs are massive!!! <3

  17. G is so right. Food galore. already discovered two fantastic Cajun places and Mexican food to knock your socks off. The quest for good Thai food continues........and if i don't cool it with the good food, I will be resembling those massive hogs! hahahaha

  18. Such a great post! I'm going to have to share this with my husband!
    Those pictures are wonderful!


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