Saturday, February 2, 2013

Earbobs for the Little Lady and Stand Still so I can Wrassle that Varmit on your Wrist!

Hello all,

Thanks for stopping by.  Hoping life has been kind to you these last couple of weeks.
It has been a cruel winter for many
and we're all hoping that spring will bring relief to those sorely in need of it.
Bet you were expecting to see pictures of my completely unpacked studio by now.  All organized and inspiring in it's uncluttered state.  Bwahahahahaha.  Nope.
Still relapsing with this nasty bug.  No matter how crummy I feel, I can usually manage to sit quietly and make some jewelry, though.  So this is what has been accomplished as of late.....

Castle on the Mossy Hill Under the Midnight Sky
Hmmmm, blogger wouldn't let me enlarge that first picture. 
So here's another.
Because I know you want to see the detail.  Right?
So you can see the mossy hill for yourself. Right?
And the midnight sky....right? 
Yeah, yeah, I know I could have just deleted that first picture,
but where's the fun in that?
ok, moving on.
Unnamed.  Filigree with Petra's lizard scale drops in bronze.
A bit easier to see the hints of red and green in the lizard scales in this shot.

Feeling oddly colorful.  Also unnamed.  hmmm me, without a plethora of words?  What?
My Love, You Hold the Key to my Heart
and now for your viewing pleasure, the dark background version.
Inscribed on the back of the pictures are the words
"my love".
Yup, there's usually an actual reason that I name my jewelry what I do.
Hoops with Petra's beaters. 
 I really really am tempted to keep these.
Unnamed red upcycled tin hoops with ceramic limpet shells from Petra. 
 Yup, I'm on another Scorched Earth kick. 
Well, because Petra's doodads make
everything look better is why!
Even though these look rather large, you can see that
they really aren't.
So named because I am keeping them.
The suckers on these will go very nicely with my fabulous sucker pod pendant from
So I have to keep them!
Don't want to make the wrists feel left out....
Vintage Coca Cola metal tag, embellished with a vintage metal charm
sporting a cowboy and Indian duking it out. 
Even though I'm not much of a western movie buff,
I just adore these subtle colors and vintage graphics.
I added a vintage horse head in a horseshoe Cracker Jack charm in dusty blue
 to complete the old western theme.
All attached to a soldered wire bracelet band which is
adjustable by gently squeezing or pulling the band.
Oh and the Coke tag, well, I don't drink the stuff myself,
but I'm convinced that Mr. Wonderful would bleed bubbly, caramel, sticky ooze if injured.
He singlehandedly keeps that company solvent.  So in honor of him....
the Coca-Cola tag.
More in tune with my ridiculously romantic side is this one.....
Happily Ever after
Vintage twist pearls, a mop button, vintage rhinestones,
sapphire blue velvet ribbon, a heart locket, a vintage rhinestone wreath,
an embossed metal Vintaj water lily on a soldered wire bracelet form.
But why is it named Happily Ever After you ask?....
because of this.....
The backside of the soldered charm with the tenderly caressing couple.
And what about our lovely hands?
I retook pictures of a couple rings already listed.
I just can't seem to get the angles right when photographing rings.
Though, I am finding that my pictures do look much better when taken
in the afternoon light in front of the north facing window.
Yet another thing I am appreciating about my new studio space.
and this one......
and last but not least, this one that I deactivated in my shop
because the previous pictures were so lacking....

Yes, I am liking this lighting immensely.
that's it for the new jewels but I did promise to show you more of
BeesOnPie's components.
Is there anything she can't do?
Don't think so....
Remember she made these adorable ceramic houses...
And more of her wonderful bits....
A closer view.
Aren't they scrumptious?
I'm thinking miss bees needs to put some of these in her shop.
Changing gears here....
I thought (and hoped) when moving from Illinois that I had left the snow behind,
but no
It does in fact snow in Texas!
The second time there was enough for a sledding hill!
Sort of..... 
ok, I know all of you in the Midwest are snickering at our little Texas snow....
but who's laughing now?
The baby oranges are getting ripe!
Winter on the outside,
summer on the inside.
here is where I really want to say nar-nar-nar-nar.
But since I'm polite, I won't.
Sure am thinking it though.
Hoping you all have a wonderful week ahead!
C'mon, admit it...
you've been missing the creepy animal photos.


  1. Glad to have you back, namesake.
    What IS that creature at the bottom of today's blog????
    (Love the new stuff, BTW)

  2. Hey other Janet, oh wait, am I the other Janet?! anyway... Thank you! So good to be back. It's a shaved bear. Who knew they looked that weird under all that fur!

  3. Snow ducky !
    My Love, You Hold the Key.. You have a great flare for those romantic touches.
    Love your soldered wire bracelet forms too. Very nice.
    Wonderful to see you back in shop and creating such beautiful work.
    Hope you lick that bug soon.

  4. You have a bug? Yuck! Please do take care...hope it's gone soon.

    Love the soft colors in the castle earrings....and "Feeling oddly colorful" are so gorgeous! Those really make me want to get out the tins I've been saving. We had a little of that snow in Oklahoma too...and ours stuck around a while because it was so darn cold. OH, and that animal pic is creepy.

  5. Everytime I visit you I cant help but feel more and more inspired by the amazing treasures you create....each one better than the next..You are sooo creative my friend!! Feel better!! xo Cat

  6. Great to see you back Janet!! Please take care of yourself!
    I love your new batch of rings, bracelets and earrings, particularly You Hold the key to my Heart! Love those!!! And about the romantic side of you, it's perfectly balanced with those awful creatures you're signing your posts with! This one gives me the creeps, in what part of the world does this sweetie lives free (so I never go there)?

  7. Excellent work ! I am a big admirer !
    Greetings from Greece.

  8. Oh my goodness, look what you did with my doodads!!! All just too wonderful for words!! The bobbly danglers ands spikes are fabulous!! It's just SOOO good to see you back at work, and giving us your eye feasts!! I do hope you feel better soon, and can kick those damnable bugs out.
    So that's what the original bearded ladies must have looked like then. I can see why they covered them up in pretty frocks!That's quite a sight.
    xoxoooxoxo <3 :O)

  9. So glad to have you back designing! I love everything you've posted favs are My LoVe and Happily Ever After. I LoVe working with old photos and tintypes! I can fully understand why you are keeping Keepers. All of my earrings are can't part... can't list... must keep!!!

    Hope you're feeling better soon! I know how you feel... my hubby and I have been having trouble shaking the crud this year. Get well...

  10. Everything you posted on here is so great... I had a huge grin just scrolling down the screen. What to say? Your work says it all. Wonderful my friend, (shaking head over here) it is great to see a fresh perspective on romance and rings and tin. xo!

  11. Janet, I always love seeing your beautiful new things... and you work absolute magic with my baubles! I do have a new camera now, and I might list some of my thingies, if I can figure out how to use the camera.

    This flu is a nasty one... take care of yourself and feel better soon.

    Oh, and by the way, I thought that was a grey kangaroo in flannel. Maybe I should try to find my reading glasses!

  12. awww, yay anvil blogged! i too have a big dumb grin on my face admiring all the many touches. like the hoops with the 'beaters', how you folded the circular filigree in half to get that dimension. that poor bead had mange i think. but yeah, everything is so wonderful and grungy and full of ... you! im sending astral chicken soup your way...

  13. HI AA - great to see your right back into creating; and also good to see you blogging and showing what you are doing. Go well. B

  14. Oh man, girl You amazeeee meee! So much to admire here and I hope it's a reflection of your emergence out of the cruel winter.
    I was a-talkin with a gal over some findings at the gem show and we steered to the subject of patina and awesome artists and your work came up . She was a huge fan and I got to brag "Oh, yes, she's my friend" ( "we went to blog school together" or something like that I should have added)
    It's so much fun meeting someone new that knows some of our tribe members.
    I haven't seen many wristies from you before. That one is so cool. You know how I love the vintage graphics.
    You really know how to mix your components in the most original way.

  15. The key to my heart earrings are wonderful! Well, everything is but those really appeal to me! When are they going up?

  16. Fantastic creations, love those tin couples in the necklace and,key to my heart earrings. The bracelet is cool and amazing.


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