Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sorry hands, sorry faces, I'm apparently ear obsessed

Don't know exactly why, but I seem to be a bit ear obsessed lately.  Giving the hand and face obsession a rest, possibly?  Naw, I have that covered all over the place on Pinterest. 
I'm still on an earring kick, though.  I think it's because you can make earrings in a little bitty workspace.  You know, like when you still haven't finished unpacking your studio because you're back to making actual jewelry.  Like that.  So in that tiny little spot of used-to-be-organized-for-one-minute-before-I-started-making-a-mess-again, this is what has been accomplished...
I have had a fun request for some custom bracelets that I've been working on.  Not finished with those yet so I'll share them with you another day.  This is what I've been up to since last time....

A custom order  entitled
Sparkling Stars in the Midnight Rose Garden
 here's the full on view
These fit the bill for her request. 
 Turquoise.  Large. Lightweight. Sparkly. Romantic. Roses.
I'm so pleased with how they turned out.
Thank you Tracy!  Your roses saved the day!
A few more pairs in my Turkoman Goes Modern series;
Ferns Unfurled Against the Golden Sky
A Letter to my Sweetheart
and these...
Fog Over the Moors
just one more......
Rubies in the Rough
And another custom order.......
Very similar to a pair I shared previously,  which sold in a fast minute.
These have another style of Petra's lizard scale drops.
They are the coolest drops!
If she makes more, grab them fast because stuff flies out of her shop!
I liked those earrings so much that I also made these...
with Petra's ceramic nails.
These remind me of ancient swords with the fancy handpieces.
For those of you who might be new to my blog,
it's  Scorched Earth on Etsy where you can find these great ceramic bits.
Deep in the Tropical Rain Forest
Recycled tin paired with Numinosity Beads headpins and
Scorched Earth ceramic drops with vintage beads.
I'm loving the interplay of colors and textures in these.
the most amazing thing about this,
what?......... yes, you heard right!!
in my shop, as we speak!
Will wonders never cease?!
Nope, not around here, they won't!
and last but not least...
These are not listed, because I just might keep them....
still deciding.
text permanently embedded onto the metal,
adorned with lampwork headpins by Havana Beads.
You know I can't resist black and white,
And text.
and black and white headpins.
and scalloped edge metal.
and crosshatching
might need to keep these!
We haven't had any adventures to share lately,
 but we did have a bit of excitement.
We were unpacking some more out in the garage,
yes, we are STILL unpacking...ugh...
anyway,  I look and just over the ridge is this...
no, not a bigfoot...
or a hovercraft...
or a cloud that looked like a penguin
but this....
a 4 alarm fire very close by!
 You've heard about the draught conditions here in Texas, right?
Well, that day, they said on the news that we had high fire risk because of the winds.
I'm thinking "why does wind increase fire risk?"
hmmm, now I understand exactly what that means.
Sparks from a passing train on a windy day in Texas equals "YIKES"!
That's the roof of our car in the foreground of the picture. 
I know, blurry...because in my haste, I forgot to turn macro off.  hahahahaha
I forget how to take pictures of anything except jewelry.
You guys understand that, right?
and then there's this exciting little tidbit to share with you.
(because you all know that you read this blog for the excitement factor)
 what the second most interesting man in the world likes to do in his down time.
a man of many talents, that one.
he's eating ice cream with chopsticks.
who does that?!
That's all folks!
Short and sweet.
hmmm now what picture to leave you with?......
Something scary?
Something adorable?
Something thought-provoking?
lemme see.....
How about all three?
yup, that's scary!
Yes, that's adorable!
and this is definately thought-provoking.....
tot zo
("see you soon" - Dutch)


  1. Amazing earrings! Especially love the pair with the children's faces,

    1. Welcome Henriette! So nice of you to stop by my blog. Thank you! I love that pair too! So sweet and romantic. I'm a big fan of your lovely work.

    2. Absolutely beautiful work. I love the first ones so much!!! xoxo

  2. tehehe. it's all good! 'cept the fire. we get too many of them round here. almost took our pueblo. no bueno!

    1. agreed, never a good time for a fire near the pueblo! ack!

  3. See? Even in a tiny spot you make gorgeous earrings. You don't even need that big ole studio room. ;)
    I think you did a wonderful job fulfilling the request. Sparkling Stars in the Midnight Rose Garden is lovely!

  4. Is lovely? Are lovely. heh ;)

    1. you is kind. errr you are kind! hahahaha thanks Lela.

  5. Cranking out the sensual splendors again. Your work, as I have said before, has a special romantic touch all yours. loverly.
    That ice cream and berries picture is torture, as I have none.

    1. aww thanks and so sorry to torture you. It kind of tortures me to watch that too but for a different reason. :)

  6. Love them all, but the first pair is amazing! Big and lightweighted is always a challenge, but those are that and much more.

    1. Thanks much, Star! appreciate the very kind compliment!

  7. You can fill the pages with your earrings, it's just fine with me. I seem to choose them as my go to kind of project most often although I just challenged myself to make some necklaces for a change. I love the tropical rain forest ones and the last ones that you're thinking of keeping. Petra's nails are taunting me with their possibilities and then I see you come up with such magnificent and inventive applications and I just wonder how I can't seem to think up stuff like that. You have a lot of good practice under your belt. Those are my faves for sure, Now I gotta undo what I saw so I don't copy you inadvertently ...or verdently for that matter! Still challenging myself to get outside of the totally vertical dangle which you pull off so magnificently.
    And man o turkoman I could collect them all. Mine are going to Chile since they're so light!
    Thanks for such a page full o'goodness!

    1. hmmm you can't seem to think up stuff like this because you're busy thinking up stuff like this: studniks, criffles, rusty crusties, limpets, matchsticks....shall I go on?
      Petra's nails look fabulous in everything, they are just cool beyond words! Thank you for your generous compliment. Hope you have a blast in Chile!

  8. Maybe you're ear obsessed but the ears must be in heaven!!!! I'm absolutely speechless before the first pair with a name too long I can't remember it, they're divine! and your Turkoman goes modern series are awesome too.
    Don't talk to me about fire....
    And I've passed right away over the creepy to go to the cutie, merci!

    1. aww you're very kind, Lucie. Thank you.
      ack, I know! I've been wondering how your post-fire-repairs are going and hoping that things are moving along quickly.

  9. Ditto all - your stars in the rose garden are fanatstic! Lucky custom order recipient - she'll be the envy of all who see her, sporting those beauties!! Love your new Turkomans too, especially the yellow ochre-ry pair - gorgeous colour!!
    Oh now, you amazing lady!!! The way you tickle my diddlers (now that just sounds VERY wrong!!!)brings me SOOO much joy!!! (and that!!!) Look what you did??? I guess I had better make some more of those lizard stacks then? They look SOO good! Bibble bibble - and then the NAILS!!! Gibber gibber - and the Tropical Rainforest - TO DIE FOR!!!!!! Once again - an honour to be nestling up to the Numinescent!!! Soo wonderful, Janet - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    Jeepers - what IS that thing?? I like it though - wonder if I can make one?!
    Blimey crikey - stay away from Texan train tracks in the wind then? Scary stuff.
    Stay safe xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox <3

    1. hmmm maybe it's that your awesome bits make my stuff look good, eh? yup, I think that's it. hahahaha I think it's a fangtooth, whatever that is and yes, I hope you do make one or two! two because then I'll have a chance to snag one!

  10. How you write! how you design! how you take pictures!... God, those designs!! Lovely!

    1. thank you for the lovely compliment! and thank you for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated! :)

  11. have loved the Turkoman’s since they first day I just might pull the trigger

    1. thanks for the nice compliment, Beatn. you'll have lots of opportunities because I love making them. every pair is so unique, I can't wait to see how they look when they emerge from the oxidizer.

  12. Love those rainforest earrings loads and the fern Turkoman's. Lots of texture and colour, just perfect. It's so grey over here, just the real drab, sad arsed grey, send some sun over please x

    1. ahh yes, your weather was actually the inspiration for "Fog Over the Moors". It does make for lovely gardens though, doesn't it? Wish I could send you some sunshine to chase that grey away and get the blossoms to awaken.

  13. Um I would have kept those earrings myself too with the havana headpins.. so beautiful! You have been creating wonders in your studio, I only hope I can be this productive after my move, truly you are my hero. Oh and tell your husband that I am thoroughly impressed with his chopstick ice cream eating skills. xo!

  14. You're very kind, but we both know that you're going to be running circles around me after your move. I will tell him and he'll be thrilled because I tend to just laugh at his chopstick ice cream eating skills.

  15. Hoping that the fires are out by scary to be that close. I am totaly impressed by your man of many talents ability to eat ice cream with chopsticks!

    There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with earrings. I have quite a collection that will never be sold. The midnight rose garden are my favs. What a lucky lady to be getting those! Petra's lizard scales are darling...isn't she the best! Loving the turkoman series too.


    1. No worries about the fires. Haven't seen another one. I'll tell the hubs that he has impressed a Bond Girl. That will make his day!

    2. Yes, she is the best! And she just listed a few more sets of the scales in her shop! Yay!

  16. Love , love them all , but especially in love with the turquoise ooh la la!
    AND, your little earring display dude in the one photo LOL.
    I know exactly what you mean by that small space! I kick myself to
    clean my work table every morning, and by the end of the day there
    is a tiny hole where I am working . How in the world does that happen? lol

    1. Welcome Shari! How nice of you to stop by and leave such a nice comment. Thank you! The disappearing working space must be due to the massive amounts of work we're getting done, right?


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