Thursday, June 27, 2013

Close Call at the Fun House

You would think after 3 busy weeks that I would have many hair raising adventures to share with you.  Not so.  In fact I have NO adventures.  But a wonderful 3 weeks nonetheless.

Accomplished a bit in the jewelry part of my life.  I got a few new things made.  Reworked a few old things.  And listed a bunch of things, which always feels like a major accomplishment! 
I'm itching to do some old fashioned metal smithing after all of the romantic, delicate things I've been working on these last couple of months.  Look out I come!

A Letter To My Child

These eco friendly, recycled tin earrings tug at my heart strings. A mother gazes lovingly at her child. Below her hangs a bit of text, barely visable. What motherly words of wisdom does she wish to impart to her child? What treasures has she put into the tiny heart locket hanging below her child? Is the glistening button from one of her favorite blouses of long ago? Were the hand dyed silk ribbons carefully removed from an outgrown baby bonnet? We don't know. You'll need to furnish your own details to round out the story. Further embellished with a wee brass rose, an ivory colored glass teardrop and a bumpy ivory glass bead. I've added texture to the tin for visual interest. 

I just copied the description from my listing.
I'm feeling so drained today.   
Must be that the weatherman just said it's 103 out!
Up one degree from a couple hours ago.
What, will it be boiling by midnight? 

These are keepers.  Headpins by Kim. 
 She's just listed some very similar to these in her numinosity beads shop 
The tin is some that my imaginary friend Kathy gave me eons ago.
Which is why I couldn't part with these. 
 We found this tin while out on a treasure hunt together.
Great summer earrings.

Turkoman Goes Modern,
Roses For My Beloved
Already sold

Gypsy Rose Garden
These eco-friendly, recycled tin, rustic boho assemblage earrings look like a fabulous party on your ears! The playful combination of colors paired with the beautiful embossed, vintage tin create a romantic gypsy vibe. The carved red roses provide the perfect compliment to the vintage glass turquoise teardrops. Czech glass, stone beads and black chain add a dramatic flair, keeping the floral printed tin from being too sweet.
Yup, going with the cut and paste descriptions today.
I used up all my creative writing brain cells on listings this week.
The other brain cells have melted.
Yes, really.  

These rustic, assemblage, wire wrapped, hoop earrings
 will be a great addition to your casual earring collection.
 The combination of lime green, jade, deep red and oxidized metals lend a boho gypsy vibe.

Turkoman Goes Modern
Canyon Of The Disappeared Peoples

Soaring Birds
These are reserved.

These assemblage earrings combine beautiful vintage micro mosaics, carved bone flowers, vintage teardrops and soaring birds that I have hand colored with metal enamels, into rustically romantic earrings. Framed by lacy wire wrapping and accented with dashes of deep red, these medium weight earrings are a perfect blend of vintage and modern romance.

This feels so weird to be putting my listing descriptions in here.

These earrings were inspired by a custom order I had a few months ago
working with a wonderful collection of exquisite micro mosaics.
When I work with micro mosaics now, I think of them as"Willow's Wonders"


Spoken for
Roller printed text on aluminum.  Oxidized and buffed.
Embellished with Petra's gorgeous Platinum droplets.
You have to see them in person to appreciate the amazing luster of this glaze.
Absolutely fabulous!
You can find them here in her shop  Scorched Earth .

This statement necklace features a harmonious combination of polished bronzite stone slabs, sterling silver and smoky quartz. The butterscotch and brown-black of the bronzite stones is enhanced by the cool reflectivity of the sterling beads and leaf clasp as well as the clear, richness of the smoky quartz.

These elegant sterling silver earrings are simple, yet sophisticated with an edge. I can't remember if the smoky teardrop beads I've used in these earrings are smoky quartz or glass. The color and clarity are beautiful, whichever they are.

Stormy Night

These striking assemblage earrings feature a harmonious combination of sparkling rhinestones, frosty lampwork criffles by Numinosity beads, textural lampwork headpins by Havana Beads, black "vinyl record" beads, matte black stone teardrop beads and matte black and white stone beads. The effect is both delicate and ethereal, yet rustic and earthy. Reminiscent of a stormy night. The soft blues of the enamel and lampwork soften the effect of the black components. 

Ok, now I get why you guys list first.
This is too easy.
I usually type it all out here and then type it again in my listing.
Just cuz I like to do things the hard way.
Whoda thunk it?!

These eco-friendly, recycled tin earrings will be the perfect go to accessory for a dinner out, the office or a fun filled Saturday afternoon. I've highly textured the black and white tin, exposing the silver color of the metal. Combined with the embossed vintage Kuchi medallions, these earrings are modern, relaxed and striking.

For those of you who haven't ever read any of my listings,
you are probably rolling on the floor,
laughing your everything off.

Tribal Shields
You might have seen these before.
I'm listing the earrings that were featured in a Belle Armoire Jewelry article
of the same name.  Will list more as they sell.

 These were reworked a bit and re-listed.
I added the soldered wire frame around the mother of pearl
and Kuchi top portion.  Just what they needed!
Lovers Eye

These rustic Lover's Eye earrings speak of romance. The vintage French text and Lovers eye encased in jewelers grade resin, framed within a soldered wire frame evoke a sense of longing. Hammered heart shapes along with fancy twist rings and drops adorn the simple shape, adding an additional bit of visual texture.

Tribal Shields
Similar to those pictured above, only larger
and the verdigris patina is more pronounced in this pair.

Soaring Birds 2

Also reserved.
Do these look familiar? Very similar to the previous pair.
Had a request for another pair when the first set was reserved. 

So that's the sum total of my jewelry accomplishments. 
 I have been working on something else.
Which should provide the much needed comic relief of this post.  I've been working on a second Etsy store.  Well, ok, I haven't been working on it much till just recently.  Even though the shop opening date lists November 2012, we all know that's ludicrous as it still isn't open.  Here's my lame attempt at getting the banner "just right".  Yes, I meant it to look like that!

Isn't that how banners are supposed to look?  Like a fun-house mirror?
Sure, it is!  Works for me.
So then, what sort of things does one list in a fun-house-mirror-type-of-shop?
Stuff like this......

Vintage itty bitty Japanese figures complete with a gorilla.
Everyone needs an itty bitty gorilla, don't they?

Or how about a.....

kitschy flamingo vase!
Surely we all need this!

or a vintage cocktail shaker complete with recipes.

I absolutely adore these crocheted hotpads.
I have two for sale.  This one and an aqua one.

A vintage Singer sewing accessories box. 

If none of that makes sense to you for a fun house, the next thing surely will.....

A mini village! 
For hours of playtime fun!

There might also be one or two tasteful things pop up from time to time

Audubon bird prints

owls flirting by moonlight 

I bought these beautiful prints for props to photograph my jewelry on.
I'm keeping the ones that look best with the colors I most often use in my jewelry
 and sharing the rest.

How about something a bit less demure...

I have a few of these "bodice rippers".
I buy them to cut them apart.
The juicy and colorful dialogue always seems to add that certain something
when I need to add a saying to a piece.
But these are too fun-I couldn't bring myself to destroy them.
So I will offer them for sale.
When I get around to listing things.
What I have already learned is that photograghing larger items of
all materials, sizes and shapes, makes taking pictures of jewelry
look like a walk in the park.
I've taken a slew of pictures and think I'll have to redo most of them.

I'm hoping that trying to run two shops doesn't eat me alive!  hahahaha
I always thought it would be easier to have a shop
where you don't have to make the items before you sell them.
Now I can see that figuring out pricing, shipping, etc is a challenge.
Surely, there will be many more moments of comic relief ahead!
Yes, I am more fully appreciating the amount of work
those of you with two or more shops juggle on an on-going basis.
Kudos to one and all!

So while the above picture expresses how I'm feeling at the moment....

this is how I usually feel.
Our art comunity is so helpful and encouraging to one another,
I'm honored to be a part of it. 
You've all been absolutely great since I opened my first shop and began writing this blog.
Can't imagine how I would have done it without all of your kindnesses, helpfulness
and many many answers to my tech-challenged questions.

Sincere thanks to all!

That about wraps it up except for
a triple-header with the animal pictures this time...

as I was trimming the roses last evening,  just before dark,
this thing was mere inches from my hand
(thank you Mr. Wonderful for alerting me to it's proximity.  Phew!  Close call!)
then the Mr. proceeds to tell me about the wolf spider he saw in the front yard.
The one that was the size of a crab or a small bird.

At which point it took all my self control not to go screaming like a girl.
Did I mention I HATE spiders?
and snakes.

I hate spiders and snakes.
Except for snakeskin.
I like that.
Recently one of our friends offered me the rattlesnake that bit their dog. 
All they want is the rattle.
Which means that hopefully I can have the skin and the vertebrae.
I've located two, count em, two taxidermists in the area.
Not to worry, the dog survived.  The snake didn't.

So that is the sum total for our adventures since last time.

Enjoy till next time!

Sawatdi (goodbye in Thai)


  1. If all you'd blogged was 'A Letter To My Child' I'd have been blissfully happy but you've out done yourself again. Scrolling down to that gorgeous green pair really iced the cake. ... and spoken for... yum
    Wishing you great success with your new shop too.

    1. What an incredibly nice thing to say! Thank you so much! Appreciate the well wishes for the attic too.

  2. Otherjanet, my heart goes out to you...the temperature where you now live is HORRIBLE. Too hot.
    That said, you've managed to make a bunch of lovely stuff. "Spoken for" with the platinum Petra drops--absolutely.
    And the green pair. And the shields. And and and.
    I look forward to the opening of Anvil's Attic, whenever.
    Best to you,

    1. Hello other-Janet other-Willow. yes, ugh. this weather is not fit for man or beast! Thank you much! See that's what I was trying to express in my inept way. Your kind words feel just like that monkey hug. you know what I mean, right? ack! I hope so! hahahahaha

  3. And I thought we were hot this week at 90! Once again you went and made a post with too many wonderful things to comment on unless you want to overwork me. i always love how you use my bits and I'm glad you're keeping that pair for yourself. I swear , the complexities of your designs make my head swim and then I make an attempt along those lines and appreciate your designing even more. I must say I sure do get lots of compliments when I wear your earrings which I often do. Thanks for the plug too, that's very kind of you.
    Anvil's Attic, Oh my. Maybe we should just swap the stuff in our vintage shops so we get to enjoy someone else's good junk for awhile. i think we had a set of those houses. That all in one Japanese miniature collection is too cool. you keep cool too if you can xoxo

    1. yes, let's! someone else's stuff is always more interesting than our own! and that way, I don't actually have to list this stuff. brilliant plan, Kim! I like it! :)
      the way I see it is that your bits always make my designs look better. thank you! love love love the new shape of headpins you're making. when I tried them in the green pair, it was instant perfection!

  4. LOVE all your new pieces - and, oh YEAH to that green pair that look good enough to eat! Fabulous Numi head pinnery. Those aluminium pieces look wonderful with the plat drops. Glad to see you've got your soldering chops back!!
    Great new banner, and I wish you all the best with your new venture - especially that shipping!!!
    Now I know where our 'Summer' is hiding out- I'm sure it's too hot for comfort, but really, I'd welcome some of it. Outside my window right now is thick, water filled fog being swept along by gusty wind - IN JUNE!!!Ugh.
    Eeeek, that spider is the size of a cow! I'd be a gibbering idiot if that jumped on me!!! Have fun with your snake!
    xoxoxox :O)

    1. Thank you dear Petra! Yes, those new Numi's mixed with your yummies will make some wonderful things, that we will no doubt be seeing all over the place from many talented fellow etsians! thank you for your good wishes with the attic. hahahaha I need serious help figuring the shipping. the rest of you guys make it all look so easy!
      i would gladly share some of this hot with you if I only could. can't believe you're still having gusts like that in June! that sure interferes with your summer sunbathing plans, eh?

  5. Some pretty cool stuff ya got there lady. I saw the green earrings and my heart leapt from my chest and my normally cool brain, yeah right, said buy those buy those, but then you said they were keepers. Ah well, just so ya know, green is my very very very favorite color. Just sayin' in case you have more green stuff that could possibly be another pair of earrings.

    Good luck with your Anvil's Attic adventure, that is cool stuff too. Snake skin and snake bones, I want pictures of that please. Spiders do eat other bugs, so don't be too hard on them. AND they make awesome webs........really look at the web that guy was making. hehe

    1. hey coffee, thank you! hahahaha. love your description of your normally cool brain's reaction to the green earrings. i didn't know that green is your fav color. that tin is an exceptionally wonderful shade of green. I do indeed have a bit more of it.
      oh you know that you'll be seeing the snake bits if and when that all works out, never fear. thank you for putting it in perspective for me. maybe that scary spider is eating the scary mosquitos while beautifying our yard with it's lacework at the same time. hmmmmmm. valid points. but I still feel like screaming like a girl when I see it.

  6. What a great post - as always. Wonderful green earrings...but my very favorites are "Spoken for." Is that their name OR are they spoken for? hehe. I wish I still wore big earrings...cuz I love those.

    However, I do NOT love snakes and spiders. Actually, spiders don't bother me as much as snakes. And I don't want snake skin or snake bones either. ;) Stay cool! (As if! Ugh!)

    1. Thank you, Lela! well, actually, they are spoken for. Though, since so many people thought the name worked, that's what the official title will be, as I've had a couple requests for more.
      hahaha, me either. oddly, neither bother me a bit if they aren't slithering around or jumping off a wall on me. ack! shivers up the spine.

  7. I join Petra here for the share of the warm weather!!! Please send some over to France too!!!
    Oh I just love the "Spoken for" and the Soaring birds 1 and 2 are delicious!! And and the Gypsy Rose Garden, I love everything flowery... well no, I love YOUR everything flowery!
    Wow, bravo for your Attic! I wish you great success!!! I admit I put my vintage shop to sleep for a while, as you said taking pictures, making parcels and shipping were eating the time I could have spent in the studio but then I miss it altogether! I hate spider too but they fascinated me, funny I took yesterday a picture just for you, I'll post it my blog next time ;-P but snakes... argh, no way near me!

    1. I wish I could send you about 15 degrees. then it would be perfect weather for both of us!Thank you much, Lucie. I so appreciate your kind words.
      Yeah, thanks for that spider picture! you had me laughing out loud! then the next day, I found a really BIG spider in our bedroom!!! So I'm going back and forth between the spider abhorance and the spider humor. no doubt spider nightmares are right around the corner!

  8. omg the micromosaics w/the painted birds!!!!!
    also, i wanna play in your attic.

    1. you can come play in the attic anytime. But I hafta warn you, it's about 135 degrees up there right now! LOL

  9. loving the soaring bird earrings, in fact loving the lot. How cool do those Japanese bits look, off to investigate...

    1. thank you so much, Marcia! haven't been able to find out any info on the Japanese bits yet, so if your investigation turns up anything..........

  10. Gorgeous stuff as always! Soothing and exciting at the same time, wonderful!

    1. Love that description-soothing and exciting. You put into words what I'm aiming for! Thank you!

  11. as always everything is gorgeous! my fav is "a letter to my child".

    best of luck with Anvil's Attic... love the name and all your treasures! i sympathize with the "grand opening" as my future second shop, XYZ Flea Market, is still waiting. lol

    I too hate snakes as previously blogged here but I adore gazing at wicked cool spiders!

    xoxo, bond girl

    1. Hey Bond Girl! hahahaha, well my second shop has only 13 items so we're not very far apart there! Thanks much!
      since you like looking at spiders, have you gone canoeing on the Wekiva not too far from you? That was and still is our very favorite canoeing spot of all time! But I digress. There are spiders there that build their webs across the whole span of the river! egads! They're HUGE GIANT MUTANT things. a must see if you like that sort of thing.

    2. I love looking at spiders BUT my fabulous husband on the other hand does not! He has taken pics for me when I'm not around from a great distance and extreme zoom!!!

  12. Hooray for a second shop! I can't wait to see it filled with all of your amazing things. All of your earrings are wonderful, I love how rich and decadent each pair is... looking forward to seeing more great vintage in the future, that Singer case is beautiful.

    1. thank you, Kim for your sweet loyal support! It means alot! Rich and decadent, soothing and exciting- you guys are absolutely making my day!

  13. These are wonderful earrings with masterful technique and vision; I am inspired!

    1. Very kind of you, Priscilla. Thank you so much!

  14. AA - while you may not have had heaps of adventures over the last 3 weeks you certainly have been productive - well done you. and also congrats on the second store - hope it goes well and you don't get eaten up by it. Wishing you the best. B

    1. I'm chuckling at the mental picture of the second shop's possible voracious appetite for my time. hahahaha. Your well wishes are greatly appreciated, Barry! Thank you!

  15. Your work is always so inspiring and beautiful, I nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award <3 Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

    1. Thank you very much, Ellice! I'm thrilled that you like my work and honored that you've chosen me as one of your nominees. I'll go check out the link now. :)


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