Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grill Wrestling....Mosquitos on Parade....Sky Bubbles....

Hello all,

Best intentions to get back to my blog in a timely manner have gone by the wayside this month.  When you see all that I have to share with you this time, I think you'll understand. 

Thanks to all of you that took the time to leave your charming comments on my last post.  Much appreciated!

It goes without saying that my heart goes out to all who are suffering through this wicked weather and the aftermath.

It's been a busy three weeks, even more so than normal. You know when you don't hear much from me, that a, how is it you guys put it..."an epic post" is in store.  Hold on, here we go.......

Ever heard of Grill Wrestling?  Hmmm?  Not your usual Olympic sport?  Mr. Wonderful thought he'd give it a try.   

Yes, indeedy...
there he is trying to wrangle that grill out of the pool.
Why, you ask?
Because it jumped in there.
Or I should say, blew in there.
Hard to complain about that when just a few miles away,
 a tornado was devastating the town of Granbury.
Mr. Wonderful was complaining about the current (no joke)
as he tried to hold the grill.
Yes, I was laughing hysterically because
well, it was hysterical.
So there we are, late at night trying to lift the filled-with-water-
weighs-a-ton grill out of the still-too-cold-to-swim-pool in a raging current.
See, still funny!
Too bad the Mr.continues to insist on remaining faceless and nameless on my blog, eh?
Trust me, the look on his face was priceless.
and yes, he appreciated me grabbing the camera before jumping in to help.
So now that I've answered that question for you,
 what about mosquitoes on parade?  Eh? Eh?
Only in Texas....
another view of ick
Downtown Fort Worth.
We assume this was after being sprayed to try
and keep West Nile at bay.
or alien mosquitos.
not sure which.
Sky Bubbles? 
What are Sky Bubbles?
these are sky bubbles.....
And so it began.
This was our sky the day that the first of the Oklahoma City tornados hit.
Just 5 hours north, they were experiencing such a horrible nightmare.
It's amazing to me, what a difference a few hours can make.
I took these shots as the day progressed.
Yes, I am only showing you the highlights...
I have lots of very cool pictures of this sky..
This one looks as if it's echoing the rooftops and treetops below.
Lightened up so you can see the texture
It's hard to see it in the photo here, but the clouds at the top of the picture,
were a glorious shade of Venetian Blue.
It was amazing.
And finally...
Mr. Wonderful said you guys wouldn't appreciate me showing
you all 379 pictures of the clouds,
but I think he's wrong.
We also had company.
If any of you have ever wondered who Melissa's Happy feet board is for
on my's your answer....
Does this explain the unusual, er I mean wildly entertaining pins on there?
You bet it does!

And this picture explains all of the other pins on her board. 
You know the tasteful ones that aren't rat slippers.
Yup, she's a wonderful friend, so much fun and we had a blast!
So glad she came for a too-short-visit!
we saw these...
inspired by these beauties, we went to our (now almost completely underwater)
 favorite fossil-hunting spot, where Melissa found a perfect little ammonite,
that just had to become a memento necklace for her...
Some goodies from a previous road trip together in the mix too.
I got my garage work area mostly set up.
My fold forming vise and rolling mill
on the fantastic steel table Mr. Wonderful got for me.
Where I'll be soldering until the Mr. gets my ventilation system figured out
and installed.  Hahahaha as if that's going to happen!
as if soldering is going to happen out there in that Texas heat.
ok, so the lapidary area still needs some tweaking.
Lots of tweaking.
Notice the bags of fossils on the left just waiting to be prettified.
found the casting machine...
and promptly put it on a shelf.
Also found our dino egg.
we like to think so anyway.
It's not a concretion.  Not a geode.
So must be a dino egg.
Right guys?
and found my funky birch bark.
and Mr. Wonderful's very favorite thing
that I haul around and don't know what to do with...
The skeleton from our "skeleton tour" out west.
Surely I've mentioned this in a previous post....
Anyway, it grosses him out.
Maybe I should send it to Pipn who can carve amazement out of anything.
Even though it's hard to believe, I did manage to get a few things made too!
These are spoken for
Upcycled tin, torch fired enamel headpins, again on the simple drops.
a present for Melissa
Shocking as it is, the following things are already listed.
I KNOW!  What????
Gypsy Dreams
with Numinosity Kim's wonderful criffles,
stones and beads.
(a custom order)
this was an alternate choice for her
Assymetrical Assemblage earrings
How's that for a catchy name?
Treasures of the Ancient Earth and Sea
Filled to the brim with Petra's Scorched Earth goodies
and fossils from one of our excursions, cleaned up and drilled.
Petra's wonderful crackled droplets on simple swirls
My Hand My Heart My Treasure, I Offer To You
Wee little hands holding some of our wee little fossils,
 hand dyed silk ribbon in delicious shades of Venetian blue and warm tan,
lustrous white keishi pearls in a hammered wire frame.
They remind me of a romantic adventure.
I love them. 
Told myself, well, they're a bit delicate, I should just keep them.
So if the warning about careful handling scares people off,
I will keep them.
After all, I tried to sell them. 
Rather delicate, so should be handled gently.....
These are not the earrings you want.....
(kind of)
As if I actually need another pair of earrings.
I don't.
 And therein, as the saying goes, lies the rub.
Turkoman Goes Modern series
These are a custom order.
Which then became these
so the loving couple part of the first pair will resurface again when I've made a mate for it.
Another custom order.
Corals and light aquas with Petra's turquoise drops.
Turkoman Goes Modern Gypsy Moon Dance
I love the burst of colors on these
Rustic Gypsy Assemblage bracelet
A bezel set Kuchi coin, an iridescent light blue crystal
and a drilled copper teardrop that I ran through the rolling mill for texture
on an overwrapped hammered frame.
oh no no no,
I didn't forget...
here you go...
gorgeous perfection!
These are in a hypertufa pot I made back in Illinois with some friends.
The glass blobs are some of the things that fell off of the hypertufa pot I made.
I am not a master of hypertufa.
and a concrete fail from that same day that I have yet to fix...
This needs all sort of moss growing on it, don't you think?
and this folks is what you've been wondering about....
hoping for,
hanging on until....
since the length of this post was scary enough,
I'll leave you with a sweet animal picture 
 (from our own back yard!)

oh what am I thinking?
Couldn't resist!
I'll pick grill wrestling any day!

Be well, be happy till next time

 mahalo and aloha
(thanks and goodbye- Hawaiian)


  1. Goodness! Those are...mosquitoes? They must have come directly from hell, together with the fish...brrr
    Your creations are wonderful as always!

    1. Yes, mutant mosquitos! Maybe it was the spray that puffed them up. hahahaha. Thank you so much for your kind compliment.

  2. The misquote thing! Is their size an illusion? They look huge. Nightmares ala Hitchcock. Major steel table envy.
    The grill escapade is hilarious, Sorry Mr. what'syername. Loverly new bits as ever !!

    1. ..mosquito... thank you spell check. Forgot to mention how fantastic the cloud pics are as well !!

    2. No, they were really pretty big, Gotta watch out for those Hitchcockian misquotes! :)
      Best part about that table is he got it as a thank you for helping out a buddy. Good memories, good table. Thank you thank you!

  3. those clouds are so cool! evil evil but cool looking clouds. Glad you were safe!

    those mosquitos make me realize that my 3 mosquitos a day in my apartment perhaps is not such a bad idea lol

    1. Thank you Jiorji. It was cool but definately freaky. hmmm, no, I think you're right. 3 mosquitos is 3 more than I want inside. :)

  4. Grill wrestling: Yes, hilarious. :D

    Mosquitoes: Seriously? They look way too HUGE for mosquitoes. Creepy none-the-less.

    Sky Bubbles: Awesome how they change with the light. We used to call those hail clouds & I guess that's not too far off, since I think some kind of moisture is causing it.

    Melissa's necklace: Awesome!

    Steel table and rolling mill: Envious

    Lapidary area: Envious

    Casting machine: Envious X2

    New Work: Really beautiful!! I especially love the swirl earrings!

    We both talked of hypertufa on the current posts! Maybe we can play together in the mud sometime. Love all the pinks in that pot. And the lily is gorgeous!

    OH, and the fish monster is creepy horrible.

    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you! Your hypertufa looks awesome! Your garden is beautiful. And I think I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed seeing all of your birds! Especially the Painted Bunting! What a delightful spot you've got. That would be wonderful to have a play date sometime!

  5. The sky is breathtaking, but we have t remember that behind the beauty is strength beyond our imagination and we'd better start taking a bit more care of mother earth. Gotta love blokes..they'll risk life and limb for their barbies and a chunk of meat.
    Loving the earrings, you work wonderful magic on the humble tin and make it so precious, great work. My daughter's having calla lilies in her wedding bouquet.

    1. You are so right about that and I completely agree with you! hahahahaha, YES about the blokes. Thanks so much for the kind and generous compliment about my tin work. I had callas as my wedding bouquet too! Wanted the pink ones shown here, but ended up with the white in-season callas instead. Nothing lovlier.

  6. Oh that post is a feast!!! Wow that sky is amazing! Both beautiful and scary! No wonder the humans have believed in all sorts of mysterious great forces!
    Those mosquitoes, to look at the picture and I feel my skin itchy, argh!
    My hand my heart my treasure are the most exquisite!! Love the swirls with Petra drops too! I've bought the same pair of crackled droplets, they're like candies!

    1. Aww you sweetheart! Thanks much, Lucie. Isn't it fun to see how we all use Petra's pieces? Looking forward to seeing what you do with your crackled candy drops.

  7. Your posts are never too long - enjoy every word and every picture, except maybe those vulture sized mosquitos. Good lord! Gorgeous jewelry as always. Thanks!

    1. That is so kind of you! Thank you very very much Maggie! You know that everything is bigger in Texas, right? Those mosquitos are proof! hahahaha

  8. Tool and workshop envy... I have a pliers and a roll of wire.

    Cloud pics truly beautiful

    1. You're kidding, right? What you do is even more impressive than I already thought! You sure churn out consistently beautiful pieces with your pliers and wire. Major achievement with limited tools! Kudos!

  9. to my dearest fiend...trying to leave a comment on here...perhaps it will work...enjoyed this post so much, just like all the other ones. you are an amazing fiend. worried about the wild weather and how it was affecting you and mr. wonderful but you can endure almost anything, even grill jumping and those mosquitoes, eek!

    1. Welcome Helen! How wonderful to see your comment on the blog, my dear fiend. Thank you! I know this has given you fits for a long time and I certainly do appreciate you sticking with it till it worked! Though I've enjoyed your private comments thoroughly, it's nice that others will be able to enjoy your wit and thoughts as well.

      (yes, folks. This is THE Helen of ceramic fame from a few posts back! :D )

  10. AA - just blown away with so much news in this post - hard to get one's head around it all - the cloud photos are amazing, great to see the work area set up - great bench, and so many pieces you have turned out. Continue to enjoy. B

    1. What kind, encouraging words, Barry. Thank you! Your recent moon photos and morning fog over the valley photos were just spectacular! Your blog pictures always provide so much inspiration. And that you do them on your IPhone still mystifies me.

  11. no. too traumatized by the mosquitoes to think of any comment... other than complaining about the mosquito trauma....

    1. hahahahaha. You crack me up, fanci! Sorry to have traumatized you! But aren't you glad these mosquitos are from here and not a mere 3 hours south of you, where I used to live? :)

  12. Those are really mosquitoes???? What on earth does a bite from one of those suckers look like??? Yikes.
    Blimey crikey, that sky - sooo beautiful, and terrifying at the same time.
    I still laugh to myself about the grill story - and YES, I would love to have seen Mr, Wonderful's face!! Too funny!!!
    Gorgeous new work as always, and a hoooge thank you, for making my tiddlers look SOOO good in those fabulous earrings. Love the gypsy assemblage bracelet too, and Melissa's memento necklace is wonderful. I'm sure she must have been thrilled with it. Such a lovely thing to do.
    I'm SOOOO glad you weren't swept away in those scary winds, and my heart goes out to all those poor souls, whose lives were so utterly devastated.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3

    1. Yes, those are Texas sized mosquitos! Really! Thank you thank you for all of your kind and gracious words.

  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where to begin????????????
    Can i just say that you have the ability to make me green with envy?????? HOw do you even manage to make so many things at one time??? and those tools (O_O) ... if i lived nearer, you would be house broken into. and oh, i'd like to borrow Mr Wonderful too?
    anyhow, you never fail to blow my mind ... now i have to start cleaning up all the brain mess on my floor again!
    P/s those aren't really mossies right? you've gotta be kidding us.

    1. hahahaha you're hilarious, Luthien! If you lived nearer to me, you would be most welcome to come over and use my tools. No need to resort to criminal activity! Though I am thoroughly enjoying the colorful mental pictures you are drawing.


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