Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Baaack

Hello everyone,

Thank you all again for participating in the giveaway.  It was a blast!  The prizes have all been mailed and hopefully everyone has received and likes what they've won.  What a pleasure it's been getting to know you all a bit through your comments. 

I had hoped to have some new bells and whistles on the blog before I posted again.  As you can see, that hasn't happened.  But it also hasn't disappeared into thin air, which is my biggest fear.  (and according to Beatnheart can and does actually happen. egads!  The horror)  Anyway, I had the creeping crud for almost two weeks so I didn't get anything technical done, you know, anything on the computer requiring higher brain functioning.  Yes, I know, for most of you doing computer related projects, doesn't require using your higher powers of reason.  But hey, that's what makes me so unique.  Right?

Since my brain power has been somewhat diluted as of late, and I have nothing clever to share with you, do you want to see what's been going on over at my workbench?  Sure you do.  You know you do. The anticipation has been driving you nuts, wondering when I'm going to show you more pictures, lots more pictures, always lots of pictures..... hahahaha, at least you know what to expect on this blog, eh?

I asked your opinions about these

 You were all so sweet in your responses.  Thank you!  hope you weren't just being polite cuz I've been working on these

They aren't even close to being done yet.  There's a funny surprise in the big square one.  Nope, not showing you until the big unveiling.  That gorgeous filigree bezeled coin on the front is from fanciful devices.  Doesn't it look elegant and mysterious?  Huh, doesn't it?  well just remember that this

is how the original ones look on the outside.  As Forest Gump would say,  "Anvil Artifacts dioramas are just like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you'll get"  Or something to that effect.   hahahaha.

Alot of you liked the underwater dioramas, so as you can see, I'm working on another Sunken Treasure scene, and A Day at the Beach.  There's also going to be a couple beach scenes featuring my twisted sense of humor.  C'mon, admit it.  Those are your favorites! 

I did manage to list a few new things in  my etsy shop

and this

then there's these

You should be really impressed with those.  Why you ask?  Well, I'll tell ya.  I went all the way out west to find those rocks, hauled em home then I cut and shaped them on my very own lapidary equipment.  I'm not claiming that my skills are anywhere close to the legendary Gary Wilson, lapidary extraordinaire, all you have to do is see his amazing work then look at my work to know with absolute certainty that I'm not saying that.   Quit laughing.  It's rude.
But, it is kind of impressive on some level, right?  Risked life and limb to make..., what, you don't believe that?  Have you ever used lapidary equipment?  You have?  ok, busted! Maybe I risked just a finger and fingernails getting those rocks all pretty for you.  But I do love the rugged shapes with the delicate dendritic designs.

Also listed this

Which also has a rock I cut and shaped.  The triangular one right there.  Left it raw and rough.

This next one never came came near my rock saw.  But it did have a close call with my exacto knife, see....

My dear friend Kathy, yes that Kathy who sent me the fossilized alligator scutes also sent me some raw silk cocoons.  Isn't it cool?  It's been dyed, had a heart cut into it, fitted with sterling silver that by the way has been textured to resemble raw silk and stuffed with vintage German tinsel.  So romantic yet not a bit frou frou. 

listed this as well

 You're starting to believe that I can do delicate now, aren't you?  Not even surprised anymore, I'll bet.  Well that's part of what got listed, yes there's more.  You're very welcome that I'm not showing you each and every item.  I'm just thoughtful that way.  Yes, I know, I know, you appreciate me cutting that short.   hahaha so that's what got listed already.... not what I'm going to be listing....  you know you want to see that.....what?  You don't?
Well some of you do, right?  Ok for the one of you who said yes, I'll be brief.  I'm going to list one of my Treasure Vessels that was featured in the Autumn 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.  I haven't edited the photos yet so I'll just grab one to give you a sneak peak

Yup, shoulda edited it first.  Will I never learn?  Probably not! 

Hmmm looks like I need to take some better photos of that.  Also will be listing some concrete cuz every girl wants a hunk of concrete hanging around her neck, right? 


and maybe this concrete one too

A technique article about this one will be in a future issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.  Not sure which issue yet.  But it'll be the one with concrete castings by me.  How many articles like that could there possibly be?  Well, not alot of concrete jewelry out there sooooo. 
Please check out the next issue that comes out.  The Spring 2012 issue will have an article by me about making bezels out of perfume bottles.  And the really innovative title of it is "Glass Bezel Beauties"  because that's what I excel at- innovative names for my articles.  hahahahahahaha.  Yeah you can laugh all you want at that.  Not rude at all.

Want to see more pictures of my upcoming work?  You don't?  Okaaaay, I understand.  How about a few photos of others peoples work then?  Thought that might tickle your fancy.  Speaking of Fanci, here is an example of fanciful devices paper filigree.  For those of you who came to my blog via hers, you've already seen this scrumptious bit of delicious.  Hers are the big ones that I've already turned into earrings. And I added a hint of verdigris over the golden hue she had applied, cuz if I actually want to look sick, all I have to do is wear yellow, next to my face. It's ghastley, I tell you.

 the little one is my lame attempt.   You know you want to see more, even if it's just to snicker at, so here's more.

Papered, aged, abandoned, as they should be.

The photo below shows an item from her shop where she already (android?) made, listed and sold a pair of filigree earrings made out of the exact filigree shown here, that I used, to the upper left of her gorgeous examples.  To be fair, she's done paper filigree lots of times, this was my
first attempt.  hmmm yeah, I kind of thought the same thing.  Excuses excuses.  :)

They look nothing like my attempt do they?  In addition to sending the beautiful filigrees she had already papered, she also graciously included some of the paper (the secret ingredient) that she used for hers, now see, I already made the others with far inferior paper. It was probably the paper, not my lack of paper filigreeing abilities that resulted in this mess.  So as soon as I complete the dioramas I'll give it another go.  If that doesn't work, well I guess I'll have to accept that I was born without the paper filigreeing gene and move on.  That would just be sad tho, as I love it!

Now check out how good fanci can make a sink of dirty dishes look- I love it!  And I guarantee my sink of dirty dishes looks nothing like that.  I'm looking at it right now, no, not even close.

A big Congratulations to LuAnn er I mean Ms. Martini for her win of JewelIdentity's giveaway!  Just to whet your appetite as to what you should expect, this is the wonderful collection I recieved from the lovely Petra.

oh yes there's more

Did you notice mama bird looking at her young one in the skillet?  It's the most subtle shade of pink.  well here's a close up.

not done yet....

Yes they are hummingbird skulls!!! So tiny.  Awesome little things. 

And body parts, a fish, a lovely leaf and a pierced ear.  Too funny.  yeah, still not done folks,

isn't this the coolest little dish?  I'm thinking she should put these in her shop because it's perfect for putting your rings in at night.  So you see Ms. Martini, treasures headed your way.

This is what I'm thinking of doing with some of these pieces....

or maybe


Because that vintage Kuchi tube bead needs some of Petra's jewels hanging from it, right?

BTW, Have you guys seen Petra's Member's Corner? on her blog?  You should check it out. What a generous thing to do for her members.  It's an art show featuring the work of her blog members!
Kind of like Fanci's forum where we can all share whatever techniques, info, etc. that we'de like.  Thank you ladies!  If I ever get good enough at this blogging thing, I'll try to give back too.  Right now, I'm still trying to figure out how to move my gadgets around!  You see why they are my blog mentors?

A warm welcome to ZDesigns,  who made a comment a few days ago that mysteriously didn't actually appear on the comments page.  I'm telling you, folks, blogger is a complete mystery to me. Thanks to all of you, who have offered suggestions and help. I really appreciate it!
Thanks too for visiting and please do come back by.
That aforementioned Tale Of Woe will be making an appearance soon.

Of course I didn't forget.  Here it is....

That's exactly how I felt while I was sick.  :)

zai jian


  1. ewww blobfish >.< lol

    I love that concrete necklace all in the pastels .. that is SO pretty! And I'm not really a pastel kinda person. I love the ideas you, Fanci, Sparrow & Petra all come up with... you lot just amaze me and leaving me thinking ' well crap, why didn't I think of that?' ;) lol

    I love Fanci's paper filigree, but I remember her complaining about having to cut out ALL those little holes... and that killed off any idea I might of had of trying it myself ;) lol

  2. Sheepishly raises right hand...I've never used a rock cutter before. There, I said it. Don't even own one, probably because I would most likely cut off a limb or something.

    I love that silk cocoon! I've never seen such a thing before. I must get out more. And the idea of making pieces out of concrete just blows me away. And now you have me wanting to try that paper filigree technique too.

    I hope you are on the mend so you can make more eye candy for us!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh,I forgot to mention I did get my prize the other day. I couldn't wait to tear open the sweet package. I love!!!! the earrings and will be posting about them on my blog soon. It's a very dreary, cloudy day here so not photography until the sun comes out.

  4. Hi Janet,

    Thank you so much for the shout out! Did't you just love Mack's videos??? My two could be entertaining as heck all day, but if I tried to catch them on video I'd get two deer in headlight stares! Maddie would probably give me her "twins in the hallway in The Shining" look....redrum, redrum.

    I love your concrete necklaces and am looking forward to your article in Belle Amoire! The treasure vessels have captured my attention too!

    I love that you shared Petra's treasures with me! I can't wait to see what she'll be like Christmas morning!!! Your ideas with her charms and the Kuchi tube are fabulous! Where does everyone find such great Kuchi beads??? I love the hummingbird unique. I have a bleached bird skull on a nature shelf in my studio that I found on the beach years ago. Looking forward to your new creations.

    xoxo LuAnn

  5. coming right along and looking goood..

  6. p.s. feel better soon!

    martinis :) :) :)

  7. Oh good gawd - I'm blushing here at your gorgeous showing off of my little things!!! Thank you SOOO much, lovely Janet, for making them look so purdy. I wish I could get the hang of taking better pictures.I adore your ideas for a necklace - and that kuchi bead is heavenly. I don't even know what a kuchi is - but know that everything that's described as a kuchi makes me dribble!! Ha ha, what an ignoramus I truly am!!
    LOVING all your new work!! Who'd a thought concrete could look like that?! I really like all your paper filligree with those aged and interesting colours. I know I don't need to attempt any of that to know it's just not for me!! Your treasure vessel has that same captivating, come hither thing going on that the dioramas do! I love that feeling of hidden treasure. Speaking of which, the filligree on top of one of the new ones is already looking utterly scrumtastic! Can't wait to see that other one unveiled. - and did you say all is not lost with your poor amphora??Yip yay!!
    Yep, I'm sure that something that can cut rock would have no trouble at all with a digit, so I'll steer well clear of that caper. Those rocks are probably tiny too, aren't they - brrr, makes me go weak at the knees to think about it!
    Well, another great posting. It's always so nice to come and hang out over here in your leafy, green home. Just perfect on a dingy and wet Saturday afternoon - lovely.
    I hope your grot-bugs have finally gone elsewhere now.

  8. LOVE the colors and textures on that round, leafy, concrete pendant! Did I just say 'concrete pendant?'
    Ha!! Unreal. Really. How large is that? Is it very heavy??

  9. dude! amazeballs! that you even have lapidary equipment, for one... is amazing. that you made those awesome shapes with the beveled edges... i think those look better than most things you see out there. more 'our' style, you know? but what is this about not showing all your new listings here? unfair.
    so guess what? seeing your paper filigree made me realize im retarded for cutting out all those holes. why not leave it all cool and grungy like those? cuz they look awesome! and i'm a little disappointed in you for not realizing that... ahem.... but i forgive you.
    i'm jealous of that crazy kutchi tube!!!
    i have a ton of my own new jewelidentity/petra goodies, too! squeeeee! happy happy happy.....
    i cant wait to see more of that crazy vessel compartment thing! so cool! is that a rock? wow. YOU rock. is what.

  10. not to mention- metal etching! you got you some crazy skills. etching, lapidary, solder, hammering, concrete, dioramas w/minis, making rocks into treasure bezels, etc, etc, etc. and now blogging too! DAMN GIRL!

  11. The problem with me having house guests is that I am woefully behind on my blog reading and commenting. Thank you so much for your present to my daughter for her comments on the giveaway, truly I have never seen her beam so happily before over a present and she treasures your necklace so much. Ok. so there are so many things I want to comment on, and I am going to forget them all but your dioramas are awesome! I love the twisted humor and playfulness contained within with these elegant pieces. Also you do lapidary work!!! I agree with fanci you rock!! ;)

  12. Really intrigued by the silk cocoons and the concrete looks brill. Can't wait to see what you create with Petra's lovelies.

  13. I love your blog and your work! But I have a really hard time reading it because the paragraphs are sooo wide that I lose my place. Would you maybe consider making the paragraphs about half the width they are now? I am an graphic designer and of course it is just my opinion and you really don't have to listen to me but I thought I would mention it. Thanks


  14. Hi Janet, I was like this little melted guy on the last I am better.
    So, here I am, as you invited, I just stopped by to say that you are a wonderful person who has a heart that smells flowers.
    Happy for being your friend.
    Success for you here.


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