Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Unveiling

Hello All,

I have so much to share with you today!  Surprise! -most of it is pictures!  I can hear your collective sigh of relief all the way over here.  I'm sure I have enough photos to fill four posts so let's see how far I get.

FINALLY the big diorama is finished!  I know, you're saying what big diorama?  The one I've been working on for the last two years!  Ok, it only seemed like two years.  You wanna see it?  Of course you do.  Here it is.....hope you like it as much as I do.  dadadadum.......dadadadum......... (the unveiling soundtrack)

It's loaded up with all sorts of fabulous.
Big chunky pyrite nuggets that my "man of mystery" husband (see below.  what?  You don't believe I'm married to that? you believe what you want and I'll believe what I want.) anyway, my awesome husband got them for me at that out of state bead show. What out of state bead show, you ask? 

C'mon guys, read the words so you can keep up with these obscure references.  Anyway, shimmery silver baroque pearls, rugged black lava stone, soldered wire connectors, smooth matte round black beads, an antique key closure, a vintage ring with a sapphire blue glass stone, the wonderful filigree bezeled coin from fanciful devices, a brass filigree stamping with 3,012 patina processes applied.  No, you're right, I applied a mere 417 patinas to get it to look this old, and a map that has been altered to look old old old.  phew.  That's just the outside.  Here's the inside.... when you see it, you'll understand why I've titled it "Yes, I Believe"

It's a yeti!!!!

 I'm betting what's inside is not what you expected!  Brahahahahahahahaha.  

Scary mood lighting.

Bet you wish you had a mannequin just like this one, huh?  No, this shot will not make it into the listing!  hahahah

That's actual red fox fur (recycled red fox fur given to me by a friend.  I did not go out and hunt down a red fox in order to make this awesome necklace. so settle down and please don't throw red paint all over your computer screen!) Why?  Because red paint would ruin your computer and because we all know that yeti's are reddish brown.  And very tall.  And really smelly.  What, you guys don't watch any of the 15 shows about finding bigfoot?  Surely there's one that will fit into your schedule. See his arm raised there?  He's not waving hello, though the sasquatch from the "messin with sasquatch" commercials is a very friendly guy.  He's not greeting this lovely young couple out for a nice walk with their dog.  He's not even picking a fresh juicy apple for a snack.  He's knocking.  C'mon, everybody knows that yeti - bigfoot - sasquatch guys knock on wood.  Are they trying to make contact?  Maybe. Is it a form of yeti smoke signals?  Possibly.  Who knows why they do it, we just know that they do it.  The guys on Monsterquest proved it, so that is a scientifically proven statement.  So what do you think, guys?  Absolutely the most elegant thing you've seen in a while, right?  Right?  Well even if every single one of you hate it, I love it!  Even more than my scuba-diver eating giant-starfish-octopus combo, which is saying alot!  So there you have it.  I'm hoping it was worth the wait, and as Petra  would say, "the tease".  My workroom is going to feel so lonely with him out of there.

uhoh, I promised less words, more pictures, didn't I?  ooops......

Juliette, I remembered!   This was done with Prismacolor pencils and oil pastels.  First I applied a heat patina, then the colors, heated it, more colors, repeat. 

This was waiting for me in my mail box yesterday.  The brand new issue with my Glass Bezel Beauties article in it.  The reason I'm telling you this is because fanciful devices has a new topic going on her blog forum all about connections.  And on her blog she just featured a fantastic wire wrapped bezel tute by Tribalis.  Anyway, I really like the connections I used on a couple of my pieces in this article.  I'll upload them onto fanci's 'connection' topic when the pieces are returned to me.  No, I'll upload pictures of them, even I know you can't upload an actual necklace onto her forum.  Tho, I can see why you might think I would think that was possible. hahahaha.  Kinda like when I tried to add the photo of this magazine cover to my sidebar last night?  Late last night. Except that I accidently grabbed the full page html code for it not the thumbnail code.  Then no matter what I did, it wouldn't let me put the thumbnail code in?  You mean when I do stuff like that?  Note to self, DO NOT TOUCH BLOG AFTER MIDNIGHT!

These beauties were waiting for me today.  These are one of Petra's cool new bead collections.  That's a metallic bronzy trilobite!  And a lacy filigree done up in matte black clay!  And mottled curly leaves that are so delicious I can't stand it,  and see those two open back bezels?  yummy!  And the lacy terra cotta pendant?  Did you notice the other beads that are all textured or glazed with totally different designs?  It's a wonderful collection.  love it all, but we're not done yet......

Bead caps!!!!  This picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful these are.  Needless to say, I need many many more of Petra's beadcaps.   Because when I saw these, about 15 ideas flew into my head of what I want to do with these!  one more picture of her goodies......

Yup, I'm the one who grabbed these before any of you got a chance at em.  Sorry about that.  Don't be mad cuz they're a gift for my imaginary friend, Kathy.  But I might let my actual friend, Kathy have them.  Petra make more of these, please, cuz they're incredible and I want a pair for myself!  I think she should make lots of these and offer a bead collection of nothing but nails.  I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Rocker chick Works 9-5

Those got listed.  Because not everyone has a job where they can wear these

I love these little guys.

I also listed this


and these

Soldered wire wreaths with Gilders paste patina, and little black agate acorns with verdigris caps. 

I should list this....

This necklace was commissioned by a local hair artist who needed an edgy but elegant necklace and earrings for a photo shoot for her ad in a bridal magazine.  I think this fits the bill.  The accompanying jewelry that I made for the bridal party has been accepted by Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine for publication.  I don't know which issue will feature those pieces.
I liked the style so much that I also made this... 

Ice Storm
Icy, almost transparent blue beads give this necklace a different feel than the Bridal necklace.

Just breaking up the monotony for you from this endless parade of pictures.  (see, you kind of like words)  Now what do you suppose Dot's doing with stilts?

So the other day, I was at my fav store and they had a basket of these recycled blocks.  Yes, I think they will revisit my blog many times, cuz I think they're a scream.  Seemed a little funnier at the store, tho.  Since I was laughing out loud while I was picking them out and today not so much.  Of course I could blame it on being really tired, from staying up really late trying to fix my magazine cover that ate my sidebar situation.  hmmmmmm  Well maybe this saying is a bit better. 

hahaha, yes that's better.  But my personal fav is this.....

I don't know why that makes me laugh, but it does. Now you see why I bought these, don't you?  :)

I also got these random things...

not sure what I'll do with them
I realized that I'm also completely obsessed with shield shapes.  I now know this because I have made earrings that look like this for years and I keep making earrings that look like this

The reason you haven't seen these listed in my etsy store is because I'm deciding whether to list them or write an article about them.  decisions decisions.   hahaha.  anyway,  I know that I'm truly shield obsessed because my eye is continually drawn to this shape. Here are other artists work utilizing shield shapes that I adore.

These are by the very talented FlotsamTide who is actually our beloved Corvid Delights.  She's rebranded her lovely store and blog. Please go check out her blog and drink in the beauty.  It reminds me of a walk on the beach as a storm is building and watching as the sky slowly becomes filled with rolling grey clouds.  Delicious.

These are by the extremely talented  Mocahete.  You'll love their work.

These are Melissa Manley's fabulous work.   By the way, if you haven't seen her new book, you might want to check it out.  It's wonderful.  Titled "Jewelry Lab", I believe. Yes, I could run upstairs and check but I don't want to.  I have become one with my chair.

These beauties look like a grungy wedding cake to me.  Love them!  They're by fuzzerbee.  made these yummy hunks of verdigris.  Irresistible, eh?

and the uber talented fancifuldevices made these.  Bet cha can't guess what she made them out of?  I'm not gonna tell you.  I do recommend you mosey on over to her sold section and hunt them down so you can find out.  Of course you have to hunt!  As if I'm actually capable enough to give you a link directly to the listing.  brahahahahahahahaha

then there's these

These beautiful earrings are by Lisa Flanders.  So cool.

You see why I finally realized that I have a 'thing' for shields, eh? 

I also like cones.  But not just any cones.  Textural cones.  Check out the amazing one that beesonpie made

Lookit that great texture on the washer and on the cone.  The best part about it?  No, not the horsehair poking out of the bottom of the cone... it's that this cone was inspired by this....

Puzzle bark!

How stinking great is that?!


She put a fabulous tutorial on her blog that walks you through the entire process!   Thank you bees.  Not to mention that this is one of the funniest blogs you're ever going to read. 

Speaking of tutes...if you haven't seen fanci's new headpin tutorial, you really should.  She did a beautiful job with it.  So many inspiring photos and step by step directions. There's gonna be a whole new bunch of fun from her now, I'm guessing. 

I imagine you're tired of reading all these teeny tiny words and I'm definitely tired of writing them.  So the story of my quest for the perfect ear will have to wait for next time.... Yes, Petra, another tease.  :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Yes, I need more sleep, less caffeine!

Chao  (Serbian/Bulgarian)


  1. Oh dear you make my head spin with all these wonderful photos. I'm happy to finally see the unveiling of your diorama--and how fun was that too see a yeti inside!I'm wondering what's next after this....

    1. Yeti's do seem to attract fun wherever they go, don't they? hmmm, I'm always open to suggestions for what should be next. But I was thinking.......... :)

  2. In total love with the outside of your diorama.. and still giggling over the inside :)

    I never thought of using old rings as accents in a necklace.. but now I keep seeing them used as toggles, damn it >.< lol Like I don't have a hard enough time NOT buying rings I don't wear as it is! lol

    Gorgeous earrings too... so loving all of those!

    And I've only had one pot of coffee so...I'm not quite as bug-eyed as your closing buddy there... not yet.. but then I just put on a fresh pot ;) lol

    1. See Skye, you're looking at this all wrong. Now you have good reasons to buy rings you don't wear. Isn't that much better? All a matter of perspective, eh?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHHA, I am sitting at my desk laughing my butt off!!!!! OMG, I love that Yeti! Well, you may be tired, but you are still one cheeky funny gal!! I really like Rocker Chic works 9-5 earrings; heck I like everything you pictured. Sleep now and let the ideas flow.................

    seven cups and counting

    1. you do know that if you literally laugh your butt off, that sitting at your desk will become very uncomfortable, right? I don't recommend it. I personally like the very padded comfy effect I have all built in. I never encounter an uncomfortable chair.

    2. If only!!! Are ya kidding, I could laugh for days if that were the case. hehehe

  4. What a great post!!! I love your work and THANK YOU for posting your Prismacolor pendant, it's so beautiful! I see what I can do now... :)

    I could go on and on about all the lovely work posted here, but suffice it to say I'm following several more blogs now.

    1. Thanks Juliette. Can we all see what you do with the prismacolor technique? pleeeeeease can we, huh?

  5. The sheild earrings are really cool... Love them all

  6. What a great post, enjoyed it through and through and you highlighted a few artists that I'm unfamiliar withas well.
    I too am drawn to shield shapes although only recently they just showed up in my designs. My darn ipad is only loading half pictures tonight so I'm going to have. to revisit so I can see your diorama. great stuff, even in half pictures from what I can see.

    1. Thank you Kim! I feel your pain- the ipad makes it so easy to check emails, read blogs, etc. but so maddening when it doesn't cooperate! Which seems to be fairly often. argghhh! If Apple came up with an ipad training school, my ipad would be the class clown and flunk out. :)

  7. Ack thank you so much for mentioning the new shop/blog and your wonderful feedback, I am beet red over here with happiness to be on your blog. You know it is hard for me to contain myself because your work is so amazing, and I have all these comments that I want to say, but don't want to lose them in my excitement. Like that has to be the most adorable Yeti I have EVER seen, not to mention the coolest composition subject to date. Pfff I am coveting that necklace, it is unbelievably cool how gorgeous the outside of that diorama is with the antique key, chunky pyrite, cool bezel and filigree but to see what you created inside! No really I want to hug and squeeze that Yeti.. it is precious. Ok your text blocks had me dying with laughter, "Dick's rock and Ned's Bluff" send me into giggle fits. I am practicing sight words with kid, and having her build sentences, and these are the funniest sentences I have seen all day. Umm you need to list those shield earrings.. no really they are too good to not be in the shop. I love shield shapes too, when worn they lend such power and strength. Both and you and fanci do them both beautifully... Wow this must be the longest comment I have ever written it is turning into a convo. As fanci would say you are Awesomesauce!

    1. awww you're too kind. Thank you! I'm a little taken with that yeti too. He reminds me of Frankenstein, the old black and white version. He didn't mean to be scary, so misunderstood. hahaha
      just think of the fun you can have with word sentences. They don't have to make sense, right? :)

  8. I'm beginning to think that you, like Fanci, spend all your time creating... either that, or you have some sort of time machine and aren't sharing - not nice.
    Thanks for sharing all the eye candy. I am off to take a closer look at that pencil/pastell focal - I have been trying to do that...

    1. you clever lady, you. I do in fact have a time machine of sorts. It's called, have a list of 594 things you need to do. Focus on three of them. It's amazing how much it seems like I get done when I don't attend to the other 591 things on my list! hahaha
      I'll try and find then post a picture of that same Prismacolor technique that I did on some copper that I reticulated. It's my absolute fav of that technique. You might have fun playing around with that.

  9. Oh jeez - another stonker of a post - where to start????
    Well, with your furry friend obviously!! Oh man!!! After hearing about him for so long, you can imagine my raging frustration at my silly computer doing the same thing as Numinosity Kim's, which has had me clawing at the screen like a deranged loon!! A few on and offs later, and there he was!! The whole piece is absolutely fantastic, Janet!! Who would possibly guess what they'd find inside that grand exterior - it's hilarious!! I sincerely hope that whoever ends up buying this extraordinary piece will be able to fully appreciate the hours and hours of work and craftsmanship that has gone into it's creation.
    Where on earth did you find that mannequin with the enormo headlamps?? She could have someone's eye out with those!!!
    Contrary to my usual tastes, I absolutely love those hunks of ice on those bridal necklaces. They must look stunning when worn.
    I for one, just cannot wait to see that creation, Ned's Buff - if ever there was a diorama that was just screaming to be made!!!
    Oh my goodness, seeing those Agfa slides, just hurled me back in time to my childhood. Those rectangular boxes, upon boxes of them of my Dad's work. God, i can even smell the memory of them!
    All those shields!!! Where (or why) have you been hiding that lot??!! I love them all - oh, and that mesmerising round coppery piece with the oozy colours!!!YUuuuuum!
    Thank you for sharing all those other lovelies with us - oh, and for enlightening me as to what's happened to Corvid Kim's blog, as I couldn't understand why it had vanished the other day. That will no doubt be a wildly pleasurable place to visit and another corker of a shop name!
    I'm so glad you liked your collection, and thank you soo much again for showing it off so beautifully.
    You're really not looking the full ticket in that bottom picture though, and I think you should go and have a nice lie down!

    1. aww Petra, you have such a way with words. Thank you!
      Are you suggesting that I make a miniature diorama of Ned's buffness? Brahahahahahahah. I think I actually could. But it might not be the sort of thing anyone would want around their neck. hmmm or maybe they would. Though just thinking of that is rather intriguing, thanks for planting that thought in my head! Just when I thought I would be taking a break from the dioramas.........hahahaha
      No, Thank you- I love the collection you made! You're the one who made it look beautiful. I just took the pictures. :)

    2. Oh YES, I'm most definitely suggesting that very thing, and I KNOW that you're more than able to make that a reality!!! I'd just love to wear that bad boy round my neck!!!!
      Ok now, kitty pie, I'm also commenting here to let you know formally that I've nominated you as a versatile blogger. I know how funny you'll find that, seeing as you think you're so blog challenged!!! See? Versatile!!!

    3. hahahahaha ok, but you know what they say.... be careful what you ask for!

      ackk me? A versatile blogger? Good grief woman! Are you feverish? Um, what I meant to say is, thank you so much Petra. I am truly honored that you think I'm anything other than lacking as a blogger. I shall try to live up to your high and slightly deluded opinion of my blogging skills. Seriously, thank you!

  10. Sorry I'm late catching up, it's taken me 3 days to read through and digest all the wonderment here. The yeti is pure joy and I love the soldered ring thing you've got going on. The shield earrings are a delight, great textures, also in love with fuzzerbee's earrings. Can't wait to see what you get up to with Petra's goodies.

    1. Thank you 13! How kind you are! If you don't mind my asking, did it take you 3 days cuz I'm still putting too many words in this thing? Or cuz the eye candy was just so overwhelming that you had to parcel it out in bits to avoid overload? That's it right? The eye candy thing, right? Cuz I'm getting the impression that a few of you guys kind of like some of the word stuff going on. (see above. Petra seems a bit obsessed with Ned's buffness, doesn't she?)

  11. dude.
    waaaaay too much packed into a post. enough for, like 10 posts. you need to learn to make shorter ones then post more often and ppl would have to check in everyday... i dunno what im talking about just so blown away. and im all puffed up w/pride that thats my coin in the front of that diorama. how much am i gonna copy that color on the filigree!?!?!?!?!
    and the sheilds!!!! wow. LOVE.
    whats up with those tits on that mannequin? hm?
    girl, im flabberghasted as always. and i cant spell and im all dizzy from your talent so imna stop here....
    dude, also- ned's buff would be like a cliff or whatever. oh wait- that's bluff with an L. im retarded.

    1. Is that why it takes me so long to put one of these together? Yup, I thought I was doing it all wrong! hahaha. You are so right! People would probably really appreciate shorter, but oftener? Dunno about that. :)
      Your coin makes the front of the diorama! Love it!
      Thank you for the nice compliments! I really appreciate it.
      And that's a stellar idea, fanci. Ned's buffness hanging off a cliff. This just keeps getting better and better. Like someone mooning everybody down below. Is that what you're thinking? Yeah, I'm thinking Petra should have a necklace just like that! hahahahaha

  12. I am so in love with your yeti diorama... I tried to post it on my blog, but since it's part of a slideshow, and I'm so technically challenged!

    Beautiful work, as always. You're my hero.

    1. My yeti is part of a slideshow? Hmm I'm betting he doesn't know that. Now I'm thinking of the scene from Young Frankenstein where the monster is tap dancing on stage. hahahaha. No, I have no idea why your comment made me think of that. The mind is a deep forest. Or possibly, not such a deep forest as the case may be.

      You obviously need to find yourself a better class of hero. Possibly one who is not as equally tech challenged as yourself. Oh wait, that's why I'm your hero. Ok, makes sense now! hahahaha

  13. The rest of that was that I am so technically challenged that I couldn't get it to work. I'm teaching myself to use the snip tool today, so wish me luck. I'm so technically challenged I can't even talk about it properly.

    Anyway, beautiful work, great blog!

    1. uhhhh what's a snip tool? I'm so technically challenged that I don't even know about what you can't talk properly about.

      So glad you enjoyed the blog and seeing the work of all these talented folks.
      Thank you for letting me share your amazing puzzle bark cone!

  14. Janet, love your necklaces with the filigrees..very creative!
    I agree with Fanci, shorter and oftener.
    Hugs sweet friend.

    1. Thanks, Deb. I agree with you guys and I'm going to say that I'll give it a try, but in reality, they'll probably be shorter and on the same random schedule. :/

  15. Hi Kate from Quisnam here. Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for an Awesome Blogger Award. Check out for more info. And, as I said in my blog, if you have the time and the inclination to follow the criteria for the Awesome Blogger Award that’s super but please don’t feel obliged and don’t feel in the least bit guilty if you don't wish to. Love your work.

    1. Welcome Kate. Wow, thank you! Will give it a go. Love your work too! It's always unexpected and exciting.

  16. I've just passed on the Versatile Blogger award to you. You can check out the details on my page if you wish.
    Please don't feel obligated!
    xoxo Kim

    1. Hey Kim, Thank you for the nomination. Third times a charm! you're the one who convinced me to go ahead and do this blog award. I'm rolling you all into one, though and nominating 15 other blogs not 45!
      Gotta say that you guys are seeing something I'm not. hahaha me a versatile blogger? Well, if versatile currently means inept, ok, then I'm VERY versatile!

  17. Ditto on the nomination. Did I mention that you're the master of the cliffhanger? I look forward to each and every post.


  18. I'm pretty new around here, but Good grief there's a lot in that post! ;) I love*love the yeti! Genius. Gorgeous work. And your earrings are all just beautiful...I'll have to spend some time soon to peruse your blog & etsy shop.


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