Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quest for the Perfect Ear

Hi all,

Look at this, would you, Fanci and Tribalis.  Shorter (we'll see) and oftener (kind of).

Still working on the fewer words.....so I shall dispense with my usual fluff and get to it.

I've been trying to make or find the perfect ear display so that I can list some of my earrings that need to be displayed as they look when worn.  So first I tried to cast one in resin.  In an ear mold.  Well, you all know how much I love the resin.  Pure unadulterated clear resin.  That, I thought will be the perfect display!  But it wouldn't come out of the mold.  There's no way, I forgot to spray the mold with mold release, I said to myself.  I always remember the mold release, I also said to moi, as I'm in the habit of talking to myself.  Hmmm except that maybe this one time I forgot.  So I tried it again

I definately used the mold release this time, but still it wouldn't release from the mold.  So I shelved my idea of a crystal clear ear.  Wouldn't it have been perfect?  I then used the ear mold and sculpy and came up with this

Which I used in some of my listings.  Until I was told by a helpful friend that it looked like a decaying ear that the skin was falling off of.  Really?  It's not that bad.  Then the hunt was on.  I found these lovely ear displays at ringringring and bought two.

I promptly drilled a hole in the lobe and painted a small canvas background to affix the ear to.  All seems a go at this point.  Then I realize that the wonderful pliable material that the ear is made of doesn't want to stick to the Velcro.  Which would have allowed me to move the ear around on the canvas depending on the length and style of the earring.  Great plan right?  hahaha  You know what they say about best laid plans.  It kept falling off.  So to make it work, I have to lean the canvas at an angle and take pictures really fast before gravity pulls the ear down.  And that wonderful pliable material is also a magnet for everything.  Everything sticks to it!  Everything!  I didn't even know my black sweater had lint until I wore it when using my new ear display.  You'll see the black lint encrusted ear in some of my listing photos. Those will be the photos with what looks like a really dirty ear, but you'll know it's merely the illusion of encrusted dirt. So while this is the best ear display I've found, the quest continues.

See how fresh and pretty the white ear display looks here?  Remember that and please pretend that's how it looks when you see it in my listings, ok?
Now I can list these delicate earrings that you haven't seen before.  I know, I know.  What am I doing making delicate earrings?  They are as unexpected as this guy was when you saw him for the first time way back when.  But now, a leucistic alligator doesn't surprise you at all, does it?

Pretty soon this will be the sort of earring you'll all be expecting me to make ....

Teeny tiny black keishi pearls.  These are the sexiest earrings I've ever worn.  Well, not this exact pair, I haven't worn these earrings.  I've worn the pair I made for myself because I loved how these turned out.

or maybe these

Simple etched copper discs on a long sleek sterling silver earwire.  Perfect for everyday activities.  You know, when your ears feel naked if you have no earrings on.  Simple enough for that quick run to the store.  Or a quick lunch with friends.  Or shopping with your significant other on Saturday afternoon. Or....... yeah I can go on and on.  Not doing so good on the fewer words, am I?

Faceted smoky quartz on a swirled sterling earwire. You can see the swirl in the shadow on the canvas.   I know, I know, these simple earrings are quite a departure from my usual "party on your ears" earrings.

You might have already seen these in my etsy store  but now you can see how they actually look when worn

Yikes! fanci is so right.  Some of my photos aren't crisp enough to see the details.  Any of you camera buffs have any tips for me?  I obviously could use a few.

now, isn't that better?  I'm talking about the ear display, obviously not the photo quality.  One thing at a time. 

Lest you wonder what's up with the minimalist earrings, I still make things like this

Amphoras for your ears!

Roller printed copper with verdigris patina and ametrine crystals.

Rainbow Cal Silica and assorted other lovelies adorning a soldered wire bracelet.

Medalion with verdigris and carved copper beads with polished agate beads.

I haven't named this one yet.     There are earrings and a bracelet that look pretty nice with it.

Well if this is going to be shorter  (what you've asked for), I better move it along, cuz I wouldn't want to disappoint any of you with too many photos or words. (what I do)  If by chance the few photos in this post didn't have enough of my usual visual pizazz, just go back one post and check out the surprise that was unveiled there.  Lots of visual, lots of surprise!

I want to sincerely thank the following ladies for awarding me


Thank you!

~The rules of the award require me to thank those who nominated me.  Done.

~They also require me to tell you 7 things about myself.  Coming up next.

1. I love old monster movies.  The Creature from The Black Lagoon is my all time favorite.

2. My favorite color is Venetian blue.  Otherwise known as Tiffany blue.  More commonly known as light aqua.

3. I was born and raised in Colorado. I miss it very much.

4. I have no sense of direction.  This comes from being raised in Colorado.  The mountains were always to my West.  It's hard to get lost with mountains looming over your westernmost shoulder.  Then I moved to Florida and well, I've been lost ever sense.

5.  I  hate to cook but love good food. 

6.  I love ocean fishing at night. Off a pier.  Because you never know what you'll pull out of the inky darkness.  I catch and release.  I just want to see what's living down there.

7.  My husband's and my first date was canoeing.  In Florida. With alligators.  Which explains why I am rather fond of posting alligator pictures every chance I get.

~Finally, I am required to nominate 15 additional blogs and notify them that I have done so.  The official rules suggest this award should go to an excellent blog, which the 15 below named ones definately are. 
 Are you asking yourselves like I am right now, why am I on this list?  Things to ponder, eh?

So in your opinions, was I successful with keeping this shorter or less wordy?  You can't hold the blogger award words against me, you know. 

Here's a cliffhanger for you, because now I feel obligated to leave you hanging after Melinda's last comment.   And I don't think she was referring to the Ned diorama.  Her comment about cliffhangers, you guys!  Of course there was some discussion about Ned actually hanging off a cliff, wasn't there?  Anyway....
Do you want me to tell you about the skeleton tour?  Kathy thinks I should share that with you.  It happened on our rockhounding/fossil trip out West.  While we were actually out rockhounding.  But I'm not sure if you delicate types can take it.  We're talking real skeletons. I'm not making this up.  so let's test out how much scary you can take............

I'm not making these up either!
what you have here, my friends, are featherless chickens.  Looks to me like a featherless chicken and a featherless rooster.  As with all things baby, I'm betting that even featherless baby chicks are adorable.

Ba-bye  (Creole)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Unveiling

Hello All,

I have so much to share with you today!  Surprise! -most of it is pictures!  I can hear your collective sigh of relief all the way over here.  I'm sure I have enough photos to fill four posts so let's see how far I get.

FINALLY the big diorama is finished!  I know, you're saying what big diorama?  The one I've been working on for the last two years!  Ok, it only seemed like two years.  You wanna see it?  Of course you do.  Here it is.....hope you like it as much as I do.  dadadadum.......dadadadum......... (the unveiling soundtrack)

It's loaded up with all sorts of fabulous.
Big chunky pyrite nuggets that my "man of mystery" husband (see below.  what?  You don't believe I'm married to that? you believe what you want and I'll believe what I want.) anyway, my awesome husband got them for me at that out of state bead show. What out of state bead show, you ask? 

C'mon guys, read the words so you can keep up with these obscure references.  Anyway, shimmery silver baroque pearls, rugged black lava stone, soldered wire connectors, smooth matte round black beads, an antique key closure, a vintage ring with a sapphire blue glass stone, the wonderful filigree bezeled coin from fanciful devices, a brass filigree stamping with 3,012 patina processes applied.  No, you're right, I applied a mere 417 patinas to get it to look this old, and a map that has been altered to look old old old.  phew.  That's just the outside.  Here's the inside.... when you see it, you'll understand why I've titled it "Yes, I Believe"

It's a yeti!!!!

 I'm betting what's inside is not what you expected!  Brahahahahahahahaha.  

Scary mood lighting.

Bet you wish you had a mannequin just like this one, huh?  No, this shot will not make it into the listing!  hahahah

That's actual red fox fur (recycled red fox fur given to me by a friend.  I did not go out and hunt down a red fox in order to make this awesome necklace. so settle down and please don't throw red paint all over your computer screen!) Why?  Because red paint would ruin your computer and because we all know that yeti's are reddish brown.  And very tall.  And really smelly.  What, you guys don't watch any of the 15 shows about finding bigfoot?  Surely there's one that will fit into your schedule. See his arm raised there?  He's not waving hello, though the sasquatch from the "messin with sasquatch" commercials is a very friendly guy.  He's not greeting this lovely young couple out for a nice walk with their dog.  He's not even picking a fresh juicy apple for a snack.  He's knocking.  C'mon, everybody knows that yeti - bigfoot - sasquatch guys knock on wood.  Are they trying to make contact?  Maybe. Is it a form of yeti smoke signals?  Possibly.  Who knows why they do it, we just know that they do it.  The guys on Monsterquest proved it, so that is a scientifically proven statement.  So what do you think, guys?  Absolutely the most elegant thing you've seen in a while, right?  Right?  Well even if every single one of you hate it, I love it!  Even more than my scuba-diver eating giant-starfish-octopus combo, which is saying alot!  So there you have it.  I'm hoping it was worth the wait, and as Petra  would say, "the tease".  My workroom is going to feel so lonely with him out of there.

uhoh, I promised less words, more pictures, didn't I?  ooops......

Juliette, I remembered!   This was done with Prismacolor pencils and oil pastels.  First I applied a heat patina, then the colors, heated it, more colors, repeat. 

This was waiting for me in my mail box yesterday.  The brand new issue with my Glass Bezel Beauties article in it.  The reason I'm telling you this is because fanciful devices has a new topic going on her blog forum all about connections.  And on her blog she just featured a fantastic wire wrapped bezel tute by Tribalis.  Anyway, I really like the connections I used on a couple of my pieces in this article.  I'll upload them onto fanci's 'connection' topic when the pieces are returned to me.  No, I'll upload pictures of them, even I know you can't upload an actual necklace onto her forum.  Tho, I can see why you might think I would think that was possible. hahahaha.  Kinda like when I tried to add the photo of this magazine cover to my sidebar last night?  Late last night. Except that I accidently grabbed the full page html code for it not the thumbnail code.  Then no matter what I did, it wouldn't let me put the thumbnail code in?  You mean when I do stuff like that?  Note to self, DO NOT TOUCH BLOG AFTER MIDNIGHT!

These beauties were waiting for me today.  These are one of Petra's cool new bead collections.  That's a metallic bronzy trilobite!  And a lacy filigree done up in matte black clay!  And mottled curly leaves that are so delicious I can't stand it,  and see those two open back bezels?  yummy!  And the lacy terra cotta pendant?  Did you notice the other beads that are all textured or glazed with totally different designs?  It's a wonderful collection.  love it all, but we're not done yet......

Bead caps!!!!  This picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful these are.  Needless to say, I need many many more of Petra's beadcaps.   Because when I saw these, about 15 ideas flew into my head of what I want to do with these!  one more picture of her goodies......

Yup, I'm the one who grabbed these before any of you got a chance at em.  Sorry about that.  Don't be mad cuz they're a gift for my imaginary friend, Kathy.  But I might let my actual friend, Kathy have them.  Petra make more of these, please, cuz they're incredible and I want a pair for myself!  I think she should make lots of these and offer a bead collection of nothing but nails.  I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Rocker chick Works 9-5

Those got listed.  Because not everyone has a job where they can wear these

I love these little guys.

I also listed this


and these

Soldered wire wreaths with Gilders paste patina, and little black agate acorns with verdigris caps. 

I should list this....

This necklace was commissioned by a local hair artist who needed an edgy but elegant necklace and earrings for a photo shoot for her ad in a bridal magazine.  I think this fits the bill.  The accompanying jewelry that I made for the bridal party has been accepted by Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine for publication.  I don't know which issue will feature those pieces.
I liked the style so much that I also made this... 

Ice Storm
Icy, almost transparent blue beads give this necklace a different feel than the Bridal necklace.

Just breaking up the monotony for you from this endless parade of pictures.  (see, you kind of like words)  Now what do you suppose Dot's doing with stilts?

So the other day, I was at my fav store and they had a basket of these recycled blocks.  Yes, I think they will revisit my blog many times, cuz I think they're a scream.  Seemed a little funnier at the store, tho.  Since I was laughing out loud while I was picking them out and today not so much.  Of course I could blame it on being really tired, from staying up really late trying to fix my magazine cover that ate my sidebar situation.  hmmmmmm  Well maybe this saying is a bit better. 

hahaha, yes that's better.  But my personal fav is this.....

I don't know why that makes me laugh, but it does. Now you see why I bought these, don't you?  :)

I also got these random things...

not sure what I'll do with them
I realized that I'm also completely obsessed with shield shapes.  I now know this because I have made earrings that look like this for years and I keep making earrings that look like this

The reason you haven't seen these listed in my etsy store is because I'm deciding whether to list them or write an article about them.  decisions decisions.   hahaha.  anyway,  I know that I'm truly shield obsessed because my eye is continually drawn to this shape. Here are other artists work utilizing shield shapes that I adore.

These are by the very talented FlotsamTide who is actually our beloved Corvid Delights.  She's rebranded her lovely store and blog. Please go check out her blog and drink in the beauty.  It reminds me of a walk on the beach as a storm is building and watching as the sky slowly becomes filled with rolling grey clouds.  Delicious.

These are by the extremely talented  Mocahete.  You'll love their work.

These are Melissa Manley's fabulous work.   By the way, if you haven't seen her new book, you might want to check it out.  It's wonderful.  Titled "Jewelry Lab", I believe. Yes, I could run upstairs and check but I don't want to.  I have become one with my chair.

These beauties look like a grungy wedding cake to me.  Love them!  They're by fuzzerbee.

SunTribeDesigns.etsy.com  made these yummy hunks of verdigris.  Irresistible, eh?

and the uber talented fancifuldevices made these.  Bet cha can't guess what she made them out of?  I'm not gonna tell you.  I do recommend you mosey on over to her sold section and hunt them down so you can find out.  Of course you have to hunt!  As if I'm actually capable enough to give you a link directly to the listing.  brahahahahahahahaha

then there's these

These beautiful earrings are by Lisa Flanders.  So cool.

You see why I finally realized that I have a 'thing' for shields, eh? 

I also like cones.  But not just any cones.  Textural cones.  Check out the amazing one that beesonpie made

Lookit that great texture on the washer and on the cone.  The best part about it?  No, not the horsehair poking out of the bottom of the cone... it's that this cone was inspired by this....

Puzzle bark!

How stinking great is that?!


She put a fabulous tutorial on her blog that walks you through the entire process!   Thank you bees.  Not to mention that this is one of the funniest blogs you're ever going to read. 

Speaking of tutes...if you haven't seen fanci's new headpin tutorial, you really should.  She did a beautiful job with it.  So many inspiring photos and step by step directions. There's gonna be a whole new bunch of fun from her now, I'm guessing. 

I imagine you're tired of reading all these teeny tiny words and I'm definitely tired of writing them.  So the story of my quest for the perfect ear will have to wait for next time.... Yes, Petra, another tease.  :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Yes, I need more sleep, less caffeine!

Chao  (Serbian/Bulgarian)