Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smell-O-Vision and Crocodile Tears

How's that for a catchy title? 

Thought about naming this post...Pink Rain.

Cuz of this...

a beautiful mess!

Even though we know nothing about gardening in Texas, we took the plunge
and bought this.....

hahahaha.  they saw us coming...
a couple of greenhorns who think they can keep this stuff alive in a state with no rain.

But really, how could we resist when trying to choose between all of these.....


Seriously...we need smell-o-vision!
I wish I could permanently attach this right underneath my nose.
and the gardenia....
and the roses....
oh nevermind.
I might look a little ridiculous with a full bouquet stuck to my face.
essential oils, perhaps?
Come to think of it, I used to know how to make my own.
hmmmm time to refresh my memory and dig out my recipes.
oh wait... I have no idea where they are. literally...NO idea.
yeah yeah, I know.
You guys would be ALL unpacked,
completely organized and relaxing with bon bons and a masseuse by this point.
Well see, that's not how I do it.
By choice.
Really, I meant to do it this way.
The never-ending because it's so much fun to do it laboriously slowly move.
hey, I bought curtains last week.  That's progress!
So glad this house came with blinds on the windows.
moving on......
I mean not moving on with the house...moving on with this post......
in case you were confused...
and yes, I am making you look at more flower pictures.
Because it's Spring.
It's a rule.
love this color combo
This pattern and color will be the inspiration for a necklace, me thinks.
now this...
how about you guess what this is....
By jove, you've got it!
Muddy water. 
 Cool, eh?
Time to drill some of the fossils we've been collecting....
My lapidary machine isn't set up yet, so I used the flex shaft to
clean these up a bit.
Didn't want a shine on them so I hit just the high spots
with a dry muslin wheel to make the texture a bit  more visable.
You know, how you make subtle stripes on the wall by alternating
stripes of matte and satin paint?  Like that.
I know how to do it, I didn't say I actually do that sort of thing.
Cuz I don't.
I don't even finish unpacking.
But I am actually starting to care about not being totally unpacked. 
Fabulous river finds!
These big ones were drilled by nature.
I'm thinking pendants.
and some doodads for your bod.
well, not necessarily your bod...someone's bod......
I'm having this thing for simple drops on long skinny wires.
you'll see.
not here, but soon...
Aunt Darlene's Estruscan Wonder
wasn't exactly flying out of the shop,
so I added a couple of rhinestone studded vintage buttons
to where the original holes were.
This is an upcycled antique hardware piece, so it came with original holes.
.  You know how I hate covering up original charm.
Why, yes, those holes were charming.
It's just that people couldn't see exactly how charming.
hence the buttons.
Good grief!
Remember when my blog posts were all wordy?
Guess that's back.
See, two hole covering buttons!
Count em! Two!
I don't know what my deal is....
lack of sleep and I'm punchy cuz I overcompensated with
entirely too much coffee this morning which has now completely worn off.
Sounds like as good a reason as any, eh?
The romance of bygone days continues.
These are already spoken for.
Blackbirds, castles, flowers, fleur-de-lis, 3-D metal roses= ROMANCE!
You know the drill,
two pictures when I don't have epic amounts of things to share.
I think I am in love.
Sorry Mr. Wonderful, you have competition.
I love every single thing about these earrings so maybe I'll just title them
"I Think I'm In Love".
Grungy Hearts!
with sparkles and headpins by Havana Beads.

The headpins in I Think I'm In Love are also by Havana Beads.
and more of the promised drops.
Don't you just love the color of these?
Petra made these beauties.  I'm not usually a purple person,
 but the combo of this lucious grape, lime green and bronze is too gorgeous to resist!
The enameled headpins are the same color of green, which is one of my usual fav's,
with just a blush of warm rose on the tip.
back to nuetral lest you get confused as to where you are.
Sterling discs that I've textured, drilled and wrapped with more of the  
torch fired enamel copper headpins along with
dalmation jasper and onyx.
Go with everything earrings.
and these...
Petra's crocodile tears.
Love love love the texture on these.
They need nothing but a simple component to hang from to be complete.
Great job Petra!
Have a great week or two till next time!
And again, thank you all so much for stopping by
and for your delightful comments.
I so enjoy them!