Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Backbreak and Heartache

Hello hello....

Apologies to all who have treasured, convo'd or emailed me recently and didn't receive a timely reply.
I've been remiss as of late, I know.  I haven't intended to ignore your kindnesses, thoughtfulness or humor.

Here, let me explain where I've been ......

Saying so long to the temporary digs

a place where
 found treasures unite the past and present in delightful ways.
and where the first, second or third most interesting man in the world
continues to find interesting uses for empty plastic jugs........

yup, he's a keeper!
but why would that keep me from all of you and from
good ole blogger?
well, you see, there was also this....
I found myself
in a literal sea of boxes

and what else I've been doing, as you can see, is hanging by a thread.

this is or should I say "will be" my studio at the new place

Now imagine every room of the house looking pretty much like that.
Yeah, you guys have moved too.  You know the drill.

we had funny movers who left this for us in my studio

yes, exactly how I feel when looking at all of these boxes.
Only I wear clothes when parked in front of a window.
But I digress.

That's the backbreak part.
Sadly, there is a heartache part to this post as well.
The day after all of these boxes arrived,
my dear wonderful father passed away.
A man of true gentle compassion, wit, warmth and kindness.
A man liked by all who met him
and adored and loved by all who knew him.
As you can imagine, all of my pictures are in that sea somewhere.
So I can't share my favorite photo of my dad with you.
But there's this one that was shared by a family member....which captures that
beautiful and gracious smile
A deeply profound loss for so many.
My father lived his life and showed by example,
how to see the beauty and delight in each day.
To look for the best in people and the best in your circumstances.
To be grateful and content.
I would like to leave you with this thought,
that even in the midst of this mountain of stress and grief,
there are moments of joy to be seized and cherished,
when family and friends gather
to celebrate a life well lived.
This is but one of them.
Be well.