Friday, May 9, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal. Come on, join the fun...

Hello all!  Welcome to those of you who are new to my blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I tend to work with subdued color schemes.  Lest some of you thought I couldn't rise to the challenge of working with all of this bright happy burst of color......HA!  Never fear!   How could I not be inspired with this wonderful soup?

It was great fun working with these beautiful, happy and colorful beads from my bead soup partner

As per the rules of Bead Soup, the only part of the soup that has to be incorporated into your finished pieces is the clasp and focal.  This is what Laney sent me.  A lovely Yellow Rose of Texas focal and two clasps to choose from.  You know it!  I opted to use the very cool handmade lampwork clasp.

And now for the big reveal....drum roll please...................

Love how this turned out!
The marriage of cool glass, textured metals and soft textiles.
You can see the beautiful glass clasp hugging the top of the yellow rose .
The rules didn't say we have to use the clasp as a clasp.

That's necklace #1
with all those goodies, I couldn't make just one!
here's necklace #2.....

Those glass berries look good enough to eat!
Laney's work is so intricate and beautiful.
It was such a treat designing and working with these pieces.
oh but there's more....

The green acrylic pieces and the green lampwork beads were in my soup.
I reshaped the acrylic a bit and added more stuff....
last but not least....

I paired Laney's gorgeous acorn caps with Petra's equally gorgeous leaves and viola!
I know, I know...the point was to challenge me to work with colors or materials
 I don't usually work with.
These look exactly like what I usually work with.

What fun to take elements of Laney's colorful soup and blend it with my style
and make jewelry that I can't wait to wear.
Bet you're wondering what I did with these guys......

I must say, these adorable beads really did challenge me!
Sadly, I didn't have time to complete the project I have planned for them.
These guys will become note holders for my desk.
They'll have wire sprouting out of their heads.
Useful wires.
You know, those curly wire things you slip pieces of paper in.
Because they make me smile and what could be better than that
 when you're looking at your to-do list?
So that's what I made with my bead soup.
So far.
I'm still working out designs for the other beautiful beads Laney sent.
It's been so nice getting to know you and working with you on this project.
BIG THANKS also to Lori Anderson
for organizing the Beadsoup Blog Party and making it so easy for the participants.
She does all the hard work, while we get to play with new goodies.
Please go check out what Laney did with the sepia tone bead soup that I sent her.

You can visit her here
I can't wait to see what she's done.
and to see all of the finished Beadsoup projects,
visit Lori's blog for the complete list of links.
You can find that here
This was a great experience and I'm so glad that I finally joined in on the fun.
Now I'm off to see what amazements the other participants have posted....
Have a great week everyone!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Viking relics, Vintage goodies, and A Vase or Two

Hello all ......if anyone is still there reading this long overdue blog.  Time is zipping by at a fast clip these days, isn't it?  There's a perfectly good reason for the delay.  Sure there is and this is it......

I kept thinking that I should do a post but then I said "nope.  The Bead soup reveal date is right around the corner, so I'll wait".  Cuz you know I don't want to overload you with a bunch of posts.  Especially since I tend to write, how is it you guys put it... Epic posts!
Sadly, the Bead Soup reveal date has been unavoidably delayed by a week so I'm going to sneak this quick post in.  So now, there will be two posts in the span of a week. You know,  like I used to do...before this move when my life went into and got stuck in hyper-drive.   I'm not planning on being home tomorrow morning when the reveal was scheduled, so I got myself ahead of the game and had the post all ready to go earlier in the week.  Monday morning to be exact.  All I have to do now is hit "publish".  I know!   Huh?  Wow, that even impressed myself!  And now woo-hoo!  I am ready two, count em two weeks in advance.  Pick yourselves up off the floor.  I'm hoping Blogger cooperates.  I've never had a post sit in draft for almost two weeks.  You all know how Blogger likes to torment me.  We'll see how this works out.

I have tons to share with you guys.  Ton-nage!  But I'll use some self control and save some for another day.  Just a sneak peek at what's been going on.  

Lots of trying to get the house truly and completely unpacked.  The whole house.  Yes, even the room beyond the door.  Uh-huh.  That door.  The one that somehow just always seems to stay closed.  Nothing like company coming to motivate the final organizing.  The second most interesting man in the world has enough books to open his own overstocked book store. (maybe that's why he's so interesting?)   Believe me when I tell you, that no matter how many bookshelves we have, it's never enough.  We finally bought a few more massive shelves and I think maybe, just maybe, we can get the last books out of boxes.  

In addition to that extreme fun, (un-packing being almost at the top of my "I never want to do that again" list)  I've also been working on lots of jewelry and figuring out my "about" sections for both Etsy shops.   So without much adieu about nothing, wanna see some of the pictures I used for the abouts?  This actually was fun digging through my stuff  for a photo shoot.

The first few are from the Attic

The better to see you with my dear......
Um, no, it is not weird to have body parts laying around.
As long as they aren't from real bodies

Natural and vintage jewelry making supplies

Random fun stuff!
One of my brothers carved that cool little bird for me years ago.
Nope, he's staying put.
You won't be seeing that in the shop.
Sure does look good in the picture though, eh?

Yes, indeed!  A vase or two.
Along with some vintage millinery flowers.
Now I just need to get busy listing!

For my Artifacts store I used these...

Some of you may have seen a few of these bits before in my Patina Recipes post.
(the link for that post is on the upper right sidebar if you want to check out the recipes).
Also popped a few metal mesh origami flowers and an etched tree-scape in the picture.

Fossils and rocks galore.
It's almost warm enough to play in the garage with my rock saw and lapidary machine.
Before it gets to be too warm to play in the garage.
Small window for that here in Texas, I've discovered.

Works in progress.

The earrings with the cast metal hands and African glass beads are now ready to be listed.
I'm still tweaking those towards the left 
with the great drusy discs I got from Numinosity Kim.

Yeah, yeah.
I know these pictures aren't exciting.
If you want to see exciting "about" pictures you'll need to check out
Petra's wild-woman fire taming tricks.
Now that's exciting!

I recently submitted this collection to Belle Armoire Jewelry.
They've selected the black and red necklace for publication,
so you'll be seeing that as a technique article in the future.

Also made some more Viking reproduction pieces.
These were made in bronze as the originals would have been.

They were kept true to the originals in that they look as they would have looked when new.
Rather than all rusty and crusty, the way we usually see Viking pieces.
Guess which I prefer?

Here's a reproduction bear claw amulet...

This is what the original looks like...

How cool is that?!
Mine only looks bigger due to the blinding shine on all that polished metal.
It's the exact same size.
Really.  It is.

Frank, the Anthropologist I introduced to all of you in my last post,
  will be doing a couple of exhibitions with these pieces,
along with more of his authentic ancient artifacts
in the New York area in the upcoming months.

Will keep you posted about this very exciting project.

If you want to see more of Frank's amazing authentic relics and other fabulous stuff,
you can see them at his Ancient Evenings Etsy shop
or at his brand new Etsy shop-

I am completely captivated with the beautiful patinas on these ancient pieces.
Not to mention he has a couple of intact Roman glass vases with that beautiful iridescence
that only authentic ancient glass acquires. 
Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

I've also been on an earring making kick.
Some are already listed in my Artifacts shop
others, not quite yet.

I'll show you just a few pairs so I have something to bore you with, er I mean blog about next time.
Complete with my ever so interesting Etsy descriptions.....

Peering Eyes of my Ancestors.

 These unique earrings feature fascinating crusty tribal masks by Petra of Scorched Earth. They have been paired with rolling mill textured, organic shaped metal that has been given a verdigris patina. They are embellished with beautiful smoky black-grey lampwork beads by Bluhealer. The silver dots marching along the edge of the beads adds an elegent accent to these rustic earrings. A snippet of organic thread provides a bit of softness to balance the design.

Midnight Sandstorm

These striking  handmade earrings combine slabs of dendritic jasper slabs with tektites and multi wire brass hoops. I've oxidized the hoops and preserved the patina with micro wax. The heavy textured surface of the tektites contrast perfectly with the smooth design of the dendrites in the jasper. These earrings are modern and sexy with a rustic elegance. 

Rainbow Jasper

These ooak earrings combine hammered textures with crusty glass and highly polished colored stones.
I've hammer textured copper then patinated it with a beautiful deep green verdigris patina. 
Then paired those with gorgeous green glass cogs made by lampwork artist Kim of Numinositybeads, 
snippets of hand dyed silk ribbon and exceptional rainbow jasper drops. 

Discoveries of Ancient Pompeii
 These handmade assemblage earrings evoke a sense of ancient times. I purchased these beautiful Baltic Amber chunks from a delightful European lady. I've used three shade of amber in delicate arcs above sections of brass, which have been embossed with leaves surrounded by inverted arches.
Dangling beneath these are the most delicious raku, turquoise lampwork headpins by Raida of Havana Beads. Above them are tiny beads, the color of the gentle waves in a calm lagoon.
I have applied an oxidizing agent to the entire earring and preserved the aged patina with micro wax.
The effect reminds me of discovered treasures unearthed during the excavation of ancient Pompeii.

That's all I'm going to share for now. 
There are alot more earrings for my next post.
Earrings with cream colored carved bone roses, paired with red rose micro mosaics.
Sterling shields with ruby nuggets and large white keishi pearls.
Pairs with ceramic daggers, spiny sea urchins, or kyanite.
 Beautiful black vintage micro mosaics combined with 
modern organic headpins for a striking, romantic pair of earrings.
A pair with Roman Glass, apatite and amber.
Another with tapered glass headpins and golden agates with drusy windows.
I've been busy making.  Now I need to get them all in the shop.

Well, that's all folks.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your always wonderfully fun comments.
Please visit again Saturday, May 10th for the 8th Bead Soup reveal.

I can't wait to see what Laney has made with the sepia tone bead soup I sent her.
I'm excited about the 4 pieces I've made with the colorful bead soup she sent me.
Who knows, with an extra week, I might be able to get a couple more things made!

Hoping you are all enjoying a lovely Spring and avoiding the scary storms.

Till next time-

Uz redzesanos
(goodbye in Latvian)