Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You Can Go Home Again

2018 UPDATE:
Hello friends,
By now you may have noticed that it has been quite some time since I have added a fresh post to my blog.  Apologies.  Time seems to fly by.  My schedule hasn't allowed me to continue to do the type of lengthy blog posts I enjoy, so I am concentrating my efforts elsewhere.
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My most sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you who have accompanied me on my blogging journey these recent years.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our interactions and your witty, kind, insightful and helpful comments.  Getting to know this community of inspiring and mutually supportive people has been a delight.  I hope to continue connecting with you in the future.

Till then...be well friends!

And it's amazing when your home state is Colorado!

I forget how incredibly beautiful it is when I'm away for awhile.  Growing up there, I thought it was "normal" to have vast varieties of natural wonder and  beauty wherever you look.

I thought it was "normal" to have dinosaur footprints on the side of the mountain right beside  the road that my Dad and I frequently traveled.  Being the epitome of mellow, he would just say "there's the dinosaur tracks" and point.  No big deal.  So it seemed really weird to see people sprawled on the steep cliff right next to the road examining the tracks up close. (sadly that road is now closed and you have to pay to see the tracks.  Sigh)

I didn't know then, that almost daily clear crisp blue skies are a gift.  I thought everyone had that.  It wasn't until I grew up and moved away that I realized that what had always been my normal, was actually quite exquisite.  Now after having lived all over this country, I fully appreciate the uniqueness of Colorado.

Hope the natural beauty of the place fills you with the same wonder that it still does for me.

This was a fast trip up and back but family and friends always make sure it's a pure delight.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our recent trip...

This picture above is my friend Kathy's studio (the friend formerly known as my "imaginary friend Kathy" for you long timers here).  Can you imagine?!  What a breathtaking setting for her to do her wonderful lapidary work and create her fabulous jewelry in.

Here at our house in Texas, we rejoice when we see our single pair of hummingbirds each summer.  In Colorado the squadrons of hummers fly in formation.....

Oh, here's just a few wildflowers alongside the road.

And this my friends, is an ornamental lawn deer,
Colorado style.....

How cool is that?!
The animatronic type of yard art that moves and eats!

You know, for that sense of realism.

This was a first for me....
A zonkey!

A really friendly adorable zonkey and his equally friendly horse mate.

Everywhere you look, there's something fascinating!

See her there?

So lush.
The sound of a mountain stream is always
a welcome treat.

Fascinating root pattern against the dark earth.

Why yes, that is George Washington's profile in the rock wall.
A little bit more about that in a minute....

Even the storms brewing in the sky are enchanting.


The geologic process that created this wall of rock was explained to us
in perfectly understandable terms.
I would be happy to share it with you
 if I could only remember the particulars.
It involved a volcano, erosion and ??

Sure is interesting though, eh?
There were some places that the wall went on for miles.
And had famous faces in it.

I believe that it has been recently determined, scientifically,
that an Aspen grove is a single tree.
Yeah, I know, I could look it up to be sure.
Let's just say that that's right, ok?

How do you like this Aspen tree?

Which will be a flaming blaze of Autumn color very soon.
There's not much prettier than Aspens in fall against that blue sky.
Or to be more precise-
An Aspen.  The Aspen.

OK now,
are you all sitting down?

You might want to.
Because this next picture is 

Mr. Wonderful has finally agreed to make his debut on my blog.
I know!

This is a day I thought would never come.
Of course, you can't see him, but still.

Mr. Wonderful knocking on Heavens door.

Somehow this next picture seems somewhat inappropriate right after the second most interesting man in the world finally shows up to say hello.
Though since he did show his backside to you, maybe it's the most appropriate photo I could share here.

Um, yes, it's exactly what it looks like.

Stupid me!  I always backpacked in and backpacked out.
Never once have I camped where there were actual facilities of any kind.
How did I miss this random luxury in the woods?

Let's call this
"Double seater With a View"
shall we?

Keep your eye out for it if you're camping here....

They aren't named the Rocky Mountains for nothing.

Of course I had to bring home a couple of rocks...

Kathy's husband Steve is ALWAYS the first one to find the goods.
We were all looking, but he found the leaf fossil plates.

This texture!

Texture AND color!

This is such a great find!

A really interesting something....

Anyone have any ideas what this is?

Fossilized mud?
Turtle shell?

Moqui marbles!
In Colorado?!

Who knew?

Fascinating coloration inside this broken Moqui marble.

It's good to remember to look up
because there are just as many treasures to enjoy in the Colorado sky
 as are found on the ground.


We do have some pretty nice rainbows and sunsets here in Texas as well...
Like these....

The sunset reflecting off of this rainbow was gorgeous.
Not real distinct but really pretty.

Somehow the housetops below just don't convey the 
same sense of majesty that the 
mountain range does.

The sky below looks like an impressionist painting to me...

Hope you enjoyed these glimpses of
beautiful Colorado
and these few shots of
our Texas skies.

Proof that yes,
regardless of that
 famous saying,
you can in fact, 
go home again!

I have had a rough time getting back into my normal routine of making, taking photos, editing photos, listing, rinse repeat, etc. after this trip.  We weren't gone long at all, but apparently long enough for me to enjoy not working.   This was the first time I've ever put my shops on vacation mode.  Must admit, it was a wonderful break!
I'm still having a hard time getting everything listed that I have all ready to go.  Even the photos are edited and measurements are done!  Everything is ready to go for listing 3 necklaces and 11 pairs of earrings!  Hmmmm, maybe this means I need another vacation?  Eh?  Eh?


Ok, if you insist.

On to being a productive member of society.....

Here's what I've been working on since my last post....

These earring displays are all sold.  
I really enjoyed making these so I'll be working on a few more.  
I made myself one for use as a photo prop and I love it!

Flame Birds

Petals in Love Letters

Climbing Red Roses

Twilight Sky

       The Alien Bloom

Autumn Splendor


First Snowfall

Fragments of Antiquities
Jubilation Dance

Fragments of Antiquities
The Hoard

Glacier Blue

A Romantic Mystery textile assemblage bracelet.
A sense of Victorian luxury in Sepia tone.

Apologies if I already shared the finished bracelet.
I know I've shared W.I.P. shots.

Wrap bracelet with raku, amethyst crystals, vintage beads, phrenite,
stamped bird bands and chainmaille.

Corene's Treasure

                               Sherbet Under the Sun

Spots and Dots


I'm still playing with variations of my "Turkoman Goes Modern" series....




And of course there must be artisan ceramics.....

Cherry Blossoms at Midnight

and torch fired enamels with lampwork...


Ancient style Raku assemblage earrings

Similar design with a bit more texture and layering going on.

The Dark Twins

oh how I hope Petra has more of these beauties in her "to do" queue.

The Black Star

                                  Concert in the Park

Marie Antoinette's Treasure

                                       White Doves

Blue Birds


                          Care to Dance Masquerade

Night Comet

A few more Turkoman Goes Modern variations.....

                                  Autumn Ablaze

Autumn Leaves  (think of those Aspens, er that Aspen against the blue Colorado sky)


                                 Warm Hearth

Golden Lady


Ruby nuggets, aquamarine beads and a beautifully monogrammed
vintage coin purse necklace
with a striking deep blue lining.
There's also a wee leather envelope tucked inside to safeguard
 your sweet love notes or tiny treasures....

Another purse necklace with a beautiful mesh purse.
It has the faintest hints of lilac and saffron coloring remaining.

With a really wonderful clasped hand closure to add a bit of modern flair.

I made another chatelaine necklace
mixing old and new,
rustic and refined....

A wee filigree purse, a souvenir pocket knife from France, 
a European book locket and retractable working pencil.
Titanium coated agate and a wonderful toggle clasp from Jill Stoffregen to give it 
the right amount of organic earthiness. 

A vintage owl matchsafe with sparkling rhinestone eyes
paired with clasped hands and a 
great chunky chain.

The matchsafe opens by tilting the owls head back.

Mixed metal with Raku and faceted ruby in zoisite

               Verdigris and Charoite stacked towers

I've finished up another of the diorama necklaces from the series I
started working on a few years ago.
This one has a romantic theme.

You notice how I have a dozen different projects going at any given time?
This way, surely something will strike my fancy if I'm not feeling particularly inspired.
Like after returning home from a too short vacation.

Here's the back.
This necklace is entitled
"Beautiful Night"
for obvious reasons.

Here's the inside...

Complete with sand between your toes.

Nesting Birds

The Glance

Guess he can gauge her mood by whether she is 
glancing towards him or away.

Smoky Mist

And The Words Came Tumbling Out

Swirling Waters

Invasion of the Sea Creatures

Because of the spiny oyster shells of course!

Drops of Fire

Decaying Leaves



Here's a shot of the earring display I kept.  I also have a few more of the
minimalist bangles with the vintage focal links finished.

If you would rather make your own bracelet or pendants with these links,
 I have a large assortment of them listed in the

These Monogram "S" links are new to the shop.  
They have a cool feather design and stars etched along the "S".

I also now have more swan links available!

Well that's it!  A little bit of travel, a little bit of work.  
No scary spider or snake pictures (sorry about that Helen). But hey, there was a zonkey! 

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time,
make some time to chill with your best buds, like these guys...

and be well



  1. Lovely new work... as always. Nice of you to share such nice pictures from your trip too. Beautiful !

    1. Thank you much, Tracy! I thought you might especially enjoy the Colorado pictures, having lived there too. So glad you did! :)

  2. Dearest Janet,
    I am glad I decided to check on you via this blog. It is really top notch. I did find the zonkey a bit scary. After all that is messing with the order of things, is it not? Spiders and snakes do our environment good. Need them. That said, I loved this and will continue to love you and Mr. Wonderful II forever. Glad you had a vacation, wish we were with you.

    1. Hey there Helen, So glad you enjoyed this post-Thank you! Hmmm are you sure spiders and snakes do good? I mean other than unnerving me which gives Mr. Wonderful a good laugh from time to time. And if they're good for the environment, why are they always trying to live INSIDE my house? Just yesterday, I had one of those giant spiders trying to sneak into my studio. shivers. Well that would have made a good time even better if you had been with us. Love you too my dear. xoxoxox

    2. Finally remembering that you might answer my note on here. I know you don't have time, being as busy as you are, but if by chance you google spiders and snakes you will find that we could not exist without them. As for coming into your home, they eat roaches and rats!!!! That's a good thing, eh? A real comforting thought. Take care. I'm looking forward to the next blog. I also see you on instagram! See me see you. Love, h

  3. I've never been to Colorado but your pictures are certainly enticing! To be honest I only went once to the U.S as a teen and it was a linguistic program I was invited in a family located in Providence, R.I. They were great, they even took me on a 3 days trip to New York City :-)
    And your creations are awesome as usual I must say... but usual not as boring, way from it!!! usual as you surprise me each time and it amazes me, it shouldn't in fact, that's talent! :-D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You've been to parts of the U.S. that I have yet to see but I've heard are beautiful. It's all so vast and unique. I hope you'll get to visit ALL of the places you want to see. Your wonderful France is on my list!
      Thank you, Lucie for your generous comment! Hearing your and other peoples perspective is so helpful and appreciated!

  4. Another hugely bountiful post, dear Janet! Beautiful pictures from your trip, and hey, one of Mr Wonderful's back too!!! Did it leave you hankering to live there again?
    Holy smokes, you've been busy! Such a wonderful variety of pieces as always - and deepest thanks as always for making my tiddlers look so good - message received - more Rosettis required!
    Well, I for one, appreciate the deer over the spiders - sooo beautiful, and wowzers - those hummers!!! Amazing! Aaaah, what a lovely treat at the end of a day, thank you XOXOOX :O)<3

    1. Thank you much Petra for stopping by and for taking the time to share your thoughts after one of your mega creative days. (I still marvel at how productive you are! Thanks in advance for making more Rosettis). Yes, I do love Colorado. Even though I don't love how crowded it's become, it is in my top 3 choices of where I would like to live. I mean for those hummers alone, right? ;).

  5. OtherJanet, I think your mystery find might be a copralith...? Y'know, fossilized poop. Well, you did ask.
    The "Night Comet" earrings are breathtaking--Bravo! And the back of TSMFMITW, on your blog---how ever did you manage???
    Haven't been to Colorado since forever, but it was lovely to see your photos and remember all the extraordinary beauty there.
    THANK YOU for continuing to post your blog, each new one is a treat!
    My fondest regards,

    1. Hahahahaha. Just might be. Maybe it was the altitude and lack of oxygen that affected TSMFMITW's memory and he forgot that he didn't want to make his debut. I thought of you yesterday, when we visited the Kimball Art Museum to see Monet-The Early Years exhibit. Remembering that you recommended a trip to that museum when we first moved here. Thanks for that tip! We have so enjoyed it these last couple of years. The promenade of trees with the falling water feature is such a perfect place to pause and reflect. Thank YOU, other Janet, for continuing to read my posts and for your lovely comments. Always appreciated! :)

  6. Hi AA - I got exhausted just from scrolling through your post. Been a long time but always so many things to please the eye and inspire. Glad the trip was such a joy. Loved seeing Mr Wonderful knocking on heavens door. I was just listing to that track today played by Led Z - whilst I was hammering metal. I tend to think some of us guys look best from behind. Loved the photo of the dead tree and storm. So much work you have done - may you sell it all in the Christmas season. Go well. B

  7. Hey Barry, you're too funny! I think you might get exhausted from the incredibly productive amount of work coming out of YOUR studio, but your words are ever so kind. Thank you! Mr. Wonderful would agree with you concerning what he thinks is his best side. Not much better than some classic Led Z to work by. Enjoy!


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