Saturday, January 21, 2012

Almost A Giveaway!

Hello all,

Thank you for your wonderful responses, questions and comments for the giveaway!  What a rich cast of characters you all are!  For those of you that had to fight with the comment feature, I do apologize.  Not that I can explain it to you, because that would require that I first understood it, which clearly, I don't.  It might be that you have to set up a persona at the open I.D. spot.  OOhhh how exciting.  Here's your chance to have a whole new persona! Or maybe join the blog, be a member, that might work!  Really, I can't help you out with it, other than that.  If the alert says that your URL has illegal characters, I don't know what you've done.  Hey try being a law abiding citizen for a change, see what that does for you.  Try it, you might like it.

Well it's been a busy week, but then, aren't they all?

You know the drill....first, I make you suffer through pictures of my jewelry.  Now really, isn't that what you're here for?  Not for my witty dialogue certainly!  So these items have been listed recently

Sterling Sea Urchin Bracelet, I put my chasing tools to work on this one.

That was just in case you all wondered if I know how to use materials other than glass eyes and wire.. Are you impressed?  no, huh?  Tough crowd!   

well maybe, just maybe this will do the trick

River current at Shoreline

I know, I know, but I LOVE working with upcycled materials!

That little design has been etched onto the metal
but this has been imprinted with my rolling mill....

a little texture mixed up with some raw ametrine crystals, yummy!
This next one will surprise you cuz it's all delicate, yes, I made it!!!  I can do delicate.

Fine silver replica of a fossilized alligator scute that my dear friend Kathy sent me!!  She sent the fossilized alligator scute, not the silver replica.  Tho, neat trick if I could get her to do the casting of the replicas.  hey Kathy, you listening?
 You won't see that pendant on just anybody's neck, now will ya?

That's some of what got listed this past week.  Here's a few of the things I'll be listing this next week...
be patient now.....remember, patience is a virtue and I'm helping you perfect that quality...... there'll be some giveaway info coming up soon...

This is a foldformed necklace, if you like hammering, you've got to try this technique! 
Yes, these are foldformed too!

one more and mind you, this one is neither delicate nor hammered metal...

those rubies are rocking it!

You didn't see that coming did you?  Hot pink snakeskin!  Yes, it surprises even me.  Those are little bits of raw rubies on a cushion of burgundy flocked paper.  Quite regal even if it riding around on that sassy snakeskin. 

You've all done very nicely with this little exercise in patience improvement training.  A+ for all of you, except for that one of you whose been grumbling through the whole process.  You know who you are.

See here is where I was going to get your opinions, for instance-do you want me to make some things like this for my shop?...

Get it? Cruel fate?  getting eaten by a giant starfish as your buddy is enjoying himself in the sun and surf up on the surface.. hey there's a bathing beauty in this equation too......
and I was going to share my tale of woe about this....

and you know you really want to hear about that, don't you?  well, maybe if you ask nice....yeah, you're gonna hear about that anyway, next time.  When I've recovered from the trauma.

So you want to know about the giveaway do you?  I don't blame you.  Why else would you be reading this blog?
Here's the deal...In the name of fairness, I'm giving it another couple of days until I make the big announcement of who won the fabulous giveaway prizes!  Why?   Well cuz now I've cleared up the problem with commenting, so there'll be a flood of new scintillating comments. You wouldn't want those hoards of people to miss out on their chance, would you?  Me either.  Though I don't think anything could top the comments we've already got, cuz you all are brilliant commenters!  Raising the bar a bit here, aren't we?  Besides you're all wondering about prize #3, aren't you?  Yeah, I guess I could show you what it's going to be.  And let you know that our ever elusive
 mystery judge is awarding that prize.  And that she's already leaning very heavily towards one of you.... so are you sure that you want to know?  doesn't the air of mystery keep the excitement alive?  Sure it does, but since you're hounding me like a pack of dogs  (ok actually, no one has even inquired.  great self -restraint people!) here it is....

oh wait, I forgot to edit that picture...can't show you a subpar photo now can I?  so let me paint you a picture with my incredible word description instead.  Prize #3.......Is a rare thing of beauty that will glisten and gleam, in it's aura of delicacy as it encircles your neck, declaring this one fabulous fact about you...........yes it actually does have something to say.   hahahaha that makes a few of you nervous, doesn't it?

well now if you want more info about a giveaway, check this out
Jewel Identity's Giveaway

Petra has a wonderfully fun giveaway going on over at her blog.  To whet your apetite, here's some beads I just received from her all the way from across the pond, which of course makes them even more special.   

This is real international clay here folks.  Very exotic stuff.  That's why it produces teeny tiny little brains and bezels and toothy horns and.....

Lookit that adorable fish, would you?  these are little beads, the detail is amazing.  And there's foreign rocks and seashells and seaglass.  how cool is that?!

oh and Petra, these next pictures are for you

OOOPS subpar photos!  Cringe, shuffle, shame.....I swear I edited those........  anyway, these guys like to hang out with their buds at the boys wing of the home for wayward juvenile delinquint peacocks.  troublemakers one and all.  So just turn your neck this way......see?  How hard was that?
You see, we have these beautiful birds in the middle of nowhere, USA as well, but ours don't have quite the lush accomodations that yours are used to.  And ours don't actually live at our house,  or eat our people food or come into the house for a visit whenever they want.  You've got a charmed life, I'm telling you.  The peacocks not you, Petra.

So there you have it folks!  Another couple of days to find out if you've won one of three, yes three!! Stupendous, Incredible, Magnificent prizes.  ok, fine! a few more days till you find out if you've won some of my jewelry.  Really, people, just humor me a little, would ya?

Thanks for visiting and a warm welcome to all of you newcomers; Richelle, Greer, Joren, coffeefreak53, beatnheart, Juliette Williams, Corvid Delights and her delightful daughter, restless, owlparty, martinis for 2, amith13, skye, rosalie, kira, diana, birdflew, jackie, quilting jewel 39 and last but certainly not least- only jolie. And by way of email, welcome to Deborah and Melissa! 
Love your comments- THANK YOU!

and here's your weird animal of the week photo.  I learned my lesson to never ever have a child in a photo with an animal again.... the scorn!!!!!



  1. I thought the gator girl was cute ;)

    And yeesh .. you're even more of a tease about your giveaway stuff than I am! I may have to take pointers ;) lol

    Can't wait to hear about that last piece! It looks lovely :) And those locket scenes are flippin' adorable! lol

  2. I love everything you've made! And the best part is you don't stick with a certain style--everything is different. As long as you have ideas in your head you will never get bored with your art.

    OK, so I'll try to wait for the g/a announcement, but I'm making no promises on being patient.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the little amphibian - I even used to know what they were called, but my mind seems to be coming undone...
    Looking at all the different techniques you have used in your pieces is convincing me that I would love to come play in your studio - I so want a rolling mill...

  4. omg! dude! these are amazing! crazy amazing! you're amazing! im dumbfounded.
    are you gonna tell us how you made that silver scute or what?

  5. Janet,Janet, Janet!!! Where do I start with my comment? Well, with a BIG fat THANK-YOU, obviously! You,yumptious hunny-bunny, you!!! You've done my little collection proud - and i hope you like the other stuff that should be with you tomorrow. That's a gorgeous lad on the roof there, even on his side!
    Your Sea Urchin bracelet has me peeing my pants, right along with that extraordinary alligator's back plate. I don't want to know how you made it, I'm just glad that you did!! Oh, and YES - give us more of your amazing scenes in lockets!!! Your jewelry stories are hilariously, darkly funny, and painfully poignant at the same time. They're like a classic film, or a captivating book that you dread finishing. Except that you can have this to gaze upon,feel, and play with always!! I totally LOVE these pieces of Janet !!!
    Oh the poor amphora's tale. Even more now, I'm convinced that's she's meant to stay with you, but if this is the broken version, then she still looks gorgeous!
    What a beautiful, mid-giveaway posting! You're just the Queen of Tease, aren't you?! What are you trying to do to us?!!!

  6. janet, i love everything that you have in your shop!!! the story lockets will be a fabulous addition! you go girl!!!
    i agree with Petra, you are the queen of tease....i have been going crazy with anticipation over your giveaway!!! after oogling the first two, i'm drooling and dreaming over the third. love the peacocks....they are so beautiful. we almost bought a house years ago that had peacocks on an old farm right over the stone wall.
    waiting...waiting...waiting... xox, LuAnn

  7. janet, i've been thinking about your beautiful white urn/vial necklace since last evening. your intro to it doesn't sound like it has a fairy tale ending. i hope i'm wrong. i just wanted to tell you that the gorgeous piece reminds me of a winter walk on a woodland trail in new england after a snowfall. i miss those...especially ending up on a quiet beach (looking for treasures a storm washed up) behind old victorian beach homes or mansions. I'd see the huge stone urns and statues looking like sentinals and so peaceful. the head on top of the urn and the stones and driftwood brought all those wonderful memories flooding back. love it!!! xox LuAnn

  8. LOLOLOLOL, you are such a baaad girl! You remind me of a little sister. Just tease, tease, tease, and then sit back and look sooooo innocent with that expression of "What, I didn't do anything." Of course you should put the dioramas (I think that's the word) in your shop, they are so cool and think of the stories that can be made up about what they mean. Really like the look of your new additions too. The necklace is pretty cool, is the head trying to get into the vial or trying to escape the vial? Aaaarrrggggg, ok I admit it; you are killin' me here, get on with the contest, I cannot stand the suspense anymore. Ok, that's out of my system, I am better now. Oh, yeah, I checked out Petra's blog and shop, hehe, my kind of gal. She likes a bit of salty language............I seem to remember a salty comment popping out of my mouth in a classroom when I was hammering and mistakenly hammered a very nice bead that had done nothing wrong.


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