Friday, January 6, 2012

Third Times A Charm

Hello all,

Well that's a lie, cuz this is the fourth time, see, I just spent an hour writing a very funny and picture filled blog.  you'da liked it - alot!  Cuz it was FANTASTIC!  But then Preview came along. I will never preview again.  Ever.  Now how is it possible to lose the 'go back' to where I needed to be, to- "publish", at the almost done point?! I'm so good, I can lose a whole hour of work and not even try or know how I did it.  That's how good I am guys.  Really really talented. Award worthy.

 So now I'll do my best to recapture the sense of wonder and adventure I had while writing that other post, filled with extra LARGE photos.  The better much more entertaining post.  Best thing about it,  the last thing I wrote was how you guys had been patiently waiting for me to mess up big time, and I didn't.  just little things.  As I gently patted myself on my back and pressed.... who knows what I pressed that got me here!  sigh.

shake it off....

moving on..

now that I'm done is kinda funny, isn't it?

 Oh yeah, I went on and on quite funnily (is that a word?) about all 29 things I've listed.  29!  How it feels like my store should be full, cuz ..... well, 29 listings!  It was funnier the first time.  Trust me.
 Maybe if I go get some chocolate it will help me get over this disappointment....Why, yes, I do think that's quite an effective cure. 

Now that I'm really done complaining (and as all of you, I mean the two of you, who know me and understand my level of computer compentence are picking yourselves up off the floor, from laughing, I mean, not from my frustation vibes flying through the air and knocking you down, neat trick, tho if I knew how, anyway...)

here's what I've been doing this week, described earlier as wonderful, described now as, insert your own descriptive term here_________.  And you don't have to hold back.  Go for it___________

aww ok, well if you really do think it's wonderful, maybe I'll reconsider.....but I digress, again

Here Petra for you, one large, not extra large, though, cuz they overflow into my sidebars, photo of a new listing
Aunt Darlene's Etruscan Wonder

Sea Urchin Necklace

And another, cuz chocolate is amazing....

See, that's EXTRA LARGE and they weren't kidding!

I did, in fact dig these earrings up in an ancient Roman city.  Of course, cuz I'm a dealer in antiquities.  Can't you tell from my other offerings.... like this

and this

Boy Meets Girl

Especially that one, eh?

How about this one?

just seeing if you're still with me

for those of you (two) who might think I photoshopped this, nope, this guy lives in  Louisiana.  Hopefully, he still does and hopefully he's still pink,  You know, after the oil spill.

Pink dolphins, what's next?!  Blue people?  Well, actually, and I mean no disrespect, there are Blue people.  In Kentucky.  The blue Fugates.  Am I a fountain of knowledge or what?   Hey be nice there.

ok, I messed that up, but I'm not going to retype that address in again.  See, it's a mystery cuz I'm not telling you what it is.  But the picture was supposed to be above the link.  So just pretend that's how it is, ok?  thanks

So fanci and Petra  how am I doing so far under your expert tutelage?  You guys have been so wonderful to explain all the ins and outs of blogger.  Thank you!  Are you incredibly impressed with yourselves?  ( you should be, no small feat helping me understand where the html goes)  I can hear it now.... "wow, we really are incredibly good at explaining Blogging for dummies.  Now if you'll please explain one more thing to me. How to make a link directly to an item in each of your stores- I would be ever so grateful.  "help me, help me"  she asks beseechingly in the tiny little voice of the half-human, half-fly caught in the spiders web from the old black and white "The Fly" movie.  (now how can you resist that?) Cuz I really want to throw some pictures of my favs from your shops in here.  Yes,yes, I'll make them BIG.    Maybe even really big!

( if my new ability to change font size at random and insert links, plural, is an indication, you guys are awesome! You deserve a raise!)

and welcome to Artistic Rejuvenations  .  Thanks for visiting my blog,  now there's three of you!  Just checked out your blog, very nice btw, lots of body parts- right up my alley.  No people not actual body parts.  Artistic body parts.  What kind of a blog do you think this is?  sheesh

One last thought, if we were freezing in Florida, where I gather it is actually freezing right now, we would be seeing this

Manatee at Blue Springs State Park, FL

They congregate in the springs when the water gets too cold out in the rivers and other waterways.  So being cold in Florida is better than being cold in Illinois.  It's not an urban legend after all.  And no, I don't have a good winter in Illinois photo to share with you.  Is there one?


remember, I'm not previewing.  All mistakes were intentionally left in for your viewing pleasure. 


  1. Seems the previous post wasn't lost? Or is it me that is lost? Never mind, no matter. You are doing fine. BTW - did you know that when you click on a photo in your published post - that it will appear in larger? At least, it will if your posted photo is larger in the original.
    Thanks for sharing all the eye candy - some lovely pieces here - the sea urchin necklace is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you Stregata! The original post appeared in "drafts" even though I hadn't saved it much to my surprise! No, you aren't lost-I'm just a total newbie at blogging, obviously! Haha and I couldn't resist posting the original just to give my (now 4 - yay!) readers a good laugh.

    Thanks for the helpful tips, how kind of you!


  3. Hey sweetie, Blogger automatically saves posts as you go, so that's why it was saved as a draft. If you don't want to keep it can be deleted.

  4. Sorry Janet - I'm late on parade here! Oh wow - these new listings are AMAZING!!!! Love 'em, love 'em, love' em all!! -And you've got the hang of the bigging up - YAY!!! See how much better it looks?!! I'm loving your blogging style too - especially the 'mistakes' if they can be called that. To think you were worried you wouldn't have anything to say!!! What are you talking about - 2 people? I see 16 members here - you're going great guns - as I knew you would!!! Looking forward to the next installment.

  5. love everything. you're doing awesome. you got sales, lady!
    just keep posting. every single time you'll learn something. do, like, a post per jewelry item and soon you'll be an expert.
    did i mention i adore what you do with tin?

  6. I love everything...very the way thanks for the earrings...your the best!!!


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