Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New part Duex

Hi all

Hey ladies who commented - how nice of you to check out my blog.  Thank you all for the very nice comments.  Let's see what I've figured out in the last few days, shall we? 

Petra,  I'm going to attempt to make my pictures BIG just for you and Auntie Marina.  How's this one

Glam Space Exploration

hmmm, didn't see a size choice.  help me out here ladies, is it hiding?   Hahahaha so it appears I haven't learned much. 

Anyway, listed those today.

and this

The Better to See You With, My Dear

Cuz I know you all love my eye jewelry!

Nikki,   Aww, it would be a blast to spend some time with your sweet Lenix .  BTW- You know my avatar is the best picture you ever took of me, it's actually the best picture anyone's ever taken of me.  In fact I'm thinking of having it made into a mask that I can just hold up in front of my face as I go about my business.  "Why yes, this is my actual face.  I do too look like just this.  No, it wasn't the lighting at Nikki's studio. It's the lighting now that makes me look like this!"  

And yes, I've been published a few more times since we discussed it.  here's the newest one.
well that went in the wrong spot.  hahahaha ok, obviously still not the master of this blog! This is the current magazine, on the newstands now with two of my articles in it.  One on Foldforming and the other on Origami Metal Mesh flowers.  I bet Lenix would like to make those.  There's 5 more magazines with my articles, 4 of them that are actually on my website JL3JewelryDesign.com   
Go to "About Us", then to the "Published" button.  Just click on the covers, then the table of contents, then the article covers, then the title pages of each article.  One mag has 4 articles in it, but most have two.  See I let you know I'm published after the fact, when they're no longer available except for online.  Why you ask?  I dunno.  Cuz I want to make it difficult for you since you won't throw away those pictures of me, maybe. you know the ones...........

Fanci, this ones for you cuz you explained how to do it. TA-DA!  (Yes, Petra, I see what you mean. It's very small)

and this

and this one too

Cuz I told you weeks ago that I would send them to you.  And if you want to see more, I have 237 more photos just like them.  Really, I do. But of different bracelets, because I made 300 bangles.  Alright, that might be an exaggeration, I believe it was only 294  :)  Of course I didn't edit these photos before posting them.  But I did slap sloppy oxidizer all over those bangles, just like you like em.

And here's a photo just cuz it makes me laugh

a blue eyed blond gator ready for a fight or some salsa dancing  

Au revoir all 


  1. Oh WOW, those bangles are tooo gorgeous!!! Still not BIG enough though! When you slap the picture in the post body, up the top somewhere is some weeny blue writing that gives you the option of picture size - go Xtra LARGE!!! Suposedly it'll let you put your pics where you want'em as well, but if you see my rubbish efforts of today, you'll see just how that doesn't work!!! Will need a good old tidy up tomorrow.
    I'm off over to your shop now for a look see.


  2. dude! loving all the new bits going up in the shop! you know i love the eye most of all.
    if you click the picture after you drag it into the blog post you're composing, then a blue bar comes up w/size and position options. Also, you can click preview at any time to see what it'll look like so far. but you're doing awesome!

  3. AND- you figured out how to resize your text!

  4. oh, i do like your glam earrings. very clever. :)


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