Friday, January 6, 2012

Third Times a Charm part one

Hello all,

Disclaimer, this is part one of this post.  When you finish reading it, please continue on and read the second part, which follows immediately after this post.  Self explanatory, as you shall see.  And all that back patting- completely premature, but at this point, quite hilarious.  Enjoy!
What a wonderful couple of crazy busy weeks getting my new store filled with goodies.  Ok, compared to fanci'c store (apparently I can't spell and no, I don't know how to fix my mistake)  it's not exactly filled.  Listing 29 items feels like it should be filled! Yup, I said 29!  29!!  Hear me all 3 people reading this-29?!  Yeah, feeling like I've accomplished a little bit this week.  Giving myself a gentle pat on the back.  OK moving on now......

Here's a few of the things I've listed, gonna go EXTRA LARGE, Petra, just for you.  (now let's see if I really can.... I hope I can, I hope I can....)

etched Art book necklace

I guess I can!  yahoo!  Let's see if I can do it one more time.....

The Age of Delicacy

I went with medium  for a little bit o variety.

Why it's still on caption is a mystery to me.  Sigh

So I was gonna say See Petra, I got it!  But that was premature.  But I will get it.

These lovelies have already sold.  Thank you SO MUCH Theresa!  They're on their way.

Now bear with me, I have a few more pictures for you to wade through... 29, remember?
Yes, I did dig these up in an ancient Roman field.....
just seeing if you're paying attention.  No I didn't list this pink dolphin in my store.  Hopefully it's still living happily in Louisiana.  and still pink.  there was an oil spill there, remember?  so sad

Aunt Darlene's Etruscan Wonder

ok I've put two pictures that were supposed to go below this picture and they went above it!?

and I'm still stuck on "caption"   Help me Fanci, help me  (spoken in the teeny weeny voice of the half human / half fly caught in the spiders web in the old "The Fly" movie)

I'm gonna insert another picture and not enlarge it and see what it does, ok?  here goes....

Ok that worked, kinda, if you don't mind the rest of the blog written in tiny little caption font.
I went back and upsized it after all.  Don't want to disappoint the ladies after all their hard work!

That one I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it's very cool and worth looking up here, whoa check me out trying to get fancy with links....mystery necklace

Can't believe that really worked!  Thank you fanci and Petra for explaining that one to me!

You two ladies are great!!  Fanci, you only thought you quit teaching. Now please (and thanks) 'splain to me how to insert a link to your latest listings cuz I really want to show the other one person reading this what great things you two make.  Yummy new bead collections btw, Petra.

Welcome Artistic Rejuvenations .  Your Body Parts blog is right up my alley.

One more picture cuz you've been so patient waiting to see when I'm gonna totally mess this up...

Manatee in Blue Springs, FL

This is what you could be seeing if you were in Florida right now.  Cuz it's coooold down there.  The great thing about cold temps in Florida, unlike the un-great cold here in Illinois, is that the Manatees all congregate in the springs to stay warm.   So adorable.  But can you believe that's what people originally thought a mermaid was?  Go figure. 

and these are Gar, not so adorable




  1. i very much like the earrings. all you work is scrumptious though.

  2. Welcome to the blogoshpere.
    Looking forward to seeing lots more BIG scrumptious delights!


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