Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cuatro, Quatre, Four - Giveaway update

Hi all,

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!  I am enjoying every one of them.  I'm looking forward to responding to each of you.  Not quite yet, though.

I've received a few emails alerting me to the fact that some of you are having trouble commenting.  I'm sorry about that. What has worked for some is this;  you first have to "join" my blog via gmail and then miraculously it allows you to comment!  Mysteries of blogger, eh?   Please don't hesitate to email if you're having trouble with getting the comment feature to work.

We have another week or so till the giveaway ends.  Yes, we have a guest judge!  No pressure for you there!  :)

BTW, I kind of thought you would all be worried that a sweet little child was sitting on the back of a big dangerous gator.  Not so, you're all feeling sorry for the gator!  Really, she weighed all of 45 pounds.  It didn't hurt the gator!  Besides that was his claim to fame.  He's a star afterall not a purse! 

Hello guys and gals,

How presumptuous of me!  I meant Hello fanci and Petra, and welcome to Stregata and Alice.

Thanks to all of you helpful ladies- I appreciate the pointers and kind words.  Fanci is an amazing blog mentor, and I'm sure she appreciates all the pointers you're sharing with me too.  Aren't ya fanci?  Getting a bit of a break, eh?

So you're wondering if I've been up to anything this week, are you?  Oh yeah, I've been busy.  I'm sporting two lovely suitcases under my eyes as proof.  And not just puny little carry-ons either, the big ones.  Mega bags!  Xtra large like my pictures for you gals

Want to see? Before my BIG announcement?  Why yes, there's a big announcement later on.  Stay with me here.

                                                                         I listed this

                                                       Whoa that woke you up, huh?

And these that have fossil seashells caught in a whirlwind.  That's exactly what you were thinking when you saw them, isn't it? Yup, great minds think alike!  hmmmm or do fools seldom differ?

                        and for those of you who are a tad bit more cultured, there's these

                                 Black tourmaline and quartz with textured tin and sterling.

Just now listed these beauties

            Modern Victorian Assemblage 2.  Yes, there's a 1, but I jumped ahead as I'm prone to do.

A few more, bear with me... then the BIG announcement you've all been waiting for!

                         these have lovely buttery Hessonite stones.  Aren't they yummy?

Upcycled printed tin with gravel texture, czech beads and blackened Vintaj embossed metal.

Ok ok just one more.....
  So sweet.  these are titled
"She loves me, she loves me not".  The earrings are sweet, she's not.  She's a vamp.  Sad story, really.  anyway.....

You've paid your dues,  you suffered through all those photos.  A chore, I know....

So now the news... dadadaduh.

It's a GIVEAWAY people!!!!

now is when you pretend to be excited. 
 and here's what you can win cuz you know you really really want some of my jewels.
 now is when you pretend to want some of my jewels...

did I give you enough time there?  ok let's move on then..

here's the loot, count em, THREE!

Prize #1

Prize #2

hmmm I said three, didn't I?  well yes, I sure did.


Prize #3

C'mon you guys, you know there has to be a little suspense.

So here's what you need to do.  Write a comment. Ask a question. 
Teach me something I don't already know.  Wait, that's too easy. Scratch that.
 Comments and questions.

My favorite, most interesting ones win! 
 I might even have a surprise comment judge.  Just you wait and see.  so you might have to impress two, yes two people!  Not so easy as it seemed, eh?  You thought since there's only 5 of you reading this blog that it was going to be super simple to win, didn't you?  
hahahahahahahaha (fiendish laugh inserted here)

speaking of inserting things, I really wanted to show you some things from fanci's new shop listings.  and of course, being the best blog mentor ever, she did explain how to do it, how to have multiple windows open at once and copy listings and, really? but......I'm too tired to try some new blog process and risk losing, well you know what happened last time.  Anyway, check out her Mother Of Pearl locket necklace. Insanely cool. And the sold section for her latest bird bracelet and drusy earrings.  Not that it does any good to see what we missed out on, grumble grumble

And Petra's blog has some wonderful new xtra large pictures of her clay eye candy.  You've got to see her sea glass rings.  the glass is all melty in the clay.  LOVE IT!  And you know, btw, she lives by the sea, so the sea glass in those rings is the real thing. And the silver fern on black ceramic is amazing. If you've not visited her site before, I recommend after you enjoy her jewels and new bead collections, you do know about her bead collections, don't you? that you peruse some of her older posts as well.  my oh my, that woman lives in an incredibly beautiful spot! 

So if I had figured it out, you could have just gone straight to each listing.  But c'mon, my descriptions have enticed you to go see their cool stuff, even if you have to navigate through their sites, right? right? And you can click on the links to their sites so really, how hard is that?

ok so you were expecting an interesting animal of the week photo? ok then....
how's this for interesting?

now before any of you think this is a terrible idea, let me just say, that no children were harmed in the making of this photo. In fact, said child thought this was great fun.
yeah, yeah, the gator's jaws were taped shut and a bunch of gator handlers were surrounding them just out of the shot.  so settle down people.

Bye now


  1. I love love love those resin wire photo frames. I'm dying to see the reverse sides of them.

  2. Yummy yum yum. My favourite are the fossil seashells - edgy and a little unhinged, bit like me really.

  3. Your work is amazingly beautiful. Love your blog!

  4. Love how your work is developing.
    BTW - do you know that blogger automatically saves your post as a draft at intervalls, while you are writing it? So if you think you have lost your post - click on 'edit posts' (found on the dashboard) and it should be there listed as a draft...

  5. Oh you gorgeous creature!! Thank you SO much for the bigging up, but people will only be bitterly disappointed after your beauties. Mind you, they get to see the peacocks!
    Fancy showing us something that's already been snapped up! Yes people, the same day it was listed if i'm not mistaken. Who's surprised by that, eh? Yeah - nobody. I LURVE those earrings with the foxy lady in 'em!!She looks a right handful!
    Gorgeous giveaways - and a hidden teaser! How smart are you? Ooooh, and that great big blue eye!! That's a bit more bleeding like it!!!!
    Wonderful posting again, Janet - can't wait for more.

  6. I have to ask, is that a taxidery eye? Its so cool! It reminds me of the strange and wonderful things I would find in my grandfather's dark dingy basement when I was young. He was an orphan and led a colorful life in the circus, and other odd jobs. He was abused as a child by the people who hired him, and as an adult he found comfort in finding discarded treasures. He was a dumpster diver long before it was cool (but the uppity city folk called him a bum). Every Sunday he would take us girls down to the basement and show what he brought home during the week. It was heaven!

    I love all your earrings--ALL of them! The vamp ones remind me of my childhood watching the Sonny & Cher show. Cher would be decked out in her vamp outfit and sprawled out on a piano while she sang her vamp song. My dad forbid us to watch that show (it was trashy, you know), but we did anyway when he was gone.

    To save photos from another source, just right click on them, click 'save picture as' from the dropdown menu, and save them to a folder on your computer (make the folder first, and remember where you put it--I learned that the hard way). When you want to retrieve the photo, use the same process you do when you load your jewelry photos.

    Thanks for the chance to win your gorgeous stuff!

  7. Greetings! This blog is great. I had no idea you were so dang funny! I am seeing/reading a side of you that just cracks me up. As you know, I love your jewelry...........I want it all. What better way to get some than in a contest. Mmmm, funny............did you hear, no, that one, oh, yeah, how, not that one either, got it, two attorneys walk into a bar...........oh, dang, you've heard that one. Well, I am all out of funny stuff!

    Seriously, I am quite thrilled for you to have your store and blog. The design of the blog is so "you" with the outdoor theme. Much sucess my friend!!


  8. THAT POOR CROCODILE! I'm sure he didnt enjoy the experience. i'm pouting for him. do you feel the pout through my words?
    I'm loving your earrings. I hadnt yet seen the modvicass2- what are those hoops? they look like melted wire plastic wound purple tube.... things. ok, gonna get a closer look on your shop.

  9. ok, now i wanna see alice's grandpa's basement.

  10. Hey you crazy woman!!!! You are too funny. Loving the blog and simply blown away about your store. GREAT JOB!! Man I love your work. Your photos are very impressive. I was checking out your depth of field action. :) Now for the beat-down for not telling me when you got published so that I could run out and grab a hard copy. Thanks for the info about the website BUT Website vs. actual magazine (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) NOT THE SAME!!! But I love ya still. I will be picking up this issue tomorrow.

    Where was that picture taken of Miss Gator Girl??

    And How about Texas? Let me know K?

    Love ya

  11. I am a poor, loney miserable woman with no future and no prospects. I have never won a thing in my life and the way things are going for me doesn't look like Imhave a chance in hell for things to start changing. It looks to me like you are all chummy with everyone here so you probably won't pick me to win because you want to give your cool stuff to someone you know...I would do the same if it were me. but no kidding... Give me a cooking break here and perhaps your "random selector" will choose me for once

  12. on a jollier you share techniques like our esteemed leader ? HOw does one make those cool resin
    frames with the guy and doll? really like that. In fact those are the ones I wanna win when i win.

  13. Hi you,
    I am new to your blog but am thinking I will stick around. I love your giveaway prizes. Tell me if you will, what is your favorite way to lose yourself? What color matches it? :)
    Thanks for your artistry.
    A new friend,

  14. While scrolling through your beautiful jewelry my five year old daughter remarks "HEY! What is that eye thing?" I explain to her that it is part of a bracelet... then she shouts "Oh look mushroom earrings, my favorite!" in response to the pair with the turkoman buttons. Of course the jewelry that her own mother makes doesn't produce that much excitement. Everything here is lovely, thank you for sharing your art.

  15. ok, i wasn't gonna share this but...I just found my grandma's teeth. she died in 1994 in chicago. we haven't lived there since 1996 but oddly Grandma's teeth got packed and they moved in. God it's good to see her smile again. Any way, so I have them displayed in my curio, as all dentures are in normal families, right? but now that I saw that eye, which I'm prone to loving because of our familial history with glaucoma...I'm thinking the teeth could be broken apart/separated/manipulated as only a skilled artisan as Janet it even possible? Have I found someone equally as weird and disturbed, but with insane talent? I'm just weird and disturbed. I LOVE how you push yourself to find incredibly beautiful and unique and DIFFERENT (cuz we all don't wear Lia Sophia. not that there's anything wrong with that) objects that together, look so special. so meaningful. it's like the love you had in hand-crafting each piece is sooooo visible to the naked eye. haha we're back to the eye. Full circle. haha and the jokes keep coming.
    I love your blog and I'm a huge fan. Not just of what you make...but of who you are.

  16. Every piece is so unique and so well crafted. It's amazing. I really am inspired by you. I love the blog! And you too!

  17. My vote goes to joren.

    I love Prize #1. What's great about your Etsy shop is that a person can troll through it and find something simple and elegant (like the aforementioned earrings) or the fancier version with all the bells and whistles...and bones and buttons and...
    because sometimes less is more and sometimes more is exactly what you want.

    Poor 'gator. What did he ever do to deserve such humiliation? Oh no, now I'll never win.

  18. okay janet, i'm really working really hard to win this giveaway...just remember all the hard work and sweat i have put into this so far!!! i have finally achieved your "threes a charm" status...okay here goes my from the heart entry.

    this is what i originally wrote last night...."okay take two.....hi janet, i am starting this all over your blog giveaway!!! i had this really cool commentary going to try to win your beautiful earrings....but suddenly it's out there in the outer blog universe.....i'm sure there's a black hole out there now with my name on it. i really don't know if you'll even get this when i hit publish, as i have no idea what the "comment as" choices are below. i check your blog everyday along with corvid's(hi kim.....thanks for the help with facebook...i now have the basic page set thanks to you...someday i will have posts and patient hee, hee, hee), along with the blogs of fanciful, sparrow, and a few you all!!! back to janet...threes a charm had me grinning as the same thing happened to me with my first listing on etsy...insert computer challenged here.....i survived and love being a part of you all!!! janet, you will still be my role model as i told you in an earlier convo if i ever try a blog."

    for those of you now reading my babbling(hopefully)...thank you. if you are now seriously wondering who this weirdo is, check out my etsy

  19. Here's my tip for oxidising copper, I use an oxidising concentrate (liquid form of liver of sulphur), just a couple of drops with near boiling water, drop your copper into the mix and it will be the colour of burnt ember in seconds. Please also use cotton wool stuffed up your nostrils because it smells like an elephant with bad wind! Loving your blog

  20. Wow, what a lucky link I followed :) I was reading Fanci's blog and decided to follow a link and found myself here :) I love your earrings! You have a great style and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your work as well as reading more from you :) Is that eye a bracelet? It's great :) Immediately reminds me of a dinner with my aunt's family... when her hubby popped out his glass eye and rolled it down the table to us ... for a kid it was fantastic... for my mother it was mortifying lol either way it was definitely memorable lol

  21. How did you let yourself just 'go' and allow the depth of your inside creativity surface? Did you always know you were gifted? Did you ever go through a phase(s) where you just couldn't get "it" out there. You are obviously talented. How did that talent first emerge? How long have you been doing things in your own voice? Did you ever wonder if you were just blowing smoke up your ass as an 'artist' and kidding yourself?
    Rosalie Rozo

  22. "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”~Judy Galrand. this is how your lovelies make me feel. such beauty, fun and creativity. cheers!

  23. I'm in love with your creations. Gorgeous! (not the most interesting comment, but true.)

  24. Found your blog through Fanci's post and am so happy to have visited here--your work is lovely and evocative.

  25. I just found your blog, hello!

    I'm probably late in adding a comment for the earrings-thing, but I went through a time when I liked to ask random people questions, kind of like a verbal Rorschah test and keep a list of the answers I'd collected. . My favorite question was:

    What does space* smell like?

    (*= outer space...not like, your work-space or something.)

  26. Your work blows my mind. It's great. How did you find your creative voice? Any tips , or advice, for us out there who are still opening up to our creative possibilities? I imagine wearing some of your creations and just being 'free' and declaring to the world, if what you wear sends a message, see How creative and what I love IS? Just look at my earrings! They were created by YOU and just go see her work. A True Original.

  27. My favorite quote: Just remember you are unique, just like everyone else.

  28. Janet, I've been lurking but watching your amazing journey into blogville! Loving your creations on Etsy. You're just so getting it together and doing a wonderful job!! Keep cranking out the eye candy! I'd love to win one of your giveaways!! Those earrings are smashing!!
    Toodles for now,
    ...Jackie xo

  29. I am so glad I followed I Craft My Pants link to your shop - what gorgeous things you make. I think I was drooling. I came on over to your blog and you are so funny - so are the people who commented especially the person who found her Grandmother's teeth! I guess with the give away, I picked a good time to find you. I'm going to definitely check you out daily.

  30. Hi! It's a bit embarrassing to admit that I have been dreaming of what I can write to win your blog give-away. Now I can't remember all the wonderful, witty, unique, absolutely winner words that I wanted to write.
    I just remember that in my dream it was describing how wearing your original creations made me feel. I felt creative, confident, hell, like a goddess!

  31. Well HELLO there you perfect little creative queen! Honestly your work is so unique and fits you far too well. I guess we both have a taste for abstract, eh? Hahaha so in love with everything you make it's not even RIGHT. Keep on being perfect!

  32. tick tock,tick tock, tick tock........
    i can hardly sleep at night hoping by babble will be selected!!! we just got home from a three day antique flea market looking for some interesting finds to design some jewelry pieces for upcoming events a dancer/choreographer friend has in NY and LA. i just listed some pieces in my shop similar to ones i did for him and his team last fall.

    keeping my fingers and toes crossed until you make your announcement...... xox, LuAnn

  33. see....i'm so excited i meant 'my babble' not by babble....... :) :) :) xoxo

  34. I love the pale tin+tourmaline+drop earrings.
    Saving up for them.
    Also, love your inventive miniature life scenes! Crazy Cool.
    me amp the the ametrine raw crystal drops on necklace and also the earrings. Aren't the earrings a bit heavy to wear though? (My earlobes are getting longer just by looking at all the wonderful earrings I want to wear.)
    Congratulations. Creativity Glowing.


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